How to cover scars on face with makeup

Scars appearing over you face is a reason of disappointment as your friends, relatives’ colleagues and many more people will be viewing it and you won’t appear to be an attractive personality in front of them. But, you can also get a step by step procedure with the help of which you can easily remove the scar marks from your face totally. Acne can give rise to several breakups which in turn can turn to scar mark and pimples. But you can easily cover the scars on the face with makeup. Through regular cleanliness and some effective home remedies, it will be quite easy to remove scar marks from your skin. But when you are covering the scar marks with the makeup, it is important to use proper techniques that will help preventing the breakout again.

Methods of covering scars on face 

Face wash

The pimples, acne and scar mark has its base in dirt, oil and pollution. The main reason behind it is dirt and pollution. Thus, you need to clean your face at first. You need to use a face wash that you have been using on a regular basis. This will clear your skin and make it look fresh. But you need to make sure that the face wash that you have been using must be free from alcohol. This is really important as alcohol will harm your skin and make it rough.

Application of toner

After application of face wash the task of making your face clean is done. The next procedure will be to apply the toner. Opening your skin pores and allowing it to breathe is really important in order to keep your skin healthy. Now take few drops of toner on a cotton ball and apply it over your face slowly rubbing the face which also covers the acne and scars.  You need to swab the cotton ball with tonner over your skin. After application of the toner all the skin pores will be opened and your skin will get a scope to breathe. There after allow it to dry.

Apply moisturizer

You need to protect your skin from further pollutants and dryness that can take place due to outside weather condition. If you have oily skin, apply a very mild moisturizer but people with dry skin tone can easily go for deep moisturizing lotion.  While applying the moisturizer apply it over your face moving your finger on a circular motion. Now wait for sometime till it becomes totally dry.

Makeup concealers

Concealers are a wonderful makeup tool that will hide all types of spots, scar marks and pimples that appears over your skin. But before choosing a concealers it is really important to note some facts. You should always choose the concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. You can also test it by applying the concealers one after another over your wrist. The concealer that will cover the vein of your wrist

There are various types of concealers in the market i.e liquid as well as powdered form. You can also get pen concealer that will cover specific parts of your skin with dots. This is really preferable if you have spots and scars that cover the skin in one dot. After application of concealer use your finger or brush to blend the concealer. You can also use a buffing brush to blend the edges of the concealer.  If you are willing to use a cream based concealer, you need to simply brush over the stick.  You need to use the brush in order to make the application precise.


Once the concealer is applied over your face, it is important to apply the foundation as well in order to make other skin colors even with the ones which are under the concealer. But you also need to choose the foundation according to the type of your skin color. You will get liquid foundation or the same in powdered form in the market which should be applied over your skin to cover the uneven parts. Either uses a makeup sponge to apply the foundation or that of a makeup brush in order to apply foundation in an appropriate way. Do not use fingers as it might have oils and bacteria which will be passed on to your face.

Second concealer if needed

Some people have scars and spots over their face in such a way that even after applying first coat of concealer as well as foundation, this won’t go away. Thus, you need to put a second coat of foundation. Whether the second concealer is needed or not will be confirmed once you view yourself in the mirror after application of foundation.  If you can see further spots and scar over your skin, you would definitely require a second concealer.

Application of loose powder

Once the concealer is applied over the foundation, your face will look uneven and unfinished. It is really important to give a finishing touch you’re your face so that people viewing you may not think that you have applied makeup or concealers to hide your scars. For this you need to apply a powder face pack which is loose and easily settles down over your face. This will give a perfect finish to your face with the coverage of scar marks, pimples, acne and any other spots that you wish to cover.