7-best tips to color your lips

Women like to show off each part of their face and a luscious red lips are the best feature of the face. There are pinkish lips or reddish lips that can bring out your facial beauty in a greater extent. If you find your lips to be dull and darker in shade, you should know the reason behind it. You must have not scrubbed the lips or taken good care of the lips. Start taking care of the lips from this moment and you will be proud of them soon.

Just like our body lips must be nurtured depending on the season and climatic conditions. For the lips, not just the care but colors also varies. Let us see how to color our lips on various ways accordingly.

Home remedies to lighten dark lips

  1. Lip liner will be your best friend if you are questing for a magic to retain the lipstick for longer time on your lips. It rests as a base over the lips and helps the stick to stay further long. Shop for the lighter shade liner if you often prefer to apply the lighter lipstick hue and then follow up with the pencil.
  2. Glance your face in the mirror and then turn attentive towards the features what to highlight and what not to. If your lips are smaller, then go with series of lighter shades, they will help to lose the concentration over the lips. Similarly sport with more tones and colors on your eyes and cheeks.
  3. Turn your lips color to divine red with a classical red matte lipstick if there is a evening bash, it will make the lips more bright with the association of the teeth shine. Finally touch up with the loose powder with a tissue to make your look perfect and to get the absolute fine look.
  4. Before going to sign off the day give your lips a simple exercise, take a smooth brush and rub it over the lips. It is an easy process to exfoliate and to remove out the dead skin present in the lips. Your tooth brush also helps to work in the place of the brush but make sure the bristles will run soft on your sensitive lips.
  5. Become a master and try generating some new colors by mixing one with the another. Apply it over your beautiful lips and make them more stunning. Try some new cadres of gloss over the lip stick and conquer the way it is flaunting. Try shimmer, light violets and pluck glosses. Polish the center of the lip with glass to get the fuller lip display.
  6. To match up the yellow colored teeth you can turn on with red shades such as pinks, violets, plums and wines. Well, these colors are mostly recommended in the monsoon season.
  7. If you really like the color of your old lipstick which got broken and is not under the use, then remade it by melting with the candle fire, followed with attaching on the top of the base. You need to wait until it becomes hard to use it again.
  8. If you are not a lipstick geek and want to make your looks simple and elegant then try to turn them stained. Lip stain can be achieved by applying a dab of lipstick to the lip balm applied lips with the help of fingertips followed by blotting away with a tissue. This will remains the lips stained and beautiful. Another simple tip to try out is : Just get the beetroot juice and spread it on the lips and cheeks .

Find tips to put in colors in your lips in the right way

Homemade lip scrubs

  1. Make the lips soft and pink: Exfoliate the lips with sugar granules mixed with a little water. Rub it on your lips so that the dead cells of the lips are cleaned off. You can then use some moisturizer to soften the lips and maintain the texture of your lips. Keep some lip balm with you that have got sunscreen added to it. Use this on your lips to keep it soft and pinkish. Now your lips are ready to take in any color. Make sure that you use the lip colors from a well-known company and never use very old lip colors.
  2. Lip pencil for sketching the lip outline: You will have to find the proper lip color pencils to sketch the lips with a line from the pencils. The line should be drawn with short strokes so that it is perfect and covers the whole lip outline. The shade of this pencil should match the lip color or bar that you are going to use finally.
  3. Shaping the lips: If you have thin lips then you should use the liner to mark the lines so that your lips look thicker and if the lips are thicker then draw the lines so that your lips look a little thinner. Shape the lips with lines drawn on the outside for shaping thin lips and if you have thick lips then draw the lines from inside the original lip line.
  4. Brushing the color on your lips: The lip color that you have chosen for the day should now come in your hands. Use a soft and thick brush that has a pointed tip for filling the color within the lines of the lip. The brush helps in a longer life of the lip color. The colors are pressed on the lips and the thickness of color remains even. Fill the lips with color so that there is no gap or small lines on the lip. The smooth lips are what you should aim for.
  5. Protection of the color: Use a tissue paper to press on your lips after filling in the color. Pat some translucent powder on your lips so that the lips do not look too glossy. The tissue assures that the colors don’t smudge and your lips remain beautiful. Apply another coat of gloss if you want. This will ensure your lips never look dry for the tissue paper pressing.
  6. Long lasting color for your lips: Do not go for those colors that promise to remain for 8 hours but choose soft creamy colors that will keep your lips moisturized. The dry colors will make your lips look harsh and will give a flaky look. The color for the lips must define your lips and make no lines within the lip area. Choose colors from reputed company and see that these colors do not wear down out of the line of the lips.
  7. Keep lip colors and gloss with you: You must choose the lip color or the gloss that can be reapplied many times. You should keep the lip liner and tissue paper with you so that you can reapply the lip color two or three times in a day. Clean the lip colors and apply some moisturizer on your lips and then draw the lines to fill the area with the chosen lip color. Use tissues to stop the color from running off.

You should massage your lips for some time each day so that the blood circulation is good. This will also nourish the lips. Make it a practice to remove lip colors before going to bed and then apply olive oil on them. Drink a lot of liquids so that your body remains hydrated. The lips also need hydration to look soft and supple. Stop that habit of smacking of the lips as it can dry the lips. Use sun protective balm and colors to keep the lips pink and healthy.