How to get rid of chapped lips – Lip care tips for women

The lips of women have to be beautiful and attractive. For the same it is important that you take the right care of the lips. Women are extremely conscious and particular when it comes to taking care of the part of the body. They make use of the right products to keep the lip in perfect shape and also to maintain the softness of the same. With the right care in time the lips are sure to look so natural and juicy.

In fact, people would admire the right structure and the shape of the same and you would even find friends asking you the secret of your perfect lips.

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Best way to attend to these individuals

Top lip care tips for women

  1. Exfoliating your current lips, having homemade top scrubs made with seashore salt in addition to honey. The particular salt will certainly carefully eliminate the flakes of one’s lips along with the honey offer your wetness they need
  2. Will not damp your current lips as long as they are usually dried since you also will still only create items most severe.
  3. Apply the chopsticks over your current lips because they produce wetness. One should utilize chopstick being a basic intended for lipstick so one of these won’t look as dried
  4. Curve your current lips, particularly this will be slimmer to produce these individuals are looking much more symmetric
  5. Apply e vitamin in your lips to shield these individuals through ecological aspects just like the sun’s rays, wintry, wind flow
  6. Apply a little bit of free from shimmery top shin in the heart of your current lips, particularly the top of the top to create much more quantity in addition to make sure they are seen much more delicious
  7. Prevent using lipstick over chapped, flaky because doing so will still only point out your flakes ingest lots of water to help keep your system in addition to skin hydrated
  8. Don’t make use of lipstick or even top shin which are approved your conclusion time, mainly because they may be loaded with microorganisms and so they don’t have nutritional requirements Acquire health care of one’s lips so one of these will look sleek, balanced in addition to kissable.

Drinking water is important for lips

Winter lip care tips

It is important that you carry a bottle of water wherever you visit. Drinking lots of water will help in keeping the lips hydrated. Insufficient water intake makes the lips dry and this makes you feel so uncomfortable. So, make sure that you drink sufficient water to make the lips stay normal.

Please don’t smack your lips

You have some people who have the habit of licking and smacking the lips constantly. If you keep on licking constantly the protective barrier gets spoilt. When the protective barrier is gone the lips tend to become dry often. The saliva of the mouth is made of digestive enzymes and these can act in damaging the protective barrier. In case you feel that the lips are dry you can frequently use balm to help the lips stay in the best of condition.

Various useful balms from the market

It is not good to use just any balm from the market. Use balm made of natural and beneficial ingredients. A balm made of sea butter and beeswax is really beneficial. The balms are even made of almond and vitamin E. There are even products rich in coconut oil and jojoba. Lips stay well with the use of petroleum jelly. In case your skin is sensitive it is best that you make use of the medicated lip balms and these contain camphor and this is the reason you can feel the irritation at first. However, there are more effective balms from the market. These are products to help you have the most soft and desired lips structure and quality.

A room humidifier restores the softness of the lips

Homemade lip scrubs

To keep the lips normal it is best that you use a room humidifier. A humidifier lessens the amount of moisture in the room and in the process the skin and even the lips is perfectly hydrated. This is the best solution to help the lips stay in the best of state.

Lips exfoliation is necessary

It is necessary to have lip exfoliation when necessary. You get the perfect lips exfoliating agents in the market. The agents will help with peeling off the dead skin of the lips and in the way things are sure to be soft and normal. In winters the lips can get badly cracked and this is when you can even rely on the suggestion of the dermatologist and the expert will tell you how to take care of the cracked and damaged lips. You can know from the dermatologist the products to use in order to maintain the gentleness of the lips. Make sure not to make use of a solution that is not right for the lip texture. In this case you should not rely on vague suggestions and advice.

Protecting the lips from sunburn

If you are out in the sun for most time of the day the lips can get damaged due to extreme sunburn. Due to the attack of the sun the lips lose the essential melanin. In this case you can make use of a sun protective lip balm. The balms come in various shades. This is the reason you can protect the lips and make them look so attractive at the same time.


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More matte can damage the lips

If you wish that the lips stay nice then make sure not to use matte lipsticks. These are dry stuffs and can really damage the lip texture and softness in the long run. Once you know that the lips are perfectly alright and they have the right content of oil, this is when you can make use of matte lipstick at ease. In case your lips are dry you should apply hydrating stuffs. First, make use of a lip balm and then you can apply the soft or liquid base lipstick. The product may contain glycerine and this is enough to help the lips stay in the best of condition.

Lining the lips perfectly

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After you know that you have the right lip texture it is time that you concentrate on the structuring of the lips. Before you apply the lipstick, it is important that you mark and line the same appositely. The color of the liner should be darker than the shade of the lipstick. When you are drawing the outer line it should be rightly done in order to make the lips look prominent. When applying the lipstick you should start from the center. Then you can address the sides of the lips. In the process, you can cover the entire lips and make sure that you don’t cross the outer line.

Curing the sort of peeling lips condition

You can have problems of peeling lips. This is a sort of allergic reaction and this may be caused due to the usage of wrong toothpaste, lipstick, beverage or food. Lips can even become worse due to the strong reaction of a specific medicine. Accutane is one kind of medicine which can really affect the texture of the lips. When there is infection there can be rashes on the lips and there is an itching effect too. In case, you find things too damaging you can visit a dermatologist who may recommend using a gentle topical hydrocortisone solution to help you get rid of the sort of lip irritation. In fact, you should always take the help of experts to maintain the perfect health of the lips.

How to protect your lips?

  • Smoking spoils your lips. So, it is better to quit smoking. It takes more time to regain the color and texture of your lips.
  • Apply a natural lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. It is better to apply lip balm before going to bed.
  • The wind will dry your lips in a minute. You have to keep them licking, but not a continuous process. So, better to have moisturized lip balm.

Winter is the season where you should keep your lips moisturized. Choose a lip balm with an extra moisturizing agent that helps you to have a long lasting effect. It helps to keep your lips moisturized for longer period of time. Make sure that the lip balm consists of SPF and is advantages when going out.

Homemade tips to keep lips protected

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Aloe vera: It consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents that protect the skin from any kind of infections. Apply aloe vera gel to your lips. It helps in soothing and moisturizes your lips.

Jojoba oil:  Apply a small amount of jojoba oil on your lips. It helps to keep your lips nourished and softens the skin when applied to the lips.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil helps to keep getting rid of dry lips and itchy skin. Apply some coconut oil on your lips that helps to soften and lubricates the skin.

Vitamin A and D: They are rich in fatty acids that they can easily absorb into the skin. These are pro-active vitamin complexes that are skin friendly and help to soothe the skin effectively.

Glycerin: Glycerin is the best natural skin softer that holds agents that bind moisture and keep your skin together.

Shea butter: It has natural sun block allantoin that acts as a healing agent. It is best ingredient that you can see in most of the lip balms that gives a soothing effect to the lips.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E has antioxidant property that acts as a moisturizing agent. It protects the lips from the sun.

Beeswax: Beeswax is a non allergic skin softener that helps to moisturize and nourish the skin. It consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent that protects the skin during winter.

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