Types of hair extensions & which one suits for you

Several tips are available by the experts that will explain about the type of hair extension and the one that suites you the best. Today, people have become really fond of the hair transformation categories and the usability. The market is flooded with the companies that trade with the hair transformation and the extension. The fashion magazine will give you new ideas of hairstyle every week from where you can also get some ideas that can be used for your hair extension categories.  You can also get a scope to explore the hair extensions that will give you a new look.

Are you feeling helpless due to deterioration of your hair quality? Are the hair problems main reasons for your depression? Is your hair getting thinner with lumps of hair fall? Hair extensions can be a wonderful remedy. Hair extensions have various types and categories which you need to have an analysis before going ahead with the procedure. It is true that hair extension is an artificial procedure of getting hair implanted over your natural hair in order to get it fuller in volume and increase growth of the length of hair. You can now choose various types of hair extensions from where you have to choose the appropriate one according to the suitability.

Types of hair extensions

Bulk hair extensionbulk_hair

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In this particular method of hair extension, the expert needs to deal with the bundle of hair. This type of hair extension is basically used for all those who wish to get weft hair extension. The loose hair is used in this method for an appropriate hair extension. You can get a fuller hair for getting braided hairstyle with volume in technique. This will give you a clean picture of Brazilian knotting techniques.

Clip in hair extension


There are many people who would like to try a new technique over their hair and see whether it can be carried on for a long term basis.  Likewise, if you don’t want to go ahead with the permanent hair extension, here are ways to go ahead with versatile hairstyle without permanent extension. This is the particular type of hair extension where you can easily use the hair colors according to your choice. This is a quick and easy way of hair extension without getting a permanent on your hair follicles.

Wefted extension


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The machine is used to get the artificial hair wefted and applied the same on the human hair. The triple head sewing machine is used to fed the loose or bulk hair in hair roots. The stitch is been reinforced across the top root of the individual strands. The process does not end over here, the hair is again folded and stitched and builds a final wefted extension.

Fusion hair extension


This is the process of hair extension where the individual strands are collected and a very special tool is used to go ahead with the process of softening your hair along with imbibitions of Keratin tip that will make an effective hair fusion. This is a type of hair extension that needs to be maintained on a regular basis such that it should be removed and re installed in every 2-3 months. This fusion also has two variation one of which is known as v tip of flat which does not need clips, tubes and rings. Another one uses the shrinkable tubing technique where the heat extension tube is used in every strands of hair.

Which hair extensions will suite you the best?

After knowing about variety of the hair extension methods, it is important to find out the one that is suitable for your hair.  There are several factors to define whether and what type of hair extension method is suitable for you. You need to have a proper analysis of your hair, scalp as well as lifestyle before choosing the hair extension. Following are the tips to find out which hair extension will be suitable for you.

Period of hair extensions durability

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You need to find out whether the particular hair extension type will last for a long time or it is just for a temporary basis. Some of the hair extensions last for very short period such as a month or two whereas others lasts for 4-6 months. There are more durable hair extension options which will last for more than a year. Now, you have to choose the one which you require and then you can avail the same. The hair type is also needs to be found out according to which the hair extension must be availed. When your hair is getting loose, the hair extension procedure must be availed get it tightened.

Do some homework

In order to find out which hair extension type is suitable for you, it is important for you to do some homework. Every method is having a procedure to be followed, if you can follow the same, the hair extension will be really helpful for you. But, if you don’t follow it there will be a chance that your hair will be damaged. You can also take expert advice or take help from the hair extensionist. Since the popularity of hair extension has increased, the hair stylists has included the this process in their business. You need to find out the suitable hair stylist to get your hair extension done.

Strand by strand technique

You can come across variety of hair extension technique among which the most suitable one can be chosen. This is the particular type of hair extension method where the artificial hair is attached one after another in every strand of natural hair. This is quite time consuming as the process will take several hours to get an appropriate establishment. If you are impatient, then this process of hair extension will not be yours. But once the technique is completed, you may not be able to differentiate between the artificial and natural hair.

Tape in hair extension

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Some people also wishes to avail this process of hair extension where the expert will establish the small weft which will be stick with the help of tape on one side. This is an easy procedure of hair extension where no tools are needed. In very simple words you can see your own natural hair getting the shape of sandwiched between the two strips of tape. The adhesive in the tape will help make the hair extension procedure work. You can do this ideally at home and if you want to get finer hair, single sided tape application can be used. If you like the extension process, you can easily avail it.

Tips to find out the styles that suites you

Find out the genuine

If you are ready to go ahead with the newest hairstyles, it is important to go ahead with the surveys and examination that will help you get the genuine category. You can get original as well as synthetic hair in the market. It is always preferable to go for the genuine hairs as those are manufactured with real human hair. Since this hair is same as your hair type, it can easily suite you.

Read the review

Another tip to get the hair extension that suites you the best is having a look at the users review. Users who have already used the product must be in a condition to give you the honest review. Instead of giving you the pros first they will speak about the con. The product that has maximum pros must be adopted.

Your hair type

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You should also need to get the hair extension that is similar to your hair type. For example if you have curly hair, the hair extension with straight variation may not be suitable for you. You should go for the curly hair extension. You can also get the hair extensions online according to the type of hair you are having. You must go through the very small and simple specifications before choosing a hair extension.

Handling with care

Once you have chosen the hair extensions that will suite your hair type, the next important consideration will be handling the hair extension with care or else it can lead to damage. You can treat it like your hair and go ahead with several styling options such as coloring, using hair styling tools etc. But, it is also important to take care of the hair extension such that using very good product in shampooing, applying hair color etc. Do not apply the local products or it can lead to hair damages.

Grade of human hair

It is important to choose the proper grade of human hair for your hair extension. You can also choose among your favorite weaves hairstyle. There are various types of hair extensions such as remy or tangle free natural looking hair. Here is also option for seamless hair extension as well. If you are going to get very natural looking hair, the seamless hair extension will be one of its categories.