Amber Eyes: What It Means, Personality and Makeup Ideas

Also called wolf eyes, amber eyes are unique and rare human eyes. It is characterised by solid colour with a strong coppery, yellowish or golden tint. This type of eye colour is common in wolves, hence the name “wolf eyes”

Amber Eyes

People with amber eyes are considered some of the most beautiful people on earth. They also have unique personalities. However, they are also very rare to find. So, if you have this type of eyes, you can consider yourself blessed.

Rare Occurrence

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Amber eyes are one of the erratic eye colours in the world and are common in people of Asian and South American origin.

The amber eye colour is inherited through complex DNA makeup, and the variants range from rich copper colour to high golden amber. Like any other inherited condition, they can be used to trace the ancestry of an individual.

Notable Celebrities with Amber Eye Colour

Many celebrities may have the amber eye colour; some include Nicole Richie and the twilight actors Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

The list of celebrities with Amber eye colour is endless; it should be noted that this colour is not only present in humans but also animals such as cats and wolves and is sometimes referred to as the wolf’s eyes.

The colour of the eyes changes from time to time as an individual grows to depend on the type of melanin stroma a person has.

Notable Celebrities with Amber Eye Colour

The Personality of Individuals with Wolves Eyes

This eye colour is associated with being reserved, warmth, and a sometimes-great conversationalist.

The amber eyes create an illusion of trustworthiness, which can easily make a person hold the attention of other individuals. Thus, people with this eye colour can be great at conversations.

People with amber eyes can see in the dark and very dim spaces as their eyes are similar to those of wolves and cats. Amber eyed individuals can go crazy during the full moon as they want to get outside and camp or have fun in the same way the wolves bark during the full moon.

Not everyone with this eye colour would be aggressive during the full moon as some individuals are known to be gentle and passionate.

Comparison with Other Eye Colours

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People with amber eyes are considered to be sexy, charming and very desirable as the colour is alluring. People with this colour tend to be dominant, but they can easily adapt to different situations.

They possess positive energy and can easily have a lot of friends; they are very social and can easily become empathetic with other people’s situations.

Changing of The Eye Colour

All eye colour change over time as an individual grows, amber eye colour can change depending on the mood and make-up of an individual.

A person’s mood can alter the size of the pupil, which can make the Irish change its colour. The quality of melanin is not changing, but the light creates an array of different eye pigmentation.

Changing of The Eye Colour

Makeup Tips for Individuals with Amber Eyes

The opposite colours will make your amber eyes stand out; such include purple or plum colours as they could look pretty on your eyes. To light up your eyes, you may also decide to use violet-purple or burgundy purple.

Peach or pink lipstick also brings out the charm if you decide to have purple Smokey eyes or shimmery eyeshadow on the lid of your eye. Bronze or copper highlights will bring out the green flecks of your amber eyes.

You should remember that black Smokey eyes are not ideal for everyone thus chooses your makeup according to your skin tones and what you are comfortable wearing. In conclusion, purple eyes are a unique eye colour.

However, to make them pop out and stand out from the crowd, you need to understand different makeups. There are some colour shades that will make you appear dull, while others will pop your eyes excellently.

So, the type of makeup you choose greatly determines what you get. Amber eyes are beautiful and should be made to remain so.