How to do makeup for lips – Best lipstick tricks

While concentrating on the makeup of your face, lip makeup becomes an important consideration to give an enhanced look to your entire facial view. If you want to keep your lips look beautiful in natural way, cleaning it and removing dead skin from it on a regular basis will be an important consideration. Even if you do not apply makeup on the lips, there will be a natural pink shade always visualizing over your lips. After cleaning your lips, the next important step to keep it beautiful is moisturizing. There are some natural and homemade remedies such as olive oil, lemon, lemon etc which will easily keep your lips juicy and well moisturized.  Today not only women but also men wish to keep their lips healthy. Natural remedies would be best and safe to get beautiful lips.

If you are prone for you to dry in addition to chapped lip area then this becomes mandatory available for you to manage your lip area. Why? Since they will be unattractive and can turn virtually any lip makeup in to a mess! Therefore it’s important that you maintain your lips on a regular basis. Applying lipsticks and also other products isn’t the only path to beautiful lips but in addition a continual maintenance routine can alter those lip area into healthy ones. Technically speaking, our lips do not have any acrylic glands and therefore are dependent on us for external miniaturization. Once you become habituated by using lip balms then you certainly won’t face the condition of parching in addition to desiccation. There are many flavors and sorts of lip creams, butters in addition to oils that for sale in various flavors. If that you are a frequent user of lipsticks, just be sure you use a branded one who is both herbal and it has a organic moisturizer. See the following article for a lot of easy actions on having luscious in addition to beautiful lip area.

Ideas intended for defining lips shapes

Best lip care tips for women

Pick a lip liner that is closer towards shade of the lipstick color. This allows in determining its form. To produce your lip area appears larger, draw the actual outline only outside your own natural lip line. Intended for thinner seeking lips, place the actual outline just inside normal lip line. Outlining lips also has the functionality of protecting against lip color bleeding.

The least complicated and healthiest way to get a stunning seeking lip shape is to drink plenty of water everyday. Water has the property of helping inside hydration in addition to preventing the actual lips by getting chapped or maybe cracked.

Exfoliate your own lips like you do using your face! Either you need to use a lip salt or you possibly can create your very own exfoliate. To get this done, mix a tiny bit of sugar with extra virgin olive oil and softly rub it in your lips.

Choose lip balms with Vitamin e. It forms a great cleanser. You may also use almond oil blended with butter. This when applied during the night time, leaves you with smooth and supple lips the following morning! Shea in addition to Coco butter are great healers of chapped lip area too.

How to use lipstick, lips liner as well as lip shine

Homemade lip scrubs

After you’ve got applied a coat of lipstick, just be sure you do remember to use a coating of lip gloss in excess of it. This particular it sparkle, enhances the color also provides double protection in your lips. Lips gloss best parts a female’s best resources – the girl lips, which seem fuller and even more kissable!

To get a long lasting lip color put with a sheer layer of basis, dust stream-lined powder with them and then go ahead for a desired color. This allows the lipstick end up being visible about dark lip area.

Choosing the suitable lip color can even be a tricky business! You’ll want to test it for the back of the palm (similar for you to texture in addition to color of lip) prior to making a final decision. Remember that the color must complement your appearance. Something in which looks very good on tell might look slightly outrageous in real!

When that you are filling in a particular colour, extract these from hoses. Use a brush for you to smoothen the color out as this will help to the colour to spread evenly. Lipsticks might be of polished, matte, foamy or frost finish. Go for something in which suits your own lip kind. Two apparel are always greater than one! The best technique is following first application, press your own lips with a tissue paper then apply the following one.

Best tips to get pink rose lips

It is usually important to choose a lip color in which matches the actual occasion. While a red lip area might appear sensuous in a party, a similar lips can look unprofessional if worn into a business meet up with. Lighter in addition to nude shades are beneficial to formal events and using more extraordinary look are going to be accepted on informal parties.

Do you wish to know a fascinating fact? If you are in a hurry and have no period for lip makeup, subsequently worry definitely not! A large tinted shin look is possible by sucking with a Popsicle of an desired tone!

You most likely are not blessed like Angelina Jolie with exquisite lip area, but nonetheless, these tips will let you achieve envied in addition to beautiful lip area within just a few weeks period.

Best tips for beautiful lips

Home remedies for beautiful lips

Honey is a natural component which is rich in both antifungal as well as anti bacterial properties which will restrict allergic reactions on your lips and even the moistening effect of honey will keep your lips plump and beautiful.

Olive oil treatment

Best tips to color your lips

Another natural lip care ingredient is named as olive oil which is also rich in Vitamin E. This oil is very good for removing all oxidants within your skin layer and replacing them with natural healthy antioxidants. Apply it any time during the day and wash it with cold water after 10-15 minutes time.


Your lips can become dark in appearance due to enough exposure of sunlight. You need to put the juice of cucumber over it to remove the sunburn.


Ladies are applying tomatoes for a long time to remove the sunburn from their skin. Even if your lip has become dark in color, you can apply its juice and stay happy for a long time.  Once you come home from the heat during the day time, apply tomato juice immediately over your lips to get immediate action. This might give you an itching sensation initiating but don’t worry about it as this is the sign that the natural product is working on your skin.

Perfect lip makes up tips

If you want your lips to stay beautiful, there are some procedures which should be followed while doing the lip makeup. Let us have a look at the procedure of applying lip makeup correctly:

How to do make-up for thin lips

Step 1 – First of all, you need to apply the lip liner around the demarcation of your lips so that while applying the lip color you can be aware of the boundary and the lipstick does not leak out.

Step 2 – Next step will be application of some lip balm just 2 minutes before going for a complete lip makeup.  This will help your lips getting moisturized and stay beautiful after completing the lip makeup.

Step 3 – Now you have to use a lip pencil which is perfectly sharpened. This is done to get a symmetry at the centre of the bottom lip with that of the upper lip.

Step 4- Now you need to create an outline at the centre of the bottom lip. Also you need to draw the corners of the lips very carefully so that the pencil does not slips and the lip color does  not  move outside the line.

Step 5 – Once the corners are made with dots and hyphens, you can draw clean lines throughout your lips covering every portion around the lips. Join the lines together and bend them really well.

Step 6 – Now, you have to use a lip brush to blend the lip contour pulling the colors from the edge to the centre.

Best tips for dry chapped lips

Step 7 – Now, you can apply the lipstick or lip color on your lips first of all in the lower lips and then the upper lips covering skins within the lip boundary.

Step 8 – You can also give a highlighted touch with the help of lip gloss to your lips. Some people likes a mat finish over the lip. For those the lip color without the gloss will be appropriate. You can also use a light gloss to make it look beautiful and attractive for a long time.

Tips to get beautiful lip makeup

Vitamin rich lipstick

Your lip has the tendency to get dry up very soon. This is due to the fact that it could not accumulate enough vitamin and moisture within. If you don’t care your lips, the same can be your scenario. But, these days you can get the vitamin rich lipstick that will easily fulfill the need to vitamin content in your lips. Try using this regularly and get your lips look healthy.

Border your lips

Before going for a lipstick in your lips all you have to do is define a shape of your lip. Some ladies have broader lips whereas others have thin lips. The liners help in making a demarcation within which your lipstick must remain. First of all use a light color liner and mark the portions of your lips such that it gets in a shape.

For thinning lips

Natural remedies for dry lips

If you are willing to make your broader lips thin, apply foundation outside the border so that lip color is not visible. There after apply your lipstick and see how it looks on you. Once you are ok with the lip shape and appearance go for dark color liner.

For broadening lips

If you are willing to make your lips broadened, all you have to do is make the liner from the skin that is beyond your original lip line. Us a light color lip liner to make a border. Then use the lipstick to fill your lip. Have a look at the mirror and find out whether this broader look suites you. Once you confirm the fact, you need to use the dark color lip liner.

Finishing look of lips

Once you have applied the lipstick, it is not all. Rather, you have to complete your lip makeup in another way.  All you have to do is apply a lip gloss that will coat your original lipstick. This will help protect your lip color and also give you a different shine all along. But, there are many ladies who might not wish to get a glossy look. For them vitamin rich lip guard must be applied.