How to prevent cataract formation naturally?

Though cataract is a very common disease, but there are various natural remedies that are often advised and practiced to prevent cataract. Nowadays, eye doctors recommend eye-drops to ensure the cure and finally when things go beyond the control of medicines, they recommend surgery to remove the cataract causing visual troubles to people.

Some viable natural cataract prevention

Balanced diet and adding more vegetable in regular diet

Health benefits of vegetables

Following a balanced diet is always recommended to people when they start aging particularly to avoid serious health hazards. To prevent cataract formation, therapists often prescribe to add more leafy and garden fresh vegetable in the regular diets.

Alongside spinach, Swiss chard, kale, and other leafy veggies, carrots and bell papers have been proved to prevent cataract. Especially, red bell papers are great to provide vitamin C. carrots along with other orange colored vegetables and fruits are also great source Beta-carotene, a popular vitamin A booster for eyes. Orange colored vegetable and fruits are a great source of power booster for protecting the retina and overall eye.

Intake of bilberry

Bilberry has been proved with great potential to prevent cataract naturally. On an average around 97% of people consuming bilberry have stopped the issue of cataract formation. The berries work as a vasodilator that supports in increasing the blood flow in the vasculature of the eyes. Regular intake shouldn’t increase 30 mg and bilberries contain around 25 percentages of anthocyanidins which are excellent for eyes.

Consuming fatty fishes and eggs

Fish has essential fatty acids that are great for human body and eyes. DHA is a primary Omega-3 fatty acid that these fishes carry and the nutrient gathered here are great for protecting the eyes of human beings and especially, the retina.

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Eggs also contain omega 3 fatty acids DHA that human bodies absorb faster than that they can gain from the vegetables because of the fats containing the eggs. So whether people are taking eggs for breakfast or for snacks, they will ultimately contribute to the protection of their eyes and prevent cataract.

Garden-fresh fruits

Along with the vegetables, fresh fruits particularly avocados are enriched with eye-nutrients. These fresh fruits are a great source of carotenoids, vitamin E, C, B6, and beta carotene.

Seeds and nuts

Vitamin E protects the eye cells. Nuts and seeds contain the huge amount of vitamin E and thus, consuming such products can help in boosting the eye nutrients. Almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pistachios etc are important sources of eye nutrients that are powered with Omega-3 fatty acid and DHA.

Vitamin A and C supplements

Those who want to take prevention against cataract problems can opt for taking Vitamin A and C supplements. The nutrients are absorbed into the body are excellent for eye protection. People should take doctor’s opinion to know the exact amount to take the supplements regularly.

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake

To prevent cataract naturally, practicing a healthy lifestyle is recommended. Thus, along with following a balanced diet and vitamins intakes, it is also necessary to quit smoking and reduce the level of alcohol consumption. People can try medications and counseling to quit smoking. Excessive intake of alcohol is also a reason behind the increase of cataract chances in human bodies. Thus, quitting these malpractices can prove to be beneficial.

Regular eye-check-ups

Along with regular health check-ups, regular eye check-up is also very important. People should be careful regarding the health of their eyes for which visiting an optometrist to check the eye numbers and overall eye health is strongly recommended.

Wearing and not wearing sunglasses

Nowadays, most people use sunglasses for a smoother view and also to protect their eyes from the severe UV rays. But at the same time wearing the sunglasses all the time blocks the light in the eyes that nourish the eyes and helps in retaining overall good health. So, it’s important to stay protected from the sun but at the same time, it’s also viable in receiving the antioxidants that are required.

These are some of the most significant and useful preventives for cataracts that are 100% natural and are proven by innumerable people from middle-aged to seniors. Along with taking the balanced amount of natural sources, following the suggestions can help people to protect their eyes from cataract.