Top best hair color ideas for summer

Summer hair colors are chosen by keeping two things in mind, it either has to be light or it should shine under the sun. One choosing a hair color for summer, we often get confused between these two aspects. To avoid such confusion, let us go through these hair color types, to know the colors we could try. Summery colors are usually light – from clothes to shoes, we tend to choose lighter shades. It is also a great idea to blend your look with highlights or shades of colors as well. Let us go, through some lovely ideas and tips on which hairstyles can be followed with them.

Best hair color ideas for summer

Golden ends hairstyle in summer

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Leaving the roots dark brown or black and coloring the ends golden can be a great way to style up this summer for women with wavy or curly hair. It makes the locks looks sensuous and hot.

Smoky silver shades hairstyle for summer

Smokey silver shades hairstyle for summerHighlight your hair with smoky silver streaks for a unique look that stands out from the rest and makes you look the coolest this summer.

Brown, peach and cream hairstyle during summer

Brown, peach and cream hairstyle during summerThis is a tricolor shade for your hair that makes you look chic and happening. Let the roots of the hair remain brown and then fade into a smoky peach shade and end in a light cream shade. The pastel shades team up really well with your summer dresses and make you look flawless.

Pastel pink hair color in summer

Pastel pink hair

This of for all those women who likes to try colors which would be just out-of-the-box. If you like to paint your hair with different shades, you could surely try out this one for summers. Pastel pink happens to be really pretty. It has been blended with copper highlights, whereas the base color is white. If you have a lighter shade of hair color already it would be easy for you to try this out. You could also go for a complete revamp with an entire hair color makeover.

Black, brown and blonde hairstyle during summer

brown and blonde

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If you have black hair it is easy to give it a brown effect. But adding blonde along with these two, gives you a completely different hair color. In this hair color idea, we see a mixture of these three dominating colors, which have equally made a mark on the strands. They can be nicely differentiated but they’d have to be separately colored to get the exact effect.

Sweet caramel hairstyle in summer

Sweet caramel

Sweet caramel is a slightly on the lighter shade of caramel hair color. Caramel is quite loved by women who find blonde too common. You can use sweet caramel as highlights, but it would be easier to make out, when you color it all over. Sweet caramel happens to be a light shade which you can carry all across the summers!

Black with pastel brown ombre hairstyle for summer

Black with pastel brown ombre

The pastel brown happens to be a really uncommon color which has to be chosen carefully. Ask your stylist to help you get the exact shade, so that after appliance you get the perfect shade. These hair coloring shades make it easy for women with dark hair and who don’t have to have all their strands colored in a light shade. Ombre effect would be applied half down the black color, so just have it applied in the right amount for a similar look.

Shades of pink highlighted half down hairstyle in summer

Shades of pink highlighted half down

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Another idea to make your summer look shine all the way, is to color the last quarter of your long hair. Just like the previous idea, this one too is coloring towards the last part of the hair. You can use similar light shades of light pink and dark pink on the dark strands of your hair. The longer your hair is, the better the colors are going to look.

Best blonde hair color ideas in summer


Talking about the light color to color your hair, you can never miss out blonde. It is every girl’s favorite and all of them want to paint their hair blonde for once. If you think your skin tone would match blonde, they you should indulge in have this color painted on your head. This is probably the best color which suits a beach hair!

Half up light brown with half down dark brown hairstyle

Half up light brown with half down dark brown

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The opposite of a regular ombre would be having your half colored light for the first half and dark for the next half. This picture is an example of light and dark shades of brown, which have been respectively added half up and half down the strands. This would be an innovative hair color to indulge into. This hair color is pretty and uncommon as well. Try this out and pick two perfect shades of brown to blend well together.

Black, brown and white ombre hairstyle

Black, brown and white ombre

This is a stylish hairstyle which has the base color of black. It has been colored with blonde, which comes between white and black. The blonde color stays like the transition between the two different shades. The last color added is white, and we see that it has been used half down. The half up zone would include shades of black and blonde both. Add these pretty colors and give yourself a completely new look!

Strawberry pink hairstyle ideas

Strawberry pink

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If you don’t want pink highlights, you can choose this color for all the strands of your hair. The best part about this shade is that it is soothing and it isn’t as extreme as the regular pink shades. No matter how long or short your hair is, it is surely going to look good with those lovely waves!

Black, pink and white hair color ideas in summer

Black, pink and white

Adding pastel pink and white as highlights, on black hair, would be quite an alluring hairstyle to gaze at. Apply this hair color if you think you want a mix of dark to light on your hair. This blend of colors, unlike other highlights, has been added, all through the strands, which makes all the three colors get separate space and equal dominance.

Light purple and white hair color ideas in summer

Light purple and white

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Summer hairstyles are open to light shades of extreme colors. From purple to blue, you can choose any color which you think would suit you! This color has a blend of white and light purple, which gives you an idea to choose similar shades for your hair. Just make sure that it suits your skin and also make sure you get the correct shade.

Light red hair color ideas during summer

Light red

The lightest shade of red happens to be a color which is so unlike the regular red. To get this shade you might have to look between light brown and copper. You’ll be lucky to get the exact shade, but it would surely look great for summer. Women, who is planning to get a hair color to nicely sit on their black base, can choose such a shade. There are less chances for the color to fail!

Blue and Turquoise streaks on brown hair color ideas


The hair stylists created a new stylish hair color combination. This will create a long rich brown hair with peek a boo streak in blue and turquoise. This hairstyle has a stunning mermaid hair color ideas and make you look gorgeous. Choose the hair color with the full set of 18’’ I-tip extensions with dark brown, teal and blue hair colors.

Pink hair color ideas with blonde highlights


The pink hair extensions on light brown hair color give amazing look. Try this hairstyle with a blonde highlight that makes you look gorgeous. The pink hair color with blonde hairstyles and the fringe haircut at face is beautiful. The pretty, cute looks with this layered haircut make you look pretty simple and cute.

Fashion mid part wavy color melting ideas


The searching hair color ideas with an easy going girl’s style guide. This technique creates a multidimensional effect. This gives a stylish multi tone melting hair color with a natural look. This will reflect the different tones of light hair colors to be gorgeous.

Best streaks of neon hair color ideas


This hairstyle has a neon hair color with unnatural shades to look beautiful. The strong presence of neon hair extensions will wish to express the carefree and pretty look. This hairstyle with the back brushed hair and extensions with blue color make you look beautiful. Try this different hairstyle to look beautiful.

Best pastel glamour looks hairstyle to look beautiful


The pastel shade with a stylish look has an unnatural dye hair color idea. The hairstyle looks messy loose hair with damaged locks to mind. The pretty pink hair color idea is in style with the perfection. You should treat your hair with a stylish look to be beautiful.

Dusty pastel hair color idea to shine your hairstyle


The dusty pastel hair colors with neon and a bright shade has a moment to shine. But the hair quieter will take a funky hair color that is to be colored with a creative hair color which gives a softer less, and bold way look. The hairstyle is almost a dusty look with stylish hair.