Fairness with gram flour / Gram flour for flawless fair skin

Everybody loves flawless skin and most importantly fair skin or should we better term it as ‘flawlessly fair skin’. While we tend to use so many beauty products so as to get fair skin but in the process, we also get some marks or acnes or blemishes as a result of side effect or just the reaction of the chemicals beauty products have in. Yes, we have organic products and products that claim to be naturally processed but how many times do we actually try the natural ingredients quite naturally like Gram Flour. It is no doubt a common ingredient in products that are made for skin lightening so we suggest you try some Gram Flour straight away from your kitchen/market on your skin.

What is Gram Flour?

Beauty tips for fair skin

This flour is made from grinding raw or roasted chickpeas and is majorly used in Indian cuisines. It is generally processed from the roasted chickpeas because they add flavour. Little did you know if you thought their use was just bound till the kitchen. It has enormous possibility in treating the skin complexion and also serves other beauty benefits for the skin as well.

Benefits of Gram Flour for skin whitening and flawless fair skin

Lightens the skin

Gram Flour has been an age-old trick that women conform to so as to get fair skin. Mix 4 tablespoon of Gram Flour with a tablespoon of raw milk and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Now apply this paste on your skin and rinse it off after it is dry. A regular use of this natural face pack is going to help you with skin lightening. You can apply this on underarms and neck regions for skin whitening.

Works as a scrub

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A scrub is known for its property of exfoliating the skin so that the dead skin cells are removed, and the skin gets replenished from the root so as to promote healthy glow. Gram Flour has both healing as well as exfoliating property and it is a gentle exfoliator. You can make a mixture of 3 tablespoon of Gram Flour and a tablespoon of oats or corn flour with a tablespoon of raw milk for the scrub to work as a skin lightening agent.

Removes acne scars and dark spots

The Acne Scars and Dark Spots on the skin are generally responsible for darkening the skin tone. In order to get rid of it, Gram Flour can be the best natural source to take over acnes and dark spots. Mix some Gram flour, turmeric powder and fresh yogurt in a bowl. Apply it all over your skin that is generally affected by acne scars and dark spots. Within days of regular usage, you are going to get a fair skin.

Removes tan

Fairness with egg white

Tan is responsible for making the skin look dark and in order to get lighter looking skin it is very important you get rid of the tan. Only sometimes Tan actually make you look good but you should get rid of it when it just clings to your skin all the time. A pinch of turmeric to a bowl of Gram Flour, Yogurt and some Lemon Juice makes for a consistent natural mixture. Using this for your face will help you with skin whitening.

Removes blackheads & whiteheads

Blackheads are so awful especially when they make the area they develop on look dark and dirty. If you look forward to a fair skin, then do every bit of effort to remove it. Whiteheads are no less irritating either, they make the skin go all flaky and dry. All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of Gram Flour and half a tablespoon of fenugreek powder with some rose water to form a consistent mixture. Apply it on the areas that need skin lightening.

Fairness with coffee

No doubt, that all of the above-mentioned benefits do actually count towards skin whitening. There are so many ways to use Gram Flour so as to get a lighter skin tone, here we go-to

  • Gram Flour and Cucumber
  • Gram Flour and Sandalwood Powder
  • Gram Flour and Fuller’s Earth Clay
  • Gram Flour and Tomato
  • Gram Flour and Orange
  • Gram Flour and Egg White

All of them are natural, organic ingredients that just add more nourishment to the skin making every inch of your skin look fair.