Medium length hair highlights with caramel color

Hair highlighting makes a popular hairstyle choice. Highlighting in the right way can give your total look a complete new dimension.

Caramel color highlights are getting more and more popular with time, particularly because of the natural looking effect they add to the hairs. Caramel has a number of shades and you can pick a shade or a combination of shades to match with your particular hairstyle, skin and eye color.

Caramel hair highlights look stunning and being natural looking they are easy to maintain. Here is a collection of different caramel highlights on medium length hairs to help you find the hairstyle of your choice.

Caramel blonde highlights on brown hairs

Caramel blonde highlights on brown hairsIf you have medium length hairs that go more towards the longer side this caramel highlighting can certainly make a good option for you.

Here the highlights cover the hairs flawlessly and gives a fresh summer ready look. The waves towards the end look particularly gorgeous due to the caramel blonde highlights.

Short brunette hairs with caramel highlights

Short brunette hairsThis caramel highlights look absolutely gorgeous on the short brunette hairs. Here the highlights have been used in a very subtle way to get a very natural appearance.

The light caramel highlights cover the sides more and towards the end of the length and follows a free hand pattern instead of any strict shape.

Caramel highlights on blonde hairs

Caramel highlightsOn blonde hairs, caramel highlights can look very natural and attractive. Here different shades of caramel dye have been used right from near the roots and the highlight becomes more subtle towards the end.

The soft curls towards the lower end of the hairs have also been accentuated by the application of the caramel highlight.

Dark chocolate brunette hairs with warm caramel highlightsDark chocolate

One of the most unique things about caramel highlights is that they come in different warm and cool shades. If you have a darker complexion or your skin tone tends to be towards olive, the warm caramel highlights can look the best on your hairs.

However, the warm caramel shades can also go with light skin tones. Here the warm caramel highlights start right from near the roots of the hairs and continues till the end of the particular strands.

Caramel face framing highlight on deep brunette hairsCaramel face

Face framing highlights particularly concentrate on the hairs surrounding the face and they can be a good option to get a fresh look all together.

Here the caramel face framing highlight has been used for deep brunette hairs to slightly lighten the color of the hairs framing the face. This highlighting has its own beauty and can suit on a wide range of skin tone.

Caramel highlight on deep chocolate curls

Caramel highlighHere the light caramel highlights have been used in an interesting way, particularly to highlight the curls.

The other thing to note in this hairstyle is that here the whole highlighting has been done through thin strips instead of flat strokes. The highlight is very prominent towards the middle part of the hairs but are absent by the end.

Honey and caramel highlights on light hairsHoney caramel

Here the caramel highlighting has been done particularly towards the lower half of the hairs while the presence of the highlight is also visible on the locks surrounding the face.

This caramel highlight does not look very natural, but it can give you perfect low maintenance spring look. Get this hairstyle and you are ready for the season.

Caramel highlights for medium brown hairsCaramel highlights

Caramel highlights can give you a special look that does not look artificial and needs minimum maintenance. Here the caramel highlights have only streak lines on the upper part of the head and covers more width of hair bunches from the end.

The other thing to note here is that, here the highlight covers most of the locks by the end, even though it is minimally present at the top.

Bronde caramel highlightsBronde caramel highlights

This caramel highlight starts from the midway in a streak pattern and then widens up towards the end and covers all the hairs.

The other thing to note here is that, a lighter caramel shade has been used right from near the roots till the end of the hair locks framing the face. This hairstyle can add a warm look to anyone.

Wavy caramel highlight on dark hairsWavy caramel highlight

For people who sport slightly wavy locks with dark hairs this caramel highlighting can always make the right choice.

Here different warm and cold shades of caramel have been used particularly to highlight the curls which give the total hairstyle a new dimension that is sure to catch eyes. Get this hairstyle and you are ready for any summer party or beach holiday.

Streaky caramel highlights on dark brown hairsStreaky caramel highlights

This chunky light caramel highlight on multiple bunches of hair strands gives a really gorgeous look. Here low lights with dark caramel have also been used with light caramel highlights to get the gorgeous look.

The highlighting and low lighting is mostly present framing the face and also on the upper part of the hairs.

Warm brunette hair with subtle caramel highlights

Warm brunette hair with subtle caramel highlightsHere the subtle caramel highlights have added a warm look with the warm brunette hair.

The highlight has been used for the whole length of bunches of hair strands starting from near the roots till the end. This highlighting not only gives a gorgeous look but also make your hairs look more voluminous.

Caramel highlights on brown hairs

Caramel highlights on brown hairsThe unique thing about this highlighting is that here the color has been used quite boldly on some sections of the hair strands and on the other sections the color is quite subtle.

This type of use of the dye has given the highlights a natural look and they actually melt in with the hairs very well.

Caramel Balayage highlighting on dark hairs

Caramel balayage highlighting on dark hairsHere the caramel highlighting is present in a free hand way and it stands as a perfect example of Balayage highlighting as different shades of caramel has been used here creating a gradient fashion to get the right look.

The color highlights the curls and it covers the whole of the hairs by the end. This highlights though, is not minimalist, but can be ideal to get a fresh look.

Warm caramel chunky highlights on dark hairsWarm caramel chunky highlights on dark hairs

This caramel highlighting has streak light caramel shades over the head and the highlighting is more subtle towards the end of the hairs. This particular shade of caramel highlighting can look gorgeous on any skin tone and it gives the right look for the season.

Caramel chocolate highlightingCaramel chocolate highlighting

Here the caramel chocolate highlighting is more prominent on the tresses framing the face.

The light caramel color has been used subtly on the middle part and towards the ends of the curls, but it never covers the whole volume of the hairs. This highlighting adds to the look but do not give an artificial appearance.

Caramel and red highlights on brown hairsCaramel and red highlights on brown hairs

Here light shades of caramel have been used along with red low lights to get the look. The light caramel shade has a streaky appearance and they reduce the density as they cover the length.

On the other hand, the red tinge works perfectly as low lights on the alternate hair strands. This hairstyle might not look very natural, but it is sure to give a gorgeous appearance.

Dark brown hairs with caramel Ombre highlightsDark brown hairs with caramel ombre highlights

If you have dark brown hairs this Ombre highlighting with caramel can give your hairs a new look. Here the dye has been used minimally near the roots of the hairs and a flat brush has been used towards the end to cover more hair strands.

The distinction between the dark color near the roots and lighter shade at the end has been balanced nicely by using color gradients.

Caramel Balayge highlights on blonde hairsCaramel balayge highlights on blonde hairs

Caramel highlights look flawless, even on blonde hairs. The highlights here have been painted in a unique way to get the right look.

The tapered light highlights on the back and the more flat highlights on the curls framing the face complete the total appearance. This can be a perfect spring, summer hairstyle for this year.

Warm caramel highlighting for curls

Warm caramel highlighting for curlsIf you are looking out for a minimum maintenance hair highlighting, this subtle highlighting technique can be your pick of the season. Here the warm shade has been added only towards the ends of the locks in a peek-a-boo fashion.

If you have dark locks and a pale complexion adding up the warmer tone to the end of your curls can actually highlight your overall look.

Best blonde highlights with medium length caramel hair color


The special caramel hair color with blonde highlights is gorgeous for thick cheek faces. This will increase the face volume with blonde highlights thick volume hair.

The side swept bang with edge curls gives a beautiful look. Leave the hair end with curls up to shoulder and has a fringe haircut hairstyle to be beautiful.

Fashion trendy chocolate shades with caramel streaks


The gorgeous best chocolate milk medium brown hair color ideas are superb with stylish hair. This hair highlights have the same color as the rest of your hair color is subtle.

The brown caramel highlights as the rest of your hair gives a simple stylish look. The honey and caramel blonde hues has the dimension with a brunette hairstyle.

Gingerbread delight hair color idea with highlights


A gingerbread delight hair color idea has a unique combo which is over a cool base color. This has the features of neutral hand painted highlights.

The hair color makes you look good with medium length hair. The light brown hair color that can easily achieve the delight tone with blonde highlights gives attracting look.

Latest trendy caramel hair color ideas


Caramel hair color has the perfect way with a brown hair. This hair color helps to give depth and richness to the hair.

This hairstyle best suits for with highlights that are distributed to the entire head. A brunette is simply beautiful with a caramel hair color and also gives a natural look and pretty cute appearance.

Auburn and caramel hair color ideas with dark hair brown color


The shoulder length medium hairstyle with dark brown hair color is cute. The hairstyle with shoulder length hair Tumblr has a thin hair and wavy curls. The simple trendy fashion wavy hair curls and side swept bang with loose straight, wavy hair on the shoulder is good.

Caramel hair color with blonde hairstyle idea


The best caramel highlights with a fun wear have a really trendy look with a better hairstyle. The braided long hairstyle can give a more vibrant look with highlights.

This will add dimensions to accentuate layers and has a good hair color idea with light brown highlights on dark brown hair.