How to recover from Sunstroke quickly?

Sun stroke, also known as Sun stroke is caused mainly because of the exposure to too much of heat which causes high inflammation inside our body owing to which sun stroke occurs. It is a fatal disease and can make situations turn serious in no time. So, if someone wants to be safe from sun stroke then he or she should seek for medical attention immediately. But there are ways people can recover from it in no time that too naturally, from ingredients that are herbal and ayurvedic, ingredients that are available at our homes even if not then easily in the market.

What are the various implications that are a sign that the person is about to suffer from sun stroke?

Ways to stay away from the sun

These are a few symptoms if any person has been suffering from is about to experience sunstroke soon: –

  • Headache
  • Increased rate of Breathing
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Redness of skin
  • Feeling of Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Intense Thirsting
  • Cramps
  • Dizziness

First Aid

Situations where you need to urgently rush to a person who just experienced sunstroke.

  • First thing to do when you see someone experience sunstroke is to move them to a cool place.
  • Make their body lie down by raising their feet slightly high.
  • Soon after they get their consciousness back, feed them with plenty of water as their body has completely dehydrated.
  • Use cold compresses on their skin especially forehead, feet or areas that have turned red as only then their body cools down.
  • After 30 minutes or so they will start feeling normal after their body temperature cools down a bit.

But if you are looking forward to more sunny days without the need to be worried about your or your loved ones’ body turning high and experiencing sun stroke then listed below are

Natural ways on how you can both prevent and treat sunstroke quickly

Onion juice

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If you go by what the doctors have to say then Onion Juice according to them is the first thing a person should look for when he or she sees the significant other dealing with Sunstroke. Apply some Onion Juice on the chest and behind the years. If the person has recovered then make him have roasted onions with cumin and honey on it. Onion juices work therapeutically on our body. During summers it is always suggested to have raw onions in the form of salads during meals as it keeps the body temperature cool.

Aam panna

The healthy drink is here which most of the people look forward to having during the hot days of the summer months. It is tasty as you can always add some spices to the raw mangoes which itself have a sour taste. This drink works like a tonic for your body as the spices that are involved in its making are cumin, black salt, pepper, fennel to give your body the much-needed energy. These spices enrich the electrolytes in the human body as they are all cooling spices. For best results have it two-three times in a day.


Another healthy and refreshing drink which is full of the good ingredients that itself are nutrients. They are way better than the cold drinks one basically chooses to have for hydrating themselves. Buttermilk is full of essential minerals and vitamins that our body loses because of the sweat. The probiotics in it replenishes the body completely.

Coconut water

Balancing the electrolytes is very important to prevent as well as to recover from sunstroke. Coconut Water should be consumed as a refreshing drink during the summers other than the market packaged fruit juices for the purpose of hydrating. Coconut Water has the capability to re-hydrate one’s body naturally as it balances the electrolytes present in the body.

Tamarind juice

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Tamarind juices in food items or in a liquid form are very beneficial for our body during the hottest months of the year. People who like sour taste can have it by putting in food dishes to give it a sour taste. For liquid consumption, boil some raw tamarind with water, mix some sugar to it, strain the liquid, let it cool down then gulp it down. Tamarinds are rich in electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. They are also known to heal different stomach disorders.


The main cause behind the occurrence of sun stroke is the inflammation one feels inside his or her body to which Plums work very efficiently. They help soothe the inflammation that occurs inside the body. Plums are source of antioxidants which keep the body hydrated even during excessive heat. To have a plum drink, soak some plums in water for a few hours or overnight till they get soften. Mash them in the same water and strain it, now your plum drink is ready to be consumed.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe Vera’s as primarily known to adapt to the changes a body will face externally by stimulating the body to be defensive against the same. For example, it boosts the body to be defensive against the heat the body will face. Even therapists and herbalists recommend using aloe Vera gel to cure heat related problems as they are natural cure to everything. Aloe Vera too has high amount of minerals and vitamins, so it stabilizes the body system.

Apple Cider Vinegar

While you sweat due to too much of heat, you just don’t lose moisture you also lose important minerals like Potassium, Magnesium as well as Electrolytes. Apple Cider Vinegar does the job of restoring it back into your body. You can add a few drops of it in your favorite fruit juices that are fresh or you can just have it in normal water by adding some honey for taste. It rejuvenates the mineral content in your body for a better prevention against Sun stroke.


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Sandalwood has a very important property of Cooling which makes it a must remedy to go for whenever in need to treat problems that have arise because of the heat. They cool down the body from within which again is the main reason behind sun stroke. Make some paste of the sandalwood Powder or by grinding the sandalwood stick into pieces by mixing it with water or an essential oil of your choice. Apply it nicely on your chest region and also on the forehead; you can also apply it on the areas where your skin feels inflammation or irritation. Even sandalwood oil is of great help, one can always choose it for massage purposes. Sandalwood will soothe your body like no other ointment or chemical product could do.

Mint leaves and Coriander leaves

Mint leaves and Coriander leaves have a cooling effect on the body, being herbs they can treat heat related problems like sun stroke naturally. You can always grind some mint Leaves or have it raw in lemonade or gram flour juices that is commonly consumed during the summers. Similarly, Coriander can be made into a paste in which you can add some oil and salt to taste, to have it as chutney with different type of parathas or even plain roti. Coriander can also be consumed like a Juice by tossing some salt and spices into it. Both the herbs have ayurvedic relevance for their effectiveness.

Tulsi seeds

Tulsi has so much of ayurvedic importance as being a herbal plant it is known to cure so many health related problems. Tulsi seeds are known to protect your body from sun stroke and equally help in relieving your body from sun stroke. All you need to do is mix some tulsi seeds in rose water and have it. They are known to instantly cool down your body temperature.

Fennel seeds

Fennel Seeds just like Tulsi seeds are known for their instant cooling effect and also for their capability to protect you against Heat damage like Sun stroke. Consume it daily in the morning by soaking a fistful of the seeds in water for overnight, strain them and drink the water that remains for best results.

You can always be your smart self while you travel to work, to sports club, to schools etc. without the need to avoid the sun all the time because situations aren’t likewise every time, so it is better if you prepare yourself for the worst with all the good and healthy things as has been mentioned above. Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy!