How to do makeup for dry skin?

If you have dry skin, the makeup variation for you must be little different. You cannot expect the same type of makeup that is used by people with oily skin tone to apply over your skin tone as your skin is dry and it needs more moisture to get absorbed and make your skin tone look bright and beautiful. Individual with dry skin generally suffers from skin parched. Thus, some particular type of cosmetics should be used that will remove skin patches of the ladies who is suffering from dry skin. Also there are some proven steps and strategies that help the individual with dry skin tone to sustain with a beautifullook.  You must come across some important tips that will make your dry skin well moisturized with the makeup coat.

Dry skin is one of the common skin textures that becomes dry due to many factors. The main reason behind the dryness is impairment. A person got the impairment in the case of sun damage, the usage of the skin products that consists of drying and irritation ingredients. Because of these external affects the skin loses its moisture in the upper layers which seems like patchy and dry. The outer layer of the skin must be protected from the damage as a first caring step. So, person having dry need to avoid the soaps, cleansing products that are harsh, using of hot water, loofahs and abrasive scrubs.

Dry skin is one of the common skin types for many individuals. Along with advantages, the skin type also has some drawbacks. If you have dry skin tone but wish to avail makeup over your skin, some tips needs to be considered in this connection. There is certain variety of cosmetics that suites ladies with dry skin tone. Before going for makeup, it is also important care your dry skin in order to get it ready. This article will speak about some of the tips that will help creating a wonderful impression of makeup on your dry skin tone.

Go for liquids and creams

Is your skin is dry and patchy! go for the cream and liquid foundations that are contained with oil. Use a moisturiser but ensure that tinted moisturiser is not replacing the original one. You can also use beauty balm such as BB cream. Choose a multitasking skin product which is contained with skin hydrating agents like vitamin B and hyaluronic acid.

Lip care

A dry and flaky skin can manage moisture or a lip gloss. Try to exfoliate the lips for at least once in a week. This will remove the dead skin paired up on the lip area. Simply scrub it up with the mixture formed from sugar and honey. Sugar removes the dead skin whereas honey hydrates the skin. Scrubbing the lips with a smooth brush is also an effective method to delete the dead cells.

Pick the perfect product for lips

If your lips becomes dry quickly, apply a lip gloss or sheer lipstick to make them fresh. Avoid the usage of matte lipstick and long lasting formulated lip stick which contribute for the more dryness.

Skip the powder

How to choose makeup for skin tone

On what ever the way a new powder is tempting you, neglect it. Do not try to apply powder for the dry and flaky skin that surely increases the dryness. Though your skin is dry but unconditionally shining in few areas like forehead, nose and chin then you can touch up little bit powder.

Add face polisher

If you find your makeup is turning loose and flaky after the application of few hours, mix some amount of facial exfoliant to the skin care products and don’t forget to use the moisturizer daily.

Boost up the make-up

If you are outing and want to boost up your make-up, spritz is the best choice. A few spritzes will help your makeup to stick for long time then the ordinary as well as it poises your dry skin.

Moisture helps a lot for the dry skin

By its nature, dry skin have a low amount of moisture. So moisturize tends to help your flaky skin. It balances the natural dryness of the skin which is very essential. Use some thicker cream that is specially formulated for the dry skin instead of a lotion. A moisture or serum contained with hyaluronic acid also helps the dry skin to lock the moisture.

Step for dry skin makeup

Use a scrubber

Even if for oily skin or individuals with normal skin may or may not use the scrubber, it will be mandatory for people with dry skin to use a scrubber or an exfoliate as people with dry skin have too much dead skin layer that causes uneven skin tone. Removing the dead skin will make your skin free from patches and will be smoother in texture.  You can either go for a branded scrubber available in the market or simply accumulate some homemade scrubbing tools.  Simple sugar, honey and olive oil scrub will be ideal with the individuals with dry skin.

No tinted moisturizer

Another important makeup tips for the ladies with dry skin will be to avoid using tinted moisturizer. Some people use it as they are in a view that, these moisturizers does dual tasks. But, actually for individuals with dry skin will only get the effect of half moisturizer if they use tinted variety.

Base makeup for dry skin

If you have dry skin, special type of skin foundation is available. Instead of going for oil control and waterproof makeup base, it is preferable to go for the aqua based foundation. The oil control foundation makeup will be only for ladies with oily skin tone. Foundation is very important to put on your face before makeup as this will give a hydration look to your skin.

Apply a dry skin concealer

Types of makeup foundations

If you are thinking about the waterproof concealer to be applied over your face just after the base makeup, this is going to take away all moisture from your skin. You must go for the concealer where the formula is not so thick. There are various well known makeup brands in the market that will provide you with the same concealer.

Avoid finger use

For the people with moisturized skin, fingers are generally used to blend the makeup. But, this will be a total blunder for people with dry skin tone. You should never use a finger to balance the makeup tone on your face if you have dry skin tone. But you can use a towel or other dry cotton to balance your makeup.

Proper hydration

Since you have dry skin, even if you apply very expensive makeup, without proper hydration to your skin, everything will go to veil. You must get hydration naturally and that is possible if you drink adequate water throughout the day. Water is a wonderful source of natural beauty which will make your skin elastic and hydrated. Your skin will never squeezed out before and after applying the makeup once you are regular intake of water.

Avoid powder

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You should avoid the powder makeup as this will absorb remaining moisture in your skin making it appear dry and flaky. Thus, even when you are using a compact, avoid powder based compact. The powdered makeup are good for all those who have oily skin as these are good for absorbing excess oil. You must go for the variety of blush which can also be blended over your makeup that you have applied to look beautiful. Blending must be done over cheeks so that the skin does not look artificial.

Moisturizing foundation

The next step of the dry makeup will be to apply a moisturizing foundation. The tone of the particular foundation must be a shade darker as compared to your skin tone. The particular product should be chosen among the non matte variety.  You can also apply little bit of bronze shimmer which will give a different look to the makeup.

Revive after eight hours

The makeup generally remains perfect till eight hours. But, just after this eight hour is gone, your face will again tend to look dull and unattractive. But just after eight hours it will be possible to revive your makeup and get the fresh look once again. All you have to do is well a sponge and tap it over your forehead and cheek bone. See the difference there after.

Makeup tips for dry skin

Smoothing your smacker

Best tips for dry skin

If you have dry skin, your lips also have the tendency of getting the same skin tone. If you are applying makeup on the lips that have dry skin, you must remember that the dead skin cannot hold moisture for a long time. Thus it is important to remove the dead skin and then apply the makeup. You can rub the dry lip portion with honey and sugar paste and remove dead skin.

Use of face polisher

Since you have a dry skin, unlike the individuals with oily skin you won’t get a glow very easily. Thus, during the makeup process, you have to use the face polisher. Ladies with dry skin have a problem of developing the dead skin layer after an interval. Thus, it is good to use a gentle exfoliate to remove the dead skin layer from the lips.

Skin hydration

Since you have dry skin, hydration of your skin becomes an important fact. This is the time for you to apply a good moisturizer. There are varieties of the moisturizing products in the market. But, it is important to use the moisturizer that is suitable for the dry skin tone. It is better to go for the moisturizer that belongs to the reputed and branded company.

Concentrate on eye makeup

When you are willing to get a proper makeup so that everyone makes a view of yours, eye makeup is an important consideration. For people with dry skin, the portion around eyes becomes extra sensitive. You must moisturize your eyes with a light moisturizer before the makeup. Applying the aloe Vera gel can also work well. After applying the gel, you can easily apply your eye makeup and stay gorgeous among the crowd. This tips is very vital for people with dry skin.