How to cope up with summer heat

Due to global warming there is an increase in heat every year. Our glaciers are melting and the entire world is getting affected day by day. The summers are getting unbearable and there has to be remedies to reduce the problems we face due to it. Severe heat can lead us from anything like excessive sleeping disorders to heat stroke.

When the air is dry our sweat evaporates and soothes the skin, but when the air is humid the sweat doesn’t evaporate that fast. The best way to keep away from summers is to keep your body hydrated and stay indoors during peak hours. People who don’t have air-conditioners might get their rooms steamy too. If you are one of them, go through the following tips to save yourself from the heat:

Use aloe vera for skin, body and scalp

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Aloe vera is a naturally cooling agent for your skin and scalp. Massage aloe vera gel on your scalp before shampooing it off. This not only helps to cool your scalp and keep you away from heat rashes and fungal infections but also promotes hair growth. You can also massage it on your face and body to keep your skin cool in the summer heat. Add aloe vera pulp to your refreshment drinks to cool your body internally and flush out toxins.


Take a bath whenever you come back from outdoors. Wait for some time to reduce the body heat to room temperature and the sweat to dry up and then take a proper shower. It cools the body and gives you relief.

Customize your windows

Pull the curtains or close the windows in the afternoon to prevent the room from heating up. You can also hang wet cloth in front of the window to naturally cool the air coming into the room.

Consume good amount of spices

This might sound weird but having spicy food can cool down your body. The heat that gets into your body produces sweat, and that in turn, cools you down! We Indian are known for our spices and having them added to our regular dishes make them complete. Add a little more of spice to your food and cool yourself down!

Use product you have already

The products that you regularly use can be put in the refrigerator and then used. For example, the everyday sunscreens, creams, toners or even perfumes that you need to use, you can keep them in the fridge. When you use them, they will be cool and give you a refreshing sensation while applying. Eye creams soothe your eyes and are generally asked to be refrigerated. They calm you down and reduce tiredness.

Cool your pulse down

Giving your pulse a cool compress is an amazing feeling that you can deliver to yourself. Place a frozen cloth on your wrist so that touch the pulse points. This will give an icy shock to your body. After this, put your wrist under running water to get another cooling feeling. This calms your blood veins and provides instant relief.

Hydrate your body

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Keeping your body hydrated is one of the most important aspects to do during this time. Our body needs more water than usual and liquids are the only way. Consume fruit juices and a lot of waters. On other hand, you need to avoid beverages like tea and coffee, and also alcoholic drinks like beer and rum. Alcohol results in dehydrating the body and that is why you should get into healthy liquids!

Faux AC

This remedy might make you laugh, but this actually works! You can create a faux AC if you have a box-fan. You will simple need a big bowl of ice placed in front of the fan and see the air transform cooler! Sit in front of the fan to get the perfect effect! Try to use box fans and ceiling fans for promoting air circulation in every room. Keep your doors and windows open so that cross-winds can flow. Keep an exhaust in the kitchen and in the washroom so that they keep the house cooler.

Make some changes in your room through the day

When the heat is at its peak, keep the doors and windows closed. If it gets too suffocating, you can open one window. After sunset, keep doors and windows open for the breeze. Keep yourself safe from insects and mosquitoes as there is an increase in insects during this season.

Use water adequately

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During the summer months, you would like to bath 3 times a day. Use little by little but use it adequately. Keep cleansing your body for time to time, to keep yourself hydrated externally too. From head to toe, use enough water to refresh yourself. Make sure you don’t waste water in the process, because there are people who don’t get as much of water as you do.

Head downstairs

If you have a house of more than one storey, try to stay in the ground floor till the sunsets. Those areas are less hot and can be a major refuge during the hot hours. Reduce the extra sources of heat which you don’t need, one extra bulb might make you feel hotter unnecessarily. Don’t keep your electronic devices open when not in use.

What to eat and what not to

Summers let you have numerous fruits watery fruits. Reduce the consumption of protein-rich meals and consume food which makes you feel light. Have lots of curd and vegetables. Reduce the consumption of oily platters and go low on red meat.

Cool your pets

If you have pets at home, it is important to acknowledge that they feel hot too. Animals suffer due to the increase in temperature which is why you should give them a regular bath. Keep a cool towel on the floor and let them rest on it during the afternoon. Wash the cloth and then use it again. Let them drink enough water to avoid head stroke.