Best body lotions for glowing skin

Everyone especially women wishes to get flawless skin without a single dark spot but very few people has got skin without spots which is the main reason for cosmetic industries’ business boon.

People are constantly trying out variety of creams and cosmetics that helps in making them attractive and beautiful. Due to changes in lifestyle and pollution in the environment people are constantly getting such dark spots and wrinkles.

The blemishes are also quite common for all those who have problem of getting oily skin tone. These looks very odd even when you put make up. But, the present day’s technology has made things in a different order with refinement of makeup and other related tools.

Yes, concealers are one among such products which will work well in covering up blemishes that you are ashamed off. Online websites have such variety of concealers that will remove blemishes and dark spots which is present over your face. 

Best concealers for blemishes

Coloressence Panstick, Beige

Color essence Panstick, Beige

You need to apply this lotion over your body equally over all parts of your body especially when your skin is little wet after you have completed your bath. If you want, you can also carry it with you and apply it any time whenever your skin feels parched as well as dry. Along with providing a natural glow, this particular glowing skin body lotion helps in reducing the dark spots from your face.

Aloe Vera saffron face gel by Vritika


Since the particular cream has saffron extract, your skin will get a natural glow from within. Any types of pimples, wrinkles, tan or marks will be reduced once you start using it on a regular basis. This works quite well as a sunscreen and protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun rays. By protecting your skin from UV rays you are very safe and can stay away from variety of cancerous element over your skin. It will be effective if you can use it regularly over your skin before going to bed. This cream also has the antiseptic properties that work well with any type of infections.

Oriflame silk beauty white glow body lotion


Oriflame is one of the well known brands in the cosmetic and beauty industry. The products manufactured by this well known company are worth appreciating with regards to its quality and benchmark. Goodness of cherry and silk protein is combined with the body lotion to bring the beauty out with moisturizing element. You must use it on a regular basis to get smoother and radiant skin for a long time.

Oriflame milk and honey gold nourishing hand and body cream

Oriflame milk and honey gold nourishing hand and body cream

As mentioned in the name, this particular type of body lotion is made from the natural extracts of honey and milk with gold radiance. The cream like finish is very effective that brings happiness over the skin. This is such a body lotion which can be applied by people with all age group. An automatic glow over your skin will be ideally reflected after application of this skin nourishing body lotion.

Vaseline cocoa butter deep conditioning body lotion

Vaseline cocoa butter deep conditioning body lotion

Vaseline being a popular brand of skin care product has been manufacturing variety of products in the market for people with all economic status. They have kept the quality of product intact without making any difference in rate. Rather, the rate is quite reasonable as compared to other products in the market. This product is enriched with vitamin E and cocoa butter that takes good care of your skin and make it very beautiful. You can apply it regularly over every part of your skin to get exclusive glow over your skin layer.

Parachute advanced deep nourish body lotion

Parachute advanced deep nourish body lotion

Coconut milk has great power in bringing out glow on your skin layer. This fact is proved by parachute advanced deep nourish body lotion. Your skin will effectively get a natural glow with a youthful looking skin after application of this very reasonable priced product in the market. Not only women but even men can also use this product to nourish skin and create a glow over your skin layer. Apart from making your skin very soft and supple, this body lotions helps protecting your skin from various types of damages.