How to get rid of a stye on / under eyelid

Stye is an infection of the secretory glands present on the eyelids. 90 to 95% sties are caused due to infection of staphylococcus, however, other bacteria may also cause the infection. Sties appear like a pimple-like lump on the lower or upper eyelid and are quite painful.

One or more sties can appear at the same time, and it causes increased inflammation along with redness and pain. Burning and itching sensation are the other common symptoms.

Medically stye is known as hordeolum. The lump can grow internally or externally on an eyelid or on both the eyelids. Normally, sties grow bigger to reach a maximum size and then the pus is released causing the lump and the pain to reduce naturally.

Sties are cured automatically within a week, and the main concern during this span is to reduce the pain and the inflammation, which can be a real issue to lead a normal life.

However, if a stye does not go away within a week, or the symptoms are severe, visiting an eye specialist is best suggested. To reduce the stye, keeping it clean is very important.

You should clean it properly with the help of water and a mild cleanser at least 3-4 times a day. Baby shampoos are often suggested for cleaning the style and the area around it.

However, always keep in mind that you should not press the stye hard or touch the area with an unclean hand, because that can spread the infection and increase the symptoms.

Washing your eyes many times with cold water is also suggested to keep it clean; and this can be the best way to go particularly if you have the stye under your eyelid, where you cannot use a cleanser.

Here are some easy and natural home remedies that can help you to get rid of the pain and inflammation and will also reduce the stye quickly.

Warm compress

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Warm compress is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to treat the swelling and pain of a stye and it also helps in maturing the stye so that the pus is drained quickly. Heat some clean water and wet new cotton ball in it; drain the excess water and press the stye and the nearing area with the wet cotton ball, till it is warm.

Do not press too hard or on a particular point. Once the temperature of the cotton ball comes to normal, wet it again in the hot water and repeat for several times. You should do it 4-5 times a day.

Coriander seed wash

Coriander is a herb with great medicinal properties. One of the old home remedies of stye is to soak a handful of coriander seeds in clean water for an hour and then washing the eyes with this water after straining the seeds. You can repeat this treatment 3-4 times a day.

Guava leaf compress

This home remedy is also quite effective to reduce the pain of stye. Wet two well cleaned guava leaves in warm water and then compress your eyes with these leaves.

Alternatively, you can wrap two cleaned guava leaves in a clean cotton cloth soaked in warm water. Allow it to cool down and then apply the leave one by one on the affected area leaving each of the leaf for 5 minutes on the stye.

Castor oil

The ricinoleic acid present in castor oil works as an anti-inflammatory agent and hence castor oil can be effective to reduce the stye.

Clean the sty properly and then compress with hot water. Once you are done, apply a bit of castor oil on the stye with the help of a cotton swab. Repeat twice a day.

Green tea

Green tea owing to its antibacterial properties can be very effective to reduce the stye. Dip a tea bag of green tea in warm water and then place it over the infected eye.

Let them on till they get cold and then repeat. Continue the process for 4-5 times at a stretch. This treatment can be very helpful to release the pus quickly.


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It is believed that rubbing metals like gold or iron on the stye helps it go quickly. However, before you use this remedy make sure that the ring or nails whatever you are using is well cleaned and free from bacteria; otherwise it can exaggerate the infection.

Black cumin seed compress

Take some black cumin seeds and place them on a clean and thin cotton cloth to make a small pouch.

Now heat this pouch of cumin on a warm pan and compress the affected area with the hot pouch. Do this compress for at least 15 minutes and repeat 3-4 times a day to get quick results.


Turmeric has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can be very helpful to reduce the stye quickly. Take some fresh turmeric and grind it to make a paste. Apply this paste directly on the stye and let it dry.

In case you have the stye under your eyelid, you can boil the turmeric paste in 2 cups of water till it turns half. Then strain the turmeric and wash your eyes with the concoction.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera has natural skin soothing and anti- bacterial properties which make it effective to get rid of stye quickly.

Prepare some Aloe Vera pulp from a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and apply this pulp directly to the affected area of the eye. This will reduce the pain, itchiness and the inflammation and also help in reducing the stye.


Potato is another home remedy to get rid of stye quickly. Prepare some potato juice by grating a potato and squeezing the juice out.

Dab a piece of clean cotton in this potato juice and apply it on the affected area. Leave on till the cloth gets dry and then repeat. This treatment can reduce the pain very effectively.


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Cucumber can also be effective to reduce stye and the pain. Grate some cucumber and place them in a clean and thin cotton cloth. Place this cotton cloth over your eyes for 15-20 minutes and then remove. You can repeat this treatment whenever the pain is bothering you.

Stye can always recur and the best way to stay away from it is to maintain optimum eye hygiene. Wash your eyes regularly for 4-5 times with plenty of fresh and clean water. Do not rub your eyes with dirty or unwashed hands.

Always ensure that your eye makeup products are not old, because that can cause stye repeatedly. Also change your makeup brush or clean them in anti-septic solution to ensure that the infection does not recur.