How to cover scars on face without makeup?

Always makeup cannot be the remedy for hiding scars over your face that basically have arisen due to acne and breakout. There are some home remedies and natural way of treating such scars and making your face attractive in looks. First of all cleanliness is important.

Sometimes due to excessive dust and dirt available outside, your face ends up will get clumsy and unattractive. Also the scars can take place due to friction created between your skin and the dust particles. The best way of covering scars from your face will be adoption of some effective natural remedies.

Ways of covering scars without makeup

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It is true that people are using makeup to cover up the scars and spots over the faces. But, you cannot take makeup as a solution of covering scars always.  Let us have a look at some natural tips to remove makeup.

Face wash

Washing your face on a regular basis will be a wonderful way of covering the scars on your face as cleanliness is the best way of getting an attractive skin. But while you are washing your face, does not use soap or any harsh chemicals to wash instead go for the very mild face wash will never harm your face. The cleanser that you are using must be free from alcohol. Sometimes, your skin irritation can be increased if you are using the cleanser that has high alkaline Ph.

Warm compress

Another home remedies to remove scars from your face is the warm compress. This is an effective remedy as the toxins present in your body come out of the pores through this warm compress. You also should avoid popping zit, as this will help you cover up the scars easily. The warm compressed must be taken with a cotton cloth dipped in warm water with the squeezing of unwanted water.

Neem scar remover

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Since the scar that is brought through the pimples is due to bacterial infection, Neem or Indian Lilac will give you wonderful remedy of removing such scars. All you have to do is take handful of neem leaves and boil it in water. Let it boil till the time when the water becomes totally green in color. Now cool the water to lukewarm and then wash your face with it.  You will definitely provide good remedy with the help of Neem leaves.

Turmeric with honey

Both turmeric and honey has the antiseptic property extracted directly from nature. Since scars are a reason behind acne and pimples, you must be aware of its extraordinary features. You can make a paste with a spoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric in it.  Apply this paste over the areas where you have scars. Allow to stay it intact for sometimes and remove it with the help of warm water.

Ice cubes

An extraordinary and side effect free remedy of scars is ice cubes that you can easily form inside your refrigerator. Take an ice cube and slowly apply it over your face where you can view the scar marks. If you can do this on a regular basis, getting skin free from scars will be easier.


How to cover scars on face with makeup

Almond is also an important nut that can give you terrific skin tone without any types of scars as well as blemishes. You need to take 2-3 almonds and soak them in water. Now get up in the morning and peel off the skin from the almond. Now mash them with the help of a grinder. Now, the rose water of around a spoon must be poured over the mashed almond. Mix them and apply over the scar. This will easily cover your scars without the makeup.


You must have heard about various health benefits of tomato. But, did you know that tomato too is a great product for removing dark spots and scars from your face. You have to take a tomato and slice it. Take a small portion and apply the same over your face rubbing it gently. After rubbing, allow it to dry for half an hour. You can easily wash your face with normal water and see the difference on your face.