Short hair highlights with caramel color

For girls sporting short hairs, adding a dash of caramel highlight on their hairs can revamp the overall look quickly. The best thing about caramel highlights is that they come in different shades, starting from the warm ones to the colder tones and can match perfectly with different skin complexions and eye color.

Caramel highlights can also look pretty natural for short hair when applied in different gradients.

So, no matter what is your style statement or how exactly you love to present yourself caramel highlights on your hair can actually add a lot to your overall personality. Caramel highlighting is the fashion trend now and you can see many of our Hollywood stars with caramel highlights on their hairs.

Here is a collection of different types of caramel highlights on short hairs to help you chose the right one for you,

Caramel highlight on short hairs with layersCaramel highlight on short hairs with layers

Short length hair highlights with caramel color

Here the caramel highlights have been used along with layer cut to emphasize the curls. This hairstyle is ideal for girls with straight hairs, but looking out to have more defined locks.

The highlighting has been repeated on multiple hair strands across the head and what makes it different from others is the use of the highlight separately on the upper and the base layers.

Caramel highlights on curly short hairsCaramel highlights on curly short hairs

If you have curly short hairs that does not mean you cannot enjoy the latest trend of caramel highlighting. Check out this picture and you will know how highlighting your curls with light caramel can give a total new dimension to your looks. The light caramel highlighting on the black hairs looks really gorgeous.

Caramel highlights on messy short hairsCaramel highlights on messy short hairs

Medium length hair highlights with caramel color

Here you see another classic example of caramel highlights on short hairs. In order to give the right contrast with the already light hair color, a lighter shade of caramel has been used on the hair bunches.

The highlight covers, thicker hair bunches at the upper part while the lower highlights follow a somehow streaky pattern.

Caramel highlights with dark plum on short dark hairsCaramel highlights with dark plum

Well, if you are trying to give your look a bold and different touch, combining caramel highlights with other dark shades can be a great option. As you see here in this picture the dark plum highlights has been used along with the caramel highlights to get the look. This vibrant hairstyle can actually make you stand apart.

Subtle caramel highlighting on short hairsSubtle caramel highlighting

Waterfall braid hairstyles

You can make your hairs look really gorgeous with the right dose of caramel highlighting. If you have bangs, you can always opt for this subtle caramel highlighting where the color is added only towards the ends of the longer tresses.

Caramel brunette highlights on short hairsCaramel brunette highlights on short hairs

Here you can see how caramel brunette highlights have given this short hairstyle a glamorous look. The highlights have been used very wisely to make the total appearance close to natural. The use of gradient in the color makes this hairstyle perfect for women of any age.

Face framing caramel highlight on dark hairsFace framing caramel

Easy braided bun up-do hairstyles

Face framing caramel highlights can also look very gorgeous on dark short hairs, particularly if the complexion of the skin is towards the fair but not paler side.

Here the locks framing the face have been fully drenched in the dye while the hairs at the back mostly have the highlight on their lower sections.

Blonde caramel highlights on light brown hairsBlonde caramel

On light brown hairs blonde caramel highlights can add a new dimension. Here the caramel highlight is concentrated more towards the face while on the back the highlight has been used for accentuating the natural curls. Get this hairstyle and you are ready for the summer.

Asymmetrical inverted bob with caramel highlightsAsymmetrical inverted bob

Easy wavy hairstyles with golden highlights

Inverted bob is back in trend now. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can match your personality and can give you a smart look irrespective of your age.

The addition of caramel highlights on the asymmetrical inverted bob as seen in this picture defines the shaped hairs prominently and gives a new dimension to the hairstyle.

Pixie cut with caramel highlightsPixie cut with caramel highlights

Caramel highlights go so well with the latest pixie cut that without it the hairstyle can never be complete. Here you can see that the highlights start right from near the roots and cover most of the hairs at the front. The repeated use of highlights at the sides completes the look.

Balayage hairstyle with caramel for short hairsBalayage hairstyle

Easy hairstyles for sarees

The specialty of Balayage highlighting is that it is always custom made and it gives the hairs a natural sun-kissed look.

Here the highlights on the locks framing the face have started closer to the roots compared to the locks at the sides. The total hairstyle looks glamorous and can give a summer ready appearance.

Short razor cut hairs with caramel highlightsShort razor cut hairs

When it comes to going short with your hair, the razor cut is no doubt something that can give your looks a total makeover. By adding caramel highlights on it you can accentuate the smart cut and also add immensely to your looks.

In this picture you can see how the caramel highlights have been used on the hairs framing the face and also on the sides to get the right look.

Caramel with copper highlights on chestnut brown hairsCaramel with copper highlights

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

If you want to add some more drama to your hairstyle but do not really want to go very experimental, you can always mix shades like copper with caramel highlights to get a fresh and different look.

The highlights here are mostly concentrated at the front and the dye covers the hairs fully by the end. Get this hairstyle and you are ready to rock the party.

Stripy caramel highlights on short straight dark hairsStripy caramel highlights

Stripy caramel highlights can actually make your short straight hairs look more glamorous, particularly if you have dark natural color of your hairs. Here the highlights have been used on minimum width of hair bunches in a gradient fashion to get the look and the highlights follow right till the end of the particular hair strands.

Brown hair with caramel and blonde highlightsBrown hair with caramel and blonde highlights

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

Mixing blonde highlights with caramel can be a great way to get light and deep highlighted shades on the hairs.

Here the caramel highlights have been used on hair bunches across the head starting at a distance from the roots; while the light blonde highlight covers a particular bunch of hair right from the roots to the tip to highlight the total hairstyle.

Caramel highlights on brown short wavy hairsCaramel highlights on brown

For girls with short wavy hairs this style of caramel highlighting can be an ideal way to go. Here the highlights start at the midway and they continue till the end of the locks. This highlighting can give your hairs a natural sun-kissed look and can be a great way to make yourself ready for the summer.

Caramel and chocolate brown highlights on inverted bob hairCaramel and chocolate

Simple hairstyles for silk saree

If you are trying to add a dash of difference to the caramel highlights without going over the top, using it with chocolate brown can be a good option.

The use of caramel with chocolate brown gives a more natural looking color to the hairs and can look absolutely gorgeous on inverted bob cuts. Get this highlight for any special party or occasion.

Multi tonal brunette highlights with caramelMulti tonal brunette highlights with caramel

This multi tonal caramel highlight gives the total hairstyle a different look that is simply gorgeous. Here the lighter and deeper shades of caramel have been used seamlessly to arrive at a natural looking hairstyle. The same highlighting can go on the longer hairs too, but they look their best at these inverted short hairs.

Caramel highlight on dark brown curly hairCaramel highlight on dark

Long black hairstyles with plum highlights

Here the caramel highlights have been used to cover the lower section of all the hairs framing the forehead while on the curls the highlights have been added very intelligently to get a highlighted but not overdone look.

The natural dark brown color of the hair works as a perfect lowlight against the caramel highlights.

Caramel ribbon highlights on short straight hairsCaramel ribbon highlights

If you have short and straight hairs with an inverted edge along with a pale complexion, this caramel highlighting style can suit perfectly for you. Here the highlights use different tones to get a more natural look and the color is more concentrated towards the lower part of the hairs than the upper section.

Caramel highlights on short messy curlsCaramel highlights on short messy curls

Dark brown hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

To give a gorgeous look to your short and messy curls adding the caramel highlights in the way as seen in this picture can be a good option.

Here the locks framing the face have more color than the ones at the back. Get this hairstyle for a beach ready look.

Simple curly short curly haircut with highlights


Short, simple, cute curly hairstyle with caramel highlights with hair strands. The wavy short haircut has unique and trendy curly hairstyles. Try this different hairstyle that best suits for your face shape with a short hair. The hairstyle is popular with most of stylish hairstyle to look gorgeous.

Simple, straight, wavy hairstyle with caramel highlights


The caramel highlights of the stylish hair with fringes over face make you look stylish. The hairstyle best suits for daily office and colleges. Try this different hairstyle to look beautiful. The haircut up to the shoulders gives a trendy look with mid part loose wavy hairstyle.

Short baby haircut ideas with highlights


The bob haircut and rolled curly hair with highlights make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle to look simple and gorgeous. The fringe haircut with a blonde light brown and golden highlight looks cute. Mid part your hair with a side brushed hair gives a pleasant look.

Front caramel highlights with bob haircut


This hairstyle is a splendid haircut that best suits for short hairstyle to look fabulous and special. The more popular hairstyle with a celebrity look is a caramel highlight front side swept bang. The bangs and half part is colored with a caramel highlight that make you look stylish.

Side swept straight fringe haircut


The hairstyles with short straight hair that make you look stylish. The fashion looking hairstyle that best suits for your face with a side swept fringe short haircut to look beautiful. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face shape with a stylish look.

Create a new trendy look with a change in old dull hairstyle. The hairstyle is fabulous and stunning with a layered hairstyle to look beautiful.

Side swept bangs hair highlights with a caramel look


The hairstyle that best suited for short side swept with caramel highlights. The best fashion look hairstyle better suits for daily office and outing. Try this hairstyle in summer to avoid heat. This hairstyle gives a peace look and side swept bang cover the forehead with blonde highlights. The new fashion look with this caramel highlights is beautiful.