How to pick the best flattering hair color for light skin

There are no hard and fast rules that there are supposed to be specific hair colors for specific skin type. But sometimes, we might find some colors appealing enough to the eyes but not after they have been applied to your hair. Some of the most common reasons for this condition are your skin type, face shape, color of the eyes, etc. If you have light skin you might want to know which colors could suit you and make you look better, rather than opting for a color which only appeals to your eyes and not your face.  In this article, we have picked some likely hair color for light skin. Go through the file and check which one you could choose!

Blonde hair color ideas for light skin tone


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Blonde has to be at the top of the list because a lot of women do like to have their hair colored blonde. Blonde perfectly suits light skin over the tanned and the dark ones. If you have brunette hair naturally, you can go for an all blonde hair color from root to tips. If you mind such a drastic change, you could also use them as highlights. Blonde is perfect for all light skinned men ande women, and can be style is whichever way you like.

Strawberry blonde hair color ideas

Strawberry Blonde

Some women prefer this shade of hair color over the blonde one. This adds more shine and makes your hair look more appealing. Strawberry is an uncommon hair color is a world full of brown and black hair. Get the best quality of strawberry blonde because they are not easily available. Have it done from a parlor to get the exact hair color and shine. You should also make sure that they have the correct shade and do not apply something similar in its name.

White hair color for fair skin tone


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Although this turns out to be quite an extreme shade, white hair is really unique to look at. In a world where women dye their hair to look younger, you can try something absolutely opposite and break the cliched attitude. This shade of hair is pure white and mostly suits fair women. There are other ways to opt for this color as well. For example, if you don’t want a complete change-over, use white as streaks. You can also make an ombre effect which represents black hair turning into gray and then white.

Light brown hair color ideas for your skin tone

Light Brown

If you have dark shades of black or brown naturally, you could easily opt for a lighter shade of brown. They are faster to dye and they look perfect with light skin. Brown hair happens to be a really common shade and they swiftly suit almost all skin type. Follow a lighter shade of brown and have your hair nicely styled.

Balayage ombre hair color 

Balayage Ombre

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Ombre effects have become really interesting as they look very eye-catchy. Ombre effects are when you add a lighter shade to your natural hair and make the colors look like they have faded into each other. Add balayage ombre to your dark brown or black hair. This has to be applied vertically from midway to the tips.

Copper hair color idea for light skin tone

Copper Hair

Somewhere between strawberry blonde and brown we get this copper shade of hair color which is just perfect and shiny. Make your hair color stand out by such unique choices we will not fail your skin color. Also use innovative hairstyles to make your hair look more attractive.

Purple ombre hair color ideas

Purple ombre

Best ombre hair color ideas for your hair

We are usually born with brown or black hair color which is why sticking to something dark is always more convenient. On the other hand, even dark shades can come with some interesting outcome which make your hair gets a complete switch! Purple for example is one color which on the darker side, but will still make a difference when it’s added with black. Moreover it will not suit light brown hair type. If you don’t want to go for a complete change, make use of the ombre effect with this hair color.

Auburn with golden streaks

Auburn with golden streaks

Auburn hair happens to be a hair color which blends in dark brown and red. It creates a cherry red type of hair color, but is slightly darker than that too. In the hairstyle below, we see auburn hair which has been further added with golden highlights. This is quite an interesting blend and will really make your hair look stylish. Opt for this hairstyle if you have fair to tanned skin, as it suits these skin types preferably.

Black hair color ideas for fair skin 


Short hair highlights with caramel color

Although the majority of population is born with it, some women are exceptions. You can surely go for the all black hair and flaunt this color. Black hair happens to go with all skin and face type. Black hair happens to be just like an accessory which can be alternated with black when you don’t get the perfect shade. Black is the ultimate color which is why it just suits all of us really well!

Light red hair color ideas

Light red

The shade of red you see in the picture below isn’t really very commonly used. The most important reason for this is not its availability but because it won’t suit all skin types. To make this hair color prominent enough, your light skin would be quite apt. Make sure that you get hold on the perfect shade, analyze how it would look on you and then invest on it.

Dark brown hair colors

Dark brown

Short length hair highlights with caramel color

Dark brown is another shade which suits almost all skin types. This is the second most popular natural hair color type after black. If you have black hair, probably the first color you’d choose is brown. Dark brown is common but they suit you for all occasions. Have your dark or light hair turned dark brown for once and it will not fail you!

Experimental hair color ideas

Experimental hair color ideas

Light skinned women have the maximum choices to go in for experimental colors for their hair. Their fair face acts as an advantage and makes almost all kinds of color gullible enough to suit the hair. Try experimental hair color like pink, yellow, orange, green or blue. You could also go in for streaks if you don’t want to have it used up for all your hair.

Lighter hair color shade with brown and black


The side swept hair with light brown hair color n black hair makes you look stylish. The hairstyle with fringe haircut make you look stylish and trendy with light earrings. The hairstyle best suits for round face shape. The medium length haircut with fringe straight hair make you look gorgeous.

Lavender hair color idea for women


The pastel shade is more popular with lavender hair color. It is delicate and has a ravishing on hair with several lavender tints. This light hair color with light complexions combines to form a dark and light hues. This is best with light hues and is best matching for medium skin tone women. Try these different hair color to look cute.

Brown hair color ideas for blue colored hair


The best choice of hair color mainly depends on skin tone, and color of eyes. The natural hair colors work better for cool skin tone. A variety of different hair colors from platinum blonde to brown make you look pretty simple. The light brown or honey blonde better for blue eyes and golden overtones.

Trendy copper, gold blonde hair color for summer


The best choice of skin toned hair with toasted tan skin color. Try this copper mixing light gold hair color ideas which is best with you and can express with a clear face at a glance. This will be darker and looks superb with a stunning hairstyle. The copper, gold hair color to mid part wavy medium length hair makes you look special and unique.

Golden hair color ideas for blondes with blue eyes


The golden hair color with fair and cool skin make you look special and attractive. The attractive hair and skin tone color with a special hairstyle, make you look beautiful in a party. Mid part your hair with wavy low light curls to look gorgeous.

Light brown hair color ideas


The hair color idea for tanned skin is light brown hair color. This hairstyle best suits for wavy long hair. Try this hairstyle with a wavy long light brown hair color to look beautiful. The hair color ideas with lighter shades look better for tanned skin.