How to get the pink rose lips from dark black lips

Getting rosy lips can be probably the desire of many individuals belonging to any age group. Normally, young age girls still have a rosy tinge on their lips. But, ladies getting old is frequently viewed to have gained darker tone of lip color due to a variety of reasons. The reason behind it can be due to some environmental factors, changes in lifestyles and the effect of harmful cosmetics.

You must be looking at the posters of models with pink lips just like babies. Envying them would be quite natural. Even due to pigmentation over the skin, you can get dark color lips throughout. Some ladies also have a bad habit of smoking, which can also make their lips blackish in appearance. If you don’t have proper blood circulation, your skin will obviously reflect it and even your lips will get affected by it.

Failure in retention of natural pink lips

It is quite surprising to view many people maintaining baby pink lips from the time of their birth. But, most of the people cannot retain the same. There are many reasons that affect the natural pink color of lips in individuals. Due to wider exposure of sunlight and change in lifestyle of individual causes the pink color of the lips gets darken.

Some of the causes of darkening lips

Home remedies to lighten dark lips

  • Due to aging
  • Wider exposure to sunlight
  • Smoking
  • Excessive intake of caffeine
  • Using cosmetics

If you are upset about the darkening of your lips, there is good news for you. It is now possible to get the pink and rosy lips back once again with home natural and home remedies.

Home remedies to get back pink and rosy lips

Berry mixture

A paste of raspberries, aloe vera juice and organic honey is really helpful to get that rosy lips. Apply that paste on your skin and your good to go with that vitamin-rich balm.


Take a bottle of glycerine and dab some on a cotton ball. Apply the glycerine on your lips in a circular motion to exfoliate the skin and make it softer and rosy.

Apple cider

Take a tablespoon of apple cider and mix it with water. Dab the mixture on a cotton ball and apply it on your lips. Do this regularly and you will see visible differences in few weeks.

Baking soda

Take a tablespoon of baking soda and add some olive oil.  Mix them well with water and then apply the mixture to your lips This will make your lips hydrated and filled with essential vitamins.

Use of brush to exfoliate

You must make a habit of exfoliating your dead skin on your lips every day. There can be many dirt and dust particles stick on your lips. You can use a soft toothbrush to gently rub your lips after applying the scrubber. You must be using a scrubber to clean your face on a regular basis. This is the time when you should be using the scrubber for removing dead skin from your lips.

How to get pink lips naturally with rose water

Beauty tips for pink lips

Use rose water to create a baby’s lips appearance of your lips. Apply rose water with a cotton ball on your lips to get rosy and pink lips. Rose water is a very effective remedy of getting rosy lips as ladies willing to take proper care of their skin and beauty have been using this remedy for a long time. If you still have not used it, the time has come when you should use it for getting lovely lips.

Milk and turmeric powder to get naturally rosy lips

You can also get an Ayurvedic remedy to remove black appearance of your lips. Take a teaspoon of cold milk and add a pinch of turmeric powder in it. You must massage your lips daily with this Ayurvedic solution to get pink lips. Since it is your lips and not other skin area, all you need to do is get a spoon of milk and add a pinch of turmeric. Cover your lips with this pack  and wash away after 10 minutes.

Honey for getting back lust

You can also apply honey to bring back the shine and lust in your skin. This is a natural ingredient which helps in providing great nourishment. Since honey has many great benefits, you can easily get benefits after application of the same on your lips. It is a natural agent for moisturizing your lips without the effects of harmful chemicals.  You can now get natural treatment with the help of honey over your lips. This looks really amazing when you have got a wonderful transformation of your lips from flaky to smooth and rosy.

Lemon juice benefits to attain pink lips

You must have heard about the many benefits of lemon juice. Today, this will be very beneficial for removing dark lips. Ideally lemon removes various types of stained in different places. You can take a spoon of almond oil and mix it with lemon juice. Apply this natural mixture and keep it till the time it dries up. Now wash it away with the help of the cold water. The lemon juice helps is famous for being the natural cleanser. Thus, this will effectively remove all dust and dirt particles from your lips. Almond oil is a natural ingredient that helps in moisturizing your skin.

Sugar and lemon scrub for your lips

If your lips are rough and formed a dead skin layer, it is the time to remove all dead skins from your lips. A combination of sugar and lemon juice will be a wonderful scrubber. All you have to do is take a container where halfspoon of sugar must be placed and with that few drops of lemon should be assembled. Mix them well and put it over your lips. Slowly, scrub it with your finger tips and then wash with water.

Beet juice remedy for rosy lips

Beet juice was used for years to get pink lips. Since the color of beet-root is quite dark, this is also used by many ladies as a natural lip color. This is a natural color that directly comes from natural ingredient without any harsh effect of cosmetics and harmful ingredients in the market.

Ways to get pink and rosy lips

Vitamin E for rosy lips

Natural tips for lighten dark lips

If you want to get soft and beautiful lips, applying vitamin E would be a wonderful remedy. You can get Vitamin E oil in any cosmetic showroom or in medical store in the form of capsules. These vitamin E substitutes helps in getting your lips hydrated and bring back its original color.

SPF 15 balm tips to get pink lips

Sometimes, black color over your lips can be due to excessive sun exposure. You should apply a protective layer over your lips before going out in the sun. You can also get these types of balms with SPF 15 in the market. You can also get lipsticks with SPF 15 in the market which must be purchased and used to get very soft and beautiful lips.

Avoid licking lips

Sometimes due to excessive licking of lips, people can make their lip skin dark. You can simply make a reminder while licking your lips and absolutely avoid licking lips. Rosy and soft lips can be only possible to get when you avoid licking your lips. Otherwise, your lip’s skin will become dry and cracked without getting any scope of getting moisturized.

Red fruits and vegetables

Getting your lips reddish in tinge is now possible if you consume the types of fruits and vegetables that are red in color. This includes apple, beet-root, strawberry tomatoes. You must try and consume all these types of fruits and vegetables to get naturally reddish tone of the lip’s skin.

Carrot juice

Getting carrot juice extracted from fresh carrot can now be possible when you put the pieces of carrot in the grinder and get the pulp out of it. Again, use a filter to extract juices out of the carrot pulp. After extracting juice from the carrot just dip the cotton ball over it and apply it over the lips. This is rather a very healthy vitamin juice that will nourish your lips and bring back natural reddish tone on your lips without any artificial color.

Natural rose

Best lip care tips

You must have heard about the advantages of rose water, but have you ever thought about how natural rose contributes in making the lips rosy and beautiful? Yes, you can now get an ultimate remedy of natural lighter tone of lips with the help of natural rose. You just need to get some natural rose and extract its petals. Now, grind its petals and extract juices out of it. You can either get the juices and dip and cotton ball over it or simply apply the pulp made up of rose petals and place over your lips.

Orange to get beautiful lips

If you have orange at home do not throw away the peels after consuming the fruit as that can be a wonderful remedy to get beautified lips after making the dark and a blackish appearance of skin lighter. You can either use a grinder and make a pulp out of the raw orange peels or simply make the orange peels dried and get the powder out of the stuff. Mix the orange peel powder with the milk and apply it over your lips. After applying the pack, simply keep it for 5 minutes at a stretch or more till it is dry. Now, remove the pack totally from your lips with the help of water. Doing this everyday will easily create a lighter tone of lips.

Raspberry scrubs

The natural fruit named as raspberry also work in a wonderful way to get rosy lips.  Since raspberry fruit has variety of essential minerals, your lips will get enough nutrients to stay bubbly and hydrated.  You can also mix raspberry with pure honey to get a mixture.  Now take the scrub and massage your lips with your fingertips and see the difference.

Aloe vera remedy for rosy lips

If you want a conversion from dark lips to light and rosy lips, Aloe Vera gel will be a natural phenomenon that will help you get the same. You will get Aloe Vera juice from the market which can be directly applied over your lips, or extract gel from an aloe Vera leaf and apply it on your lips. You can see the difference once you repeat the process for 5-6 days.

Strawberry remedy for rosy lips

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The natural fruit named as strawberry work really well when you are going to make your lips look better and beautiful. The dark tone of lip can never take its place as the rosy lips will replace it ideally. You need to get some strawberries intact from the garden or shop and cut it into pieces. Now apply the strawberry over your lips and see the difference after a few days.

Olive oil remedy

It is now possible to get beautiful rosy lips only if you can apply olive oil over your lips on a regular basis. Take a drop of two of olive oil and apply it on your lips with your finger. Slowly rub it against your lips in such a way that it gets absorbed by your skin. Once the skin absorbs olive oil you can be rest assured about the work which it will perform with regards to getting a lighter shade of lips.

Pomegranate for rosy lips

Pomegranate is another wonderful way of getting beautiful and lovely lips. Your lips will definitely get proper nourishment after application of its juice to the lips.  You need to take a small container and mix the ingredients like milk cream – ½ spoon, 2 drops of rose water and crush  2-3 pomegranate seeds. Mix them well and apply the paste over your lips. Allow it to stay for 10 minutes and then wash with cold water.

Cucumber home remedy to get pink lips

Did you know that cucumber also works in a wonderful way in making your lips beautifully colored? Since cucumber is an amazing skin whitening agent applying cucumber juice over your dark lips can easily make it lighter. You need to get the slices of cucumber and rub it against your lips. This will help absorb the juice from cucumber and make your lips lighter and bubbly.

Almond oil to get soft pink lips

It is quite easy to get almond oil right in the market today. Even getting almond oil at home is not a big deal. Most of the ladies use almond oil for either making their skin moisturized or over their hair for making it nourished. You can now apply almond oil on your lips directly in order to get soft and rosy variation of lips.