State some of the beauty blunders – How to avoid them?

There are several beauty blunders that most people make from time to time. There are blunders like choosing the wrong hair color, putting up dark foundation, are using cosmetic methods that do not suit them.

Everybody wants to stay beautiful. But, can everyone stay beautiful? Rather most of the people make such mistakes that it makes them absolutely ugly. In this article we are going to speak about such beauty mistakes.

Even the ladies who are extremely cautious about their good looks are seen to do beauty blunders. This article is there to point out some beauty mistakes which every lady must know before beautifying themselves.

Also there will be some times that can help you avoiding such beauty blunders. You will be glad to know the mistakes you have been committing and also the ways to come out from it.

How to avoid beauty blunders?

Beauty tips for glowing skin

  • Testers must be used to see if the product is suitable to one’s skin before buying the complete product. Most renowned sellers keep tester for trial.
  • Do not try colors of trendy makeups that are being used as a fashion. Take advice from beauty experts before trying new colors. One should not follow the crowd blindly. There are certain colors of makeup which are worn in different seasons and at different time of the day, as well as on different occasions. Age is also another factor that should be considered in choosing the color and style of makeup.
  • One must try to wear light makeups. Dark lipsticks, heavy eye shadows, liners and blushes can be harming and give a harsh overdone look.
  • Fragrances must be lightly sprayed and it is advisable to use light fragrances
  • Hairspray was in great fashion in the 60s 70s and 80s, but it is actually not a good idea. Hair sprays must allow the hair to move naturally instead of fixing them in one place.
  • High heeled shoes should be avoided if they are uncomfortable. There is no point in wearing a trendy and fashionable pair if one cannot walk well on wearing them.
  • Coloring hair without the help of experts may lead to damaging the hair. It is not wise to bring drastic changes in the hair color. Hair color must be suitable to the woman who is wearing and not because it is just in fashion. Changes in hair color must be brought gradually. Hair color must bring out the woman’s personality and make her feel better and proud of herself.
  • Fashion trends are fun and enjoyable but that does not call for one’s wardrobe to be changed. One should wear what suits her and buy trendy pieces of accessories that are in fashion.

Some other blunders that can be put right

How to get the glowing skin

  • There are some other beauty mistakes which can speed up the ageing process, ruin the skin and make one look old.
  • Harsh cleansing by exfoliating too much can lead to increasing oil production and breakout of pimples. Gentle scrub at home is beneficial
  • Overloading The skin with various products can cause sensitivity and spots. The ingredients of the products must be carefully checked
  • Old fashioned fragrances can be a very powerful weapon for anti-ageing. An old fashioned scent can make a woman look older whereas a right perfume will make her feel younger. A vibrant scent with a fresh, floral scent that gives a burst of energy.
  • A light glow on the face looks natural and healthy.
  • makeup in bed makes it difficult for skin to absorb the nutrients. It will also block pores and making the skin look dull. It is better to cleanse the face before going to bed.
  • Crash dieting and too much exercise can cause sagging and destroy weak muscles. It is better to eat a balanced diet and do workups in gym.
  • Sun rays must be avoided or prevented by anti-sunscreen lotion. Sun rays can be very harmful and cause dry skin, sagging, wrinkles and even cancer.
  • Eyeliner and mascara should not be used on lower lashes. Heavy makeup on lower lashes will be make the eyes look droopy and enhance dark circles. makeup on upper lashes will highlight the eyes. Thick foundation, metallic eye shadows and matte lipstick must be avoided. Instead a natural look with glossy lips in the same shade will give a healthy look.
  • It is a normal mistake for using the conditioner all over the head. Most tend to forget that the hair close to the roots are healthy, it is the ends that grows older and requires conditioner as they are likely to be damaged. Conditioner must be applied to the ends
  • It is wrong to apply foundation without letting the moisturiser to dry. This can lead to blotchiness of makeup. If there is no time to dry, the moisturiser must be blotted with a tissue paper before applying makeup.

List of beauty blunders

Not cleaning makeup brush

Beauty tips for teenage girls

When you are going to get ready for a party, you must be very eager to look the best. Thus, with variety of makeup tools you must be painting your face so that you look really beautiful. makeup brushes are something you are going to use.

But after completing the makeup you do not clean or wash your brush. Also, after coming back from the party and long after the program you forget. As a result for the next party also you use unclean brush and get everything in mess.

Way of avoiding

The remedy of it will be washing the brush immediately after applying the makeup or if you don’t get time do it during the time you take out your makeup from face.

Forgetting sun block

Most of the part of our nation has summer heat with bright sunlight. Thus, sun block or sun protection is really important. But, some ladies forgets doing this sunblock frequently. Also they feel that unless they are going to beach and face the sun, it is not required. But this will be a biggest beauty mistake.

Techniques to avoid it

The remedy will be remembering to sunblock on a regular basis. Whenever you are moving out from home, it is important to apply a sunscreen lotion with good amount of Sun Protection factor. The more the SPF, more will be the protection of your skin from the harmful rays of sunlight.