Latest trendy natural hair color ideas for wavy long hair

Wavy hair is the most common hair type which we are blessed with in India. Women here are born to wavy to straight hair and they have so many hairstyles to try. Wavy hair makes our hair look appealing and stylish.

To enhance the style a little more we have come up with some nice hair color ideas for such hair type. If you don’t like to have your hairstyled too often and you’re looking for colors which could suit the natural shape of your hair, you can opt for these.

The extreme colors might need expert help and should be matched to your skin type to make you look the best.

Most gorgeous top best hair color ideas

Bayalage highlights as natural hair color ideas

Bayalage highlights

Long hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

If you have black to brown hair you can opt for some Bayalage highlights. These are one of the most commonly followed hair color because they have less chances to look bad.

The lady in the picture below seems to have had her hair colored in different colors, before she had done the Balayage highlights. This is the reason why her hair looks like a mixture of different colors and in turn makes her look good.

To follow this hairstyle in the best way possible, you can try and apply different shades in different section. Ask your stylist for expert help and advice.

Easy wavy hairstyles with light blue

Light BlueHave your hair colored in extreme color tones and make your wavy hair look good. If you have fair to comparatively fair skin, you can surely opt for hair colors which are as extreme as this.

In the picture below, we see a lady with blue wavy hair and black lip colors. She totally nails her style and carries it well. If you want to opt for such color, go for lighter tints to not make it look too extreme.

Blonde highlights with brown hair color ideas for 2016

Blonde highlights on brown hair

Short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

Blonde highlights look the best on brown hair. If you pair dull shade of brown with shiny golden highlights like this, they are bound to bring a contrasting effect and make the hair look good.

Have your hair color, leaving the first quarter of the hair length. This area should have the brown color, while the rest of it is highlighted. The waves fall down after this section and flaunt the highlighted hair. The waves are also looking naturally messy, which draws in the Oomph factor!

Reddish blonde hair color ideas

Reddish blondeThis is probably the lightest shade of red, although it doesn’t look like red at all. This hair color is in-between red and blonde, and the end result has turned out to be light brown.

Picking up shades like this isn’t going to make your hair as extreme as green or blue would look, and they can be easily carried by all types of clothes.

This hair color also suits most skin types which is why it makes it more acceptable. It will shine out under the scorching sun rays and you’ll love to get its sun-kissed!

How to style wavy red hair color ideas

Red hair

Dark hairstyles with highlights

Having your hair colored with absolute red, when you have had black to brown color before, is going to make your wavy hair look like this.

Red hair is dear to most women across the globe and they love to try it, be it through highlights or be it with absolute red color. Follow this hairdo with your natural hair color and make sure you have it properly applied.

This hair color turns out to look good even if sections of it have brown and black instead of red. This hair also matches most skin types, so you don’t need to worry about that part.

Best glamorous burgundy hair color ideas

Burgundy hairBurgundy is one of the closest colors to black and brown, the reason why opting for this hair color is not going to be a bad idea. Most Indian women who like to dye their hair have at least tried burgundy for once.

Even burgundy highlights are popular because they tend to camouflage your look in normal times and get prominence under lights or under the sun. Try this out for your wavy hair and make yourself look different!

Purple highlights hair color ideas and styles

Purple highlights

Hairstyles that make you look slim

Trying out highlights are often better than opting for extreme colors. In the picture below, we see a black hair colored in purple highlights.

The highlights have been done in the lower sections and not from root to tips. This is a nice way to make your hair have a style which doesn’t disrupt most of the natural look.

The strands are mostly waved towards this section and that attracts more attention. Have your long locks highlighted with such shades and look better!

Brown to blonde ombre hair color ideas for 2016

Brown to blonde ombreThis hairstyle starts off with natural brown shade and then merges into blonde. The girl has fringes fall in front and the rest of the hair is curly. This hairstyle is apt for all fair to tanned skinned beauties and can be suited with numerous clothes.

The wavy strands of the hair, lets the look grab more prominence and makes it look more adorable. Brown and blonde merges into each other in the middle and that too look iconic.

Thick, curly, crazy hairstyles with black and blonde

Black and blonde

Top Easy Summer Hairstyles Ideas

The lady in the picture below has colored her natural black hair with absolute blonde. While her new strands have started growing with the natural color, the two hair color blends into each other and make the wavy hair look more attractive.

If you want to try out some extreme shades then have your hair colored in sheer blonde. This too is one of the wackiest tricks to let people see how you can carry extreme shades. This would suit fair to tanned skinned beauties.

Green highlighted hairstyle in 2015 – 2016

Green highlighted hairExtreme color trials can be opted with highlights rather than having the hair entirely colored. Choose some colors like green, pink or blue for highlighting your curly hair.

In the picture below, we see a lady with long black hair. She has got the lower section of your hair colored with green highlights. Opt for something trendy like this and make yourself stand out in the crowd.

Best natural hair colors with brunette highlights

Brunette highlights

Everyday simple hairstyle ideas

Another shade which can go perfect with dark black to brown colors is brunette highlight.

Brunettes are shiny, but not as much as blonde or golden. So you can easily carry the hairstyle for most occasions and not make the look extreme.

Hottest caramel and red highlights

Caramel and red highlights

These two colors would look amazing it added to light to dark shades of brown. They also suit black hair and but brown makes the colors closely related to each other.

Have your hairstyled in these tints to make your wavy look like you see in the picture below. The longer your strands are, the better this style is supposed to come out.

Latest blue on black wavy long hair

Blue on black

Long dark brown hair with blonde highlights

A dark blue highlight on black hair won’t be a fail. You have to make sure that the highlight region is not much though.

Having a complete change over is not required when you can steal attention with highlights. This will suit any type from wavy to curly and even straight!

Red hair on bob styling tips

Red hair on bob

Women who feel that they cannot experiment with hair colors with short hair are so wrong. Take this picture as an example.

This is simply an amazing hair color which can be followed for all hair types and length. If you have a bob hair and you want to have it highlighted in a lighter shade, you can choose red for highlighting.

Top bun plum highlights with long wavy hair

Plum highlights

Hairstyle ideas for frizzy hair

This is another color which you can choose when you are not willing to have something as common as its close shades! Plum highlights are really alluring and can be carried off with most hair types and colors.

Plum is also an uncommon color to try. You won’t fail with a plum dye even if it is your first highlight!

Trendy warm hair color ideas for wavy hair


The hair color choice is very important and you should make sure that the hair color is important. The hair color that makes you look good and perfectly matches to your skin tone.

Here, the hairstyle with side swept bangs for wavy hair on shoulders looks pretty cute. The hair color choice is dark brown on the upper part and light brown to lower ends.

Pink ribbons Ombre trends


The hottest best trend is the Ombre trend that can add bright vivid colors. Blonde looks has an amazing style with ribbons of pink that are twisted within curls. The hairstyle with pink ribbons can lead to a beautiful hair color.

This pink ribbons hairstyle can also be replaced with lavender, coral, pale yellow, mint green, and baby blue. The light toned beauties look best with a cool blonde which is best skin tone.

Best wavy strands with lavender hair color


Hair color with lavender is better with for lighter skin tone. Try this different hair color idea to look beautiful.

The hairstyle with different hair color strands for occasions compliments you and turns everyone’s attention to you. The blonde highlights with wavy hair with fringe hairstyle looks good.

Fringe long hair as a bob haircut with a green hair color idea


The hairstyle creation is simple and has a gorgeous look all over the world. The usual green hair color strands can fade and has an ugly green color looks pretty.

Try this unique hair color idea with long hair and bob haircut style to be beautiful. Front section hair with black and from the top of the head hair is colored with green strands.

Top highlights hairstyle with reddish brown hair color


The highlights at top exactly middle of the head with colored strands are beautiful. The hair color strands with blonde look and front bangs has a best stylish hair to be gorgeous.

The hair color strands that best suits for your face shape. The light brown colored strands in the middle of reddish hair gives a pretty look.

Multi color hair ideas & hairstyle to your face shape


The hair color idea with a front small puff pinned and decorated with hair flicker pin to look beautiful. The multi hair color best suits for any dresses and can tried for parties to be colorful. This multi colored hair with wavy rolled hair strands have a nice pretty look.