How to choose best glasses for your face shape

The right pair of glasses can make your face look better and improve your style. This is also a reason why people opt for glasses even when they don’t have visionary problems.

There are some factors you need to determine on choosing the pair of glasses that would be apt for you. The prime thing is the shape of your face, which is then followed by the shape of the frame, color, bordered or rimless, etc. Let us now read through the right and wrong glasses for specific face shapes to know which one could suit us perfectly.

Square face shape

Square face shape main

Square faced people have a broad forehead. Their striking jaw-line looks strong and straight.  As the name suggests, square faces are proportional in length and width.

Right glasses

Right glasses

  1. Round and oval shaped eyes glasses are perfect for these face type.
  2. Choose the ones which dark or bold colored frames

This sort of glasses would divert and add contrast to the strong facial features that you posses.

Wrong glasses

Wrong glasses

  1. Do not opt for the square or geometric shaped glasses
  2. Do not buy light colored frames

A wrong choice can make your face get too many angles.

Heart/Oblong face shape

Heart Oblong face shape

These face shapes are possessed by all those who have broad foreheads which come down to a small chin. The cheekbones seem high and perfectly angled.

Right glasses

Right glasses1

  1. You should opt for round and oval shaped glasses
  2. To balance the narrow chins, you must opt for thin and light colored frames

The main reason which make these glasses apt for these faces, is because they are going to balance the width of them.

Wrong glasses

  1. Do not opt for glasses which are heavy styled on the top or have decorative designs on it.
  2. Do not opt for darker colored frames

The key is to not attract too much attention on the upper face and equalize the appeal

Oval face shape

Oval face shape1

Oval faces have a slightly curved jaw-line and the shape is narrower than the forehead. The cheekbones are up high and angled. Oval faces are known to be the most versatile faces as they suit almost all kinds of styles, be it the eye makeup, the hairstyle, etc.

Right glasses

Right glasses2

  1. Oval faces usually put up with any style. Square and round frames are the best to choose from the lot
  2. You could opt for any color frame, according to the shape and your skin tone

The prime reason to choose a proper frame is to make the curves of the face look more prominent

Wrong glasses

Wrong glasses2

  1. Try and avoid frames which are oversized
  2. Do not choose frames which make your facial features look big

Round face shape

Round face shape1

Round faces are simply the faces which make the cheeks look full. The forehead of these people is wide, while the chin is round.

Right glasses

Right glasses3

  1. Choose square and strong face shapes for yourself. The shapes of the frames should be angular.
  2. Buy a frame which gives a contrast to the shape of the face.

Wrong glasses

Wrong glasses3

  1. Do not opt for small or short frames
  2. Do not buy round-shaped glasses as well. This shape would make your face look fuller.

Diamond face shape

Diamond face shape

Diamond face shapes are those who have wide cheekbones but narrow foreheads. The striking feature of their face is the angular jaw-line.

Right glasses

Right glasses4

  1. Opt for oval frames. Rimless frames look perfect with this shape.
  2. Opt for glasses which have thick brow lines

This main objective of the frame should be to enhance the facial features.

Wrong glasses

  1. Do not opt for narrow or thin frames
  2. Do not buy glasses which attract the narrow eye line.


  • Contrast: the shape of the frame you choose has to be in contrast of your face shape. For example, a round face cannot have a round pair of glasses as well. If your face is round you need angular glasses. On the contrary, if you have angular jaw-line you need to have curvy shaped glasses. This way you not only contrast the shapes but even enhance the facial features.
  • Proportion: we all want our frames to be in the perfect proportion with the entire face. But it is different from purchasing sunglasses. Sunglasses are usually larger and cover the greater part of your eyes and face. Sunglasses are more like an accessory which beautifies your look and not a proper spectacle that you need to carry off well.
  • Colors: try and choose the colors which compliment your facial features. You can always opt for black as they highlight the outline of your eyes, but then again this is not applicable for oblong faces. You could suit the frames in contrast to your skin and hair tone as they generally stand out more. It solely depends on how much of style statement you want your glasses to make!
  • Consider colors which suit skin tone – sometimes we need to look beyond the shape of our face and consider the skin tone we posses. That too is quite important while choosing the correct pair of spectacles. It is at times more important than the hair color you have or the eye color which you would wear it over. Take complete knowledge if the frames you choose match your skin tone.
    1. Dark complexion: if you have darker complexion you should try out yellow, bronze or even golden frames for yourself. Don’t choose pastel and light colors. They will not make much of a difference in their existence! It is good to stick to colors like brown, honey, olive green or beige.
    2. Fair complexion: you can surely choose some pink and blues for your complexion! Try and avoid colors which would wash you out and so it is good to stick to shades like mauve, grey black, etc.
  • Lifestyle: It is slightly important to consider the lifestyle you have while choosing a frame. The regular activities which will includes your frames to be on you, should be considered while purchase. If you are pretty active it is good to choose Flexon frames which can twist, bend, etc. if needed. A gamer can choose stylish frames which make their experience a little better. You can get some frames which make you look professional for formal occasions, etc.
  • Personality: After considering lifestyle, even personality comes in consideration. What happens is, that you would actually want to wear something that you can carry off well. When it’s about frames, it is all the more important as they are a regular part in your life.