How to cover scars on arms with & without makeup

Scars on your arms can actually affect your self confidence in a negative way. Scars on arms often become a point of question and undue inquisitiveness which can put you into unwanted situations. The best ways to get completely rid of the scars on your arms is to go for plastic surgery.

Dermabrasion or laser treatments can also be effective depending on the particular type and size of the scars. If your scars are not that severe you can also try out medicated ointments and creams as well as some great home remedies to lighten and erase them over time. Covering the scars on your arms is also possible; and this can work as the best quick fix. It can be done with the right makeup or without the makeup.

Covering scars on hands without makeup

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If you are a boy, you might be a bit shy to use makeup to hide the scars or you might not have the knowledge about how you can use makeup in the right way to hide them. Even for girls it might become necessary to hide scars on the hands without makeup if they are running out of time or out of resource. Another reason for trying out the no-makeup ways to hide your scars on the hands can be the scar itself.  If you have “raised scarring” caused due to keloid formation on the injured skin, hiding it with only makeup might be difficult. The no makeup ways to hide the scars on arms can prove very effective in such cases. So, the no-makeup ways to hide scars on the arms include,

  • One of the best ways to hide scars on arms is to wear full sleeve clothes. They look stylish and will also ensure that no matter how deep or “raised scarring” you have on your arms, it will not be visible to others easily. If you have the scar at the upper part of your arm, you can even go with mid sleeve dresses that covers the scarred skin. Opt for tight sleeve fashion over the loose ones as tight clothing will ensure that the cloth will not move out easily from the scarred area.
  • You can also cover scars on your arms by using hand accessories intelligently. Particularly if you have scars in the lower arms and near your wrists you can easily hide them by wearing a stylish wrist band that sticks to your skin. Other hand jewelries like bangles can also be effective to hide scars near the wrists.
  • The other way to hide scars on the lower part of your arms is to opt for stylish hand gloves. If you are going on a party and you have dressed in a party gown, a stylish pair of hand gloves can add immensely to your overall appearance and will also hide the scars most effectively. However, this option might not be viable for boys suffering with the same problem.
  • Another option that can be effective to hide even the raised scaring on the arms is the silicone made prosthetic pieces. These pieces look very natural on the skin and once you have applied it properly on the scars there is very minimum chance that anyone will notice it anymore. These prosthetic skin pieces come in different colors and you should pick one that matches with your natural skin tone and is self-adhesive in nature.

Covering scars on arms with makeup

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Makeup can be very effective to hide scars on the arms. They can easily cover any discoloration or mark on the area. However, if the scars are raised, makeup might not be able to conceal the heightened mass of cells; but it will surely reduce its intensity and make the scar appear more natural on your skin. To hide scars on your arm you need to start with full coverage makeup products. The light coverage ones cannot hide a scar efficiently. The liquid ones are best suggested because they do not cake when applied in higher amount. Follow the next steps to hide scars on your arms

  • Wash your arms with a cleanser and then exfoliate the skin with a scrubber. This will prepare the skin for makeup and will also help to set it in, giving a more natural look.
  • After exfoliating use a light moisturizer on your arms, do not leave out the area of scars. You can use a sunscreen instead of a moisturizer if you are planning to go out in sun.
  • Now apply a BB or CC cream on your arms, covering the scarred area. The BB or CC cream will give your hand a smoother and even toned appearance.
  • Take a waterproof concealer. Pick the shade of the concealer depending on the color of the skin in the scarred area. If the scar is darker in color than the natural skin tone of your arms, pick a concealer one or two shade lighter than your skin tone. If the scar has a whitish appearance, do the reverse; opt for one or two shade darker concealer, to make the color of the scarred area similar to that of your normal skin.
  • Use the concealer right on the scars with the help of your fingers or the concealer brush. Use the product adequately and dab in the concealer instead of smearing or rubbing it in.
  • After you have applied the concealer properly you might need to use a light touch of a waterproof mousse on the top of it depending on how much of the scars the concealer has covered.
  • Finally, add a coat of mineral face powder on your whole arm, not only on the area of the scars. This will help the makeup to set in and will also give the whole arm a similar appearance, hiding the area of scar.
  • You can also opt for a bronzer to use all over your arms to hide the scars completely.

Some quick home treatments for removing scars on the arms

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As you now know the quick ways of hiding a scar on your arms, let us inform you about some quick and easy home treatments that can help you to remove the scar completely from your arms over time, eliminating the need of hiding them. It might take a bit longer to remove the scar completely, depending on the type of the scar and also its age, but with continuous use, these treatments are sure to show results. So, check out these quick treatments and follow them religiously for 6 months at least to remove the scars from your arms.

Sugar and lemon scrub for removing scars from arms

Sugar and lemon scrub can be an easy and effective home treatment for removing any type of scars from the arms or any other part of the skin. Take one spoon of lemon juice and add 1/3rd spoon of granulated sugar to it. Now use this mixture for scrubbing the scar lightly for 2-3 minutes. Then leave on for another 1 minute and scrub again. Finally wash off with water. You should follow this treatment regularly to get the best results.

Sandalwood and turmeric pack for quick scar removal from arms

Another effective home treatment for removing scars on the arms is to use a pack made from sandalwood and turmeric. This pack is known to be one of the best kept secrets of Indian beauty and can actually clear off any kind of irregular skin pigmentation or marks. Make a paste of 1 inch of fresh turmeric root and mix it with 1 spoon of freshly prepared sandalwood paste. Apply this pack on the scar and let it set for at least 20 minutes before removing with water.

If you can use both the above treatments in the same order as mentioned, regularly for 6 months, it is sure to show results.


• What are the best treatments for covering scars on arms?

The best treatments for covering scars on arms include laser therapy, silicone sheets, microneedling and chemical peels.

• How can I cover scars on my arms with makeup?

Using a full coverage foundation or concealer that matches your skin-tone can help to cover any scars on your arms.

• Are there any makeup products specifically designed for covering scars?

Yes, there are makeup products specifically designed for covering scars, such as camouflage creams, color correctors, and concealers.

• Are there any natural remedies to cover scars on the arms?

Yes, natural remedies such as aloe vera, coconut oil, honey, and lemon juice can be used to reduce the appearance of scars on the arms.

• How long does it take to cover a scar on the arm with makeup?

It depends on the size and depth of the scar, but typically it can take up to 30 minutes.

• What kind of foundation should I use to cover a scar on the arm?

A full-coverage foundation with a matte finish would be best for covering scars on the arm.

• How do I apply makeup to cover scars on the arms?

To cover scars on the arms, use a full coverage foundation and blend it out with a damp makeup sponge.

• What is the best type of concealer to use for covering scars on the arms?

The best type of concealer to use for covering scars on the arms is a full-coverage, long-wear liquid concealer.

• How can I make sure my makeup stays on for long when covering scars on the arms?

Using a primer underneath your makeup and setting it with a setting spray can help keep your makeup in place for longer.

• Are there any products that can help reduce the appearance of scars on the arms?

Yes, there are several products on the market that are designed to help reduce the appearance of scars on the arms.