Homemade lip balm recipes for lip care

With the arrival of winter months, your lips start cracking. Market is flooded with variety of lip care products from different brands. Many individuals also use the local products which might be very harmful. The fragrance of lip balms can vary according to the preference of individuals. Some people likes lip balms with orange fragrance whereas other are fond of strawberry smell. Manufacturers have made variety of winter care lip balms according to the preference of individuals.  Lip balms are basically available in the form of tubes. The fragrance such as wild rose, mint balm, lemon basil flavor etc.

Many people avoid using lip balms available in the market. They are very prone to the side effects of the inorganic products available in the market.  Thus, some home remedies can eradicate the problem of winter lip care. There are varied numbers of recipes that can help reducing the problems of cracked lips during winter. Organic products available at your home can make wonderful lip balm. Even with the extracts of rose, mint, orange wonderful lip balms can be made.

Best homemade lip balms for winter

For glossy lips

Homemade lip scrubs

If you want to make your lips glossy with the help of the lip balms, the ingredients that you require should include:

  • Few tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil
  • Beeswax
  • Container to keep lip balm
  • Vanilla essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • A slice of lipstick whose color is your favorite

Steps to prepare the balm

  • Place the ingredients such as vitamin E oils, coconut oils, beeswax in a glass measuring cup. Vitamin E is added as it will act as a moisturizer. Beeswax is a wonderful ingredient to consider as it holds everything together.
  • Take a pan and fill it with water till half of its content. Now, place it above the oven so that it starts boiling.  Metal mason jar lid can be preferable in this situation.
  • Check whether the water inside the pan has started boiling. If it starts boiling, place the glass measuring cup inside the same.  Watch till it gets the color of a nice golden liquid.
  • Now you can add fragrance according to your wish. There are many types of fragrances such as mint, orange, vanilla.
  • Some oils are stronger than the other. Thus, you must add few drops of oil to get fragrance. Even some flavors become stronger once it gets solidified.  As soon as the balm form the flavor according to your liking, you can easily put it inside the container and keep it to cool

There are several tricks which are applied to make a wonderful homemade balm. If you want to add rose fragrance plug some rose’s petals and soak it in milk for sometime. Now, squeeze it adequately to get some fragrance of rose flower in it. You can also peel the outer portion of orange or lemon to get the fragrance of these fruits in your homemade balm.

Natural lip balm – Homemade and safe

When you want to prepare a natural lip balm, you will need these ingredients:

1/4th cup of natural oil (use coconut, grapeseed or almond oil)

Wax for preparing 3/4th cup of soft wax (beeswax is good)

1/4th cup of soft natural butter (can try shea, mango or cocoa butter)

Powdered herbs – 1 teaspoon (like beetroot herb for likely hues)

Essential oils that you like – (orange, rose or tea tree, lavender, chamomile, lemon etc.)

Preparing the balm – Few easy steps

Natural tips to lighten the dark lips

  • Take a measuring glass and measure the oil to pour into a heatproof container. Pour the butter in the container too. Put the container in microwave and melt them.
  • Add the wax into the container and make sure the total paste comes to 3/4th of the cup. Now put this into the microwave to melt it. Mix the ingredients well. The container will b e hot – which means you need to handle with a lot of care.
  • Use a steel spoon or stirrer to stir the contents and check the contents from the spoon. The softness should be to your liking. This must be the balm that you are going to use. Add more oil if you need to make the balm softer. If it is soft, add wax to make it a little harder. Adjustments are to be made accordingly.
  • Now add the essential oil that you have got. Color it with the powder of the herb that you have. Make sure to stir the mixture so that there is no formation of lump.
  • This is now ready for using. Pour it into a clean container with a lid.