Best contour kits for Indian skin

Contouring is the technique of makeup that gives a structured look to the face. It draws attention to the important parts of the face. Contouring is an art that helps to define the features of the face by creating a look of high cheek bones and a slim nose and chin. This technique is popular with stage artists and film celebrities. Contouring requires a professional hand to blend the whole process and give a natural face.

Benefits of contouring

Contouring helps to minimize the awkward areas of the face and improve their appearance by making them look lean, thin and attractive. It is helpful in softening the sharp edges of a square face. Edges can also be created for the round face. Cheek contouring makes the face look slim by enhancing the hollows on the face. Contouring the forehead and temple helps to divert the attention to the eyes and mouth. The nose is contoured to make it look small in size.  This art is most beneficial for round and plump faces.

Steps of contouring

Foundation and concealer The first step in the contour make-up process is applying the base or foundation on the face. A concealer must be used to hide the imperfections of the face by highlighting the centre of the face.

Bronzer will help to highlight the cheekbones. The best bronzer is a shade darker than the natural color of the skin and it should be in matte finish. The bronze must be brushed from the ear along the hairline, coming under the jaw and two sides of the nose. The color near the ear must be deep as the shadow falls in that area.

Blush is applied in the area of the cheek, which becomes prominent while smiling. Warm terracottacolour is best for Indian skin. Blush should be applied with a blush brush and blended well with the bronze. It should gradually fade in color.

Highlighter must be applied to the area of the face, which shines in the light. It should be blended around the eye and taken down to the apple of the cheek. The highlighter can be brushed lightly over the nose, center of the forehead and on the chin.

Contour kits for Indian skin

The sleek face contour kit is available in three shades—light, medium and dark.  Indian skin is tanned skin; hence the medium kit is perfect for them. This kit is a UK brand that is a classy and compact kit with complete instructions. The medium kit is perfect for the Indian skin. There are two compartments in the kit – one containing the powder and the other containing the highlighter. The shades of the product are completely matte which helps in contouring the nose, cheekbones and jawline. The colors do not give a muddy or artificial look of the Indian skin because they are brown in the shade with no red tone. The shade of the highlighter is light peachy gold, which is suitable for all skin tones.  It does not give a patchy or a blotchy look as the texture is smooth and blends well. There is no glitter in the highlighter and so can be used for day or night makeup. It does not have any side effect like allergy or irritation on the skin. The effect of contouring with the sleek kit lasts well for 6-7 hours.

Aesthetica Cosmetics Contour Series – Contouring and Highlighting Library Set

Aesthetica Cosmetics Contour Series - Contouring and Highlighting Library Set

This 100% paraben and cruelty free cosmetics kit is a go-to for every beauty aficionado who is looking for several color shades and hues to perfect the art of contouring and highlighting. Blend and define your upper jawline with strokes of art which can easily be glided and slathered on your cheeks to unleash the exotic look effortlessly. Learn from the easy tricks and diagrams of the contouring kit about the effective contouring practices which can enhance and sculpt your face perfectly. So, paint your face with the magic of Aesthetica andput the glam face forward.

Okayji 15 Colors Contour Face Cream Makeup Concealer Palette & makeup Brush

Okayji 15 Colors Contour Face Cream Makeup Concealer Palette and makeup Brush

This lightweight highly advanced color contouring kit featuring a range of 15 colors for different occasions to flaunt that sculpted and defined jawline. Okayji is your brand if you’re the makeup artist who is looking for an easy, portable palette with hues to suit different skin tones, the silky touch accompanied with shimmer for that enhanced glam avatar is what makes this wonderful palette unique and desirable. Stun the sun in your contoured look as you make an entry to the extravaganza with a gorgeous face.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brightening Contour Kit

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brightening Contour Kit

This popular American brand is reigning high with its superior quality products and extremely professional services. Palettes which are handy for women on-the-go, this travel-easy packaging featuring an array of quintessential colors to suit the everyday lifestyle of a working woman is a surefire. Get your hands on this absolutely delightful contouring kit with Ultra-Light/Dark and Medium skin tone colors to define and sculpt your jawline, nose and forehead with perfection. Blend it right with the beauty blender for a flawless matt finish.

Freedom Makeup London Professional Contour

Freedom Makeup London Professional Contour

Getting late for your weekend party? Don’t freak out when you got this super-cute utilitarian Freedom Professional Contour Kit featuring shades to compliment your skin tone and channel the diva in you. The basic hues that will naturally sculp and define those high points of your face instantly with a touch of powdery matt finish to give you that party popper feel. Get into the mood of a fun and peppy happening as you slip into your LBD and get those sculpted gorgeous visages with strokes of Freedom Professional Contouring kit.

Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Contour Palette, Light to Medium

Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Contour Palette, Light to Medium

Easy-to-use, highly functional and super easy to pack and carry around, palettes by Maybelline are indeed very useful and effective for last minute presentation hacks to instant party mood setting. Just blend the strokes of light to medium contouring with the goodness of highlighter and add the ethereal charm with gloss finish on your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Don’t forget to put on that red lipper and flaunt your magical look.

Sivanna Blush Contour Bronzer highlighter kit

Sivanna Blush Contour Bronzer highlighter kit

Be your charming self with the easy strokes of one-finger application of bright bold and beautiful hues to channel the fashionista in you. For all the beauty lover out there, don’t miss out your chance to grab on this incredible product featuring the blissful concealer, contouring and highlighter. Splash pretty hues and blend them well for a defined and sculpted polish suave look, head over to your date night with generous strokes of highlighter and flaunt your natural charm. Slay like a stunner with bronzer that spells flawlessness in all its aspects.

MAC bronzing powder Matte – Rs 5,911

MAC Bronzing Powder Matte

This Bronze is a firm and soft bronzing powder. It is matte in texture and contains no shimmers and these qualities make it more popular for contouring. The shades are best suitable for Indian tan skin tone.  The powder blends easily and does not give a patchy or blotchy appearance. The effect of contouring with MAC lasts for 4-5 hours.

The Balm Bahama mama bronzer – Rs 2110

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer

The bronzer is a sandy brown bronzer that is perfect for the Indian skin. It does not have an orange tone or contains any shimmers, which are the normal contents of other Indian Contouring products. It is smooth in texture and can be easily applied with the help of a brush. The effect of Balm Bahama lasts for more than six hours and then it starts fading, but does not give a blotchy look.

Nyx Professional Makeup Contour Duo Palette

Nyx Professional Makeup Contour Duo Palette

This is a perfect combo of highlight and contour powder.The compact is in two parts – one contains the highlight powder and the other is the contour powder. The contour powder contains a high quantity of pigment and so only a small amount is used at a time which spreads well with a brush. It is one of the best powders that last for about 10 hours.

Elizabeth Arden pure minerals bronzer

Elizabeth Arden pure minerals bronzer

The particular bronzer contains very minute shimmers which infuse into the skin and give a lovely glow to the face. The bronzer powder is of average pigment which blends well with the skin. The effect of this contouring lasts for about five hours. The kit also contains a small Kabuki applicator which comes handy in the application of the powder.

Too faced cocoa contour chiselled to perfection from Too Faced – Rs 7,175

Too faced Cocoa Contour Chiselled to Perfection from Sephora

This is a unique contouring kit that highlights the important features and minimizes the awkward parts in just a few steps. The kit provides two sculpting shades, a matte highlighter and a light shade. The contents give a soothing chocolate scent. The product does not contain any harmful chemicals and is vegan free, gluten free and cruelty free. The different shades blend together to give a perfect shade to the Indian skin tone which is on the browner side.

Anastasia Beverly hills contour Kit


The product is imported from the USA but it actually has a wonderful effect on ladies with Indian skin. You can easily get it through the online shopping websites. The is little high, but you have an option of clearing the payment through the easy installments. If you have the credit cards, getting through it will be really easy.

New kiss beauty contour concealer highlighter palette

New Kiss Beauty Contour Concealer Highlighter Palett

These types of contours are very suitable for all those who wish to get a highlighter along with the concealer. The review of this product is also very good. The customers who already have used it will be eager to get it again. You can also gift this to one of your friends during her birthday of the anniversary. People with different skin tone of color can easily avail it without worry.

RUIMIO makeup contour kit highlight and bronzing powder palette

RUIMIO Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette

This is one of the professional grade products that you can use for your makeup need. The price that is included here will include the custom duties and imports. It has come directly from USA to serve your purpose in a wonderful way. Whether you are going to attend a wedding party or the corporate venue, these contours can easily help you in a wonderful way.