How to choose the right sunscreen for skin care?

You may be confused as to how to choose the proper sunscreen and whether or not the bottle you own now is effective and safe. Buying sunscreen shouldn’t mean you can break out inside a cold perspire, so here are a few simple yet important things to take into consideration on the subject of sunscreen.

Many people have a wrong notion that using moisturizer or foundation with SPF is enough protection from the sun. SPF included in sunscreen lotions is usually not very stable and does not provide adequate protection from the sun. The process of finding a good sunscreen can be confusing. It becomes easier when the following five things are taken into consideration before choosing the right sunscreen for one’s skin.

Sunscreen lotion becomes an important factor for all of us these days as we need to get out in sunlight vigorously. Sometimes we do not get the chance to use the protection tool such as sunglasses, umbrella, etc. Thus, the sunscreen would always be a wonderful ingredient that will protect your skin always. It is the time for you to get the best sunscreen that will easily suit you. In this article we are going to give you the tips on how to choose the sunscreen for skin care.


The amount on ones bottle stands for sun safety factor, and believe it or not, a increased number does not equal more protection. The EWG recommends purchasing sunscreens along with SPFs more than 15 although no in excess of 50. Studies show that sunscreens having an SPF more than 50 will not offer larger protection, and several doctors argue which a higher quantity makes a lot of people think a new sunscreen persists longer compared to one with a lower SPF, causing these phones reapply much less often, so they’re more in danger for uses up.

Broad range

UVB rays are responsible for burning in addition to tanning your skin layer and would be the main culprit liable for skin cancers. And although UVA rays won’t result in sunburn, they penetrate your skin layer more far, leading to help signs of aging such as wrinkles, saggy as well as leathery epidermis, and sun spots. It is advisable to protect yourself from both forms of UV rays, so seek out bottles which say “broad spectrum” or perhaps “broad selection UVA/UVB.

Water resistance

If ones sunshiny journeys include water or sweating a lot, definitely opt for a sunscreen which is water-resistant. Be aware that these are not waterproof — they will only guard you in relation to 40 to help 80 minutes from the water, so you should reapply each time you take a new dip.

Keep reading to know which chemicals in order to avoid and to see a summary of the most dependable, most powerful sunscreens.

Chemicals in order to avoid


It does a great job of absorbing ultraviolet rays some reports show that it can be absorbed over the skin and in to the bloodstream. The EWG as well as toxicology professionals believe this will disrupt hormones, damage tissues, and potentially lead to skin cancers.

Retinyl palmitate

Animal reports show this sort of vitamin A may improve the risk of skin cancers when suited for sun-exposed epidermis. And since the EWG claims retinal palmitate does not really increase the effectiveness of sunscreen, it might be wise to avoid it.


The preferred preservative inside cosmetic products, parabens utilized to drive back microbial development. Parabens could act much like estrogen, which is known to play a role in your development of breast varieties of cancer, and while this chemical has been found inside breast growths, the FDA possesses yet to help link it to be a contributing component to cancers. Since your jury continues to be out on what parabens affect the body, it’s far better to be on the safe side and avoid them.

Five things to consider for choosing the right sunscreen.

Photo stability

A good sunscreen must be photo stable which means that it will not break down when it is exposed to sunlight. A photo stable sunscreen will help to protect the skin from UV rays of the sun. Physical UV filters and few chemical filters is photo stable but there are some chemical filters are highly unstable.

Broad-spectrum protection

This means that the sunscreen protects from both UVA and UVB rays. Protection from just one of the UV rays, the skin will be affected by the other rays and damage can take place. Therefore, it is important to select a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection. The sunscreen will show factors –SPF and PPD. SPF is sun protection factor showing the measure of sunscreen protecting against UVB rays. PPD is persistent pigment darkening which shows the measure of protection against UVA rays. SPF prevents sunburns, while PPD guards against photo aging

Minimal irritation, breakouts, and/or dryness

Another factor to consider in choosing the right sunscreen is that does not irritate your skin. Some sunscreen cause breakouts make the skin dry and cause stung on the skin. Chemical UV filters tend to be more irritating than physical UV filters. Change to physical sunscreen immediately, but if any sunscreen causes itching, it shows that the skin is sensitive to UV filters. Sunscreen with high alcohol content tends to make the skin dry. In such cases it is better to use a moisturizer before applying sunscreen.

Cosmetically elegant finish

The nature of filters makes it complicated to make a sunscreen with a cosmetically elegant finish. Recently sunscreens have been made to give a better feeling and have a nice scent. Look for a sunscreen with a good finish that does not compromise good protection.

Cost and Availability is another major consideration on choosing the right sunscreen. Continuous problem for getting the sunscreen becomes difficult. But now days with online shopping the required sunscreen can be procured from other countries without any problem.

Steps to wear the sunscreen the right way

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It is also important to know how to wear sunscreen the right way to get the maximum amount of protection besides choosing a photo stable, broad-spectrum, good-feeling sunscreen. The following steps will help one to learn how to wear sunscreen the right way for maximum sun protection

Order is important

Sunscreen should be applied after the moisturizer and before the makeup. The sunscreen should remain the last application if there is no makeup. The sunscreen must be applied 20-30 minutes after the last cosmetic product is used. The out most layer of the sunscreen forms a nice shield against the rays of the sun.

Wait for the sunscreen to work

Chemical Sunscreen takes time to absorb into the skin and form a protection layer on the skin after 20-30 minu Physical filters do not require any time. . Sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide actives become effective instantly. A good ideas to apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes before sun exposure. As there are sunscreens with both chemical and physical filters.

Use sunscreen liberally

Sunscreen must be applied liberally on the face and hands .1/2 teaspoon is needed for hands and face and 2 teaspoon is recommended for the body. This amount will have an enough layer of sunscreen on the skin to form a shield for adequate protection.

The motion of the potion

Sunscreen must be applied by patting and not rubbing. This will not cause irritation and the sunscreen will be applied evenly.

Re-apply throughout the day

It is important to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours especially if one is outdoors for a long time, sweats a lot, exercises vigorously, or goes Sweat, water, facial oils, and the reduction of sunscreen activity during sun exposure interferes with the sunscreen’s level of protection. Re-applying sunscreen ensures to give full protection.

Ways to choose right sunscreen for skin care

Go for brands

It is always good to go ahead with a reputed brand of sunscreen rather than the cheap and inferior quality of product. The unknown product will be hardly having scope for getting quality skin. If you want to get wonderful skin, branded product with good name in the market will be wonderful.

UV rays blocker

The sunscreen should protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of sun. When you are going to choose the sunscreen from the market, it is always better for you to see the product that is having the feature of blocking the UV rays.

SPF as per skin type

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Each individual has a different type of skin. The skin protection factor or SPF would widely depend on the particular skin type. For example if you have very fair skin tone, the SPF you require is 30-50. If your skin type is light, the SPF factor will be 15- 30. For people with medium skin tone, it will be 6-15. For people with dark or very dark skin tone, SPF factor will be 2-10.

Customer reviews

When you are going to get a product from the market, you can know it’s worth from the market review. Yes, the customers who already have purchased the particular sunscreen will be able give you the perfect synopsis of the same. You can now proceed with the product purchase if you get the positive review from the customers. You can do this from the online Ecommerce websites. This is a popular way to get right sunscreen lotion.