6 Amazing food punches to summer

The best thing about summer is the range of cocktails and mocktails you can cherish having beside the pool or in a cozy lounge by the sea. Refreshing punches help you take off your mind from the burning heat and sultriness draining out all your energy. Here are 6 mind blowing recipes of food punches that includes both classic ones and those with a twist in the tale.

Amazing food punches to summer

Pink grapefruit punch

Best fruits to eat in summer

One of the most delicious and refreshing punch to serve every guest during summer. It is very healthy as it boosts our immune system.

What you need: water,a tablespoon of confectioners’ sugar,pink grapefruit juice, frozen pink lemonade, maraschino cherry juice.

What to do: Take a small microwave-safe bowl to mix ¼ cup of water and sugar. Keep the microwave high until the sugar dissolves. Then, mix all the ingredients together. Garnish it with cherries.

Fizzy pineapple punch

This sweet and refreshing pineapple punch will be the hit of any party this summer.

What you need: Frozen pineapple and lemonade, 4 cups of cold water, chilled soda, assorted fruits like strawberries, limes etc.

What to do: Stir the frozen pineapple and lemonade with cold water and soda. Add assorted fruits with ice cubes. Pour it in a chilled punch with an extra splash of soda for extra fizzy.

Watermelon cosmo punch

It is a very refreshing and non-diluted drink that is the best drink for children in this scorching heat.

What you need: vodka, watermelon puree, lime juice, simple syrup.

What to do: Pour all the ingredients into a pitcher. Add to punch bowl. Serve.

Strawberry PIMM’S punch

It is a sweet, juicy, delicious and a classic combination for the refreshment of people.

What you need: PIMM’S, chilled dry ginger ale, lemonade, ice cubes, strawberries, fresh mint.

What to do: Stir all the ingredients in a punch bowl to combine. Garnish with fresh mint and serve.

Lemon and apple punch

Best foods to keep you cool

Nothing gets better in summer than a refreshing glass of drink made out of fresh lemons. Lemons help to keep you fresh and also flush out the toxins from your body. Combined with it is the sweetness of apple juice. This is an easy recipe to try out and serve to anybody in summer.

  • What you need- 500ml apple juice, 150ml lemon juice, 250ml vodka, 125ml sparkling water, 50g castor sugar, fresh herbs like basil, mint and lemongrass.
  • What to do- Dissolve the sugar in the lemon juice and add in all the other ingredients. Pour in ice into the glass and keep stirring it. Top it with lemon slices and fresh summer herbs.

Sparkling pink punch

Feel cozy in summer with this sparkling chilled drink that refreshes you from within. The soothing shade of pink adds to the visual appeal of the drink. This is surely a must have cocktail punch.

  • What you need- Aperol, dry vermouth, club soda, pink grapefruit juice, rose wine, thyme.
  • What to do- Combine all the ingredients except wine and soda in a punch bowl and let it chill for a few hours. At the end add the rose wine, the club soda, ice cubes and top it with fresh sprigs of thyme.

French 75 punch

To feel the freshness of orange and lemons along with the punch of gin and champagne, here is all you need to sit back and enjoy on a hot summer day.

  • What you need- Gin or cognac, simple syrup, orange bitters, fresh lemon juice, champagne, ice cubes or orange wheels.
  • What to do- Mix the gin, syrup, fresh lemon juice and orange bitters in a punch bowl. After it has been blended, pour it in a punch glass, add the champagne and stir gently. Also add some ice cubes or replace it with orange wheels for best visual impact.

Pink champagne punch

Fresh fruit juices for summer

This is a fresh summer drink made from freshly squeezed pomegranate juice that heightens both the flavor and the natural pink color of the drink. Punched with champagne, this is something to be not at all missed. If you do not have champagne, you can replace it with pink sparkling wine too.

  • What you need- Fresh pomegranate juice, lemon juice, water, sugar, chilled champagne, lemon zest.
  • What to do- In a pan pour the water, sugar and lemon zest and boil it. After it has cooled down add in the fresh pomegranate juice and the lemon juice. Just before serving add in the chilled champagne or wine.

Berry rum punch

Enjoy the fruity taste of berry punched in with sweet smelling rum. This punch is made from absolutely freshly squeezed fruits and has a very colorful look which heightens its appeal.

  • What you need- Water, sugar, orange juice, pineapple juice, freshly diced orange, freshly peeled and diced pineapple, raspberries, dark rum, light rum, vanilla extract, ice cubes.
  • What to do- In a medium sized pan pour 2-3 cups of water and sugar and bring to a boil stirring continuously till the sugar dissolves. While the syrup cools, make a puree of the raspberries and strain it into the syrup. Crush the diced fruits to extract as much juice and pulp you can. Add it to the syrup and puree mixture, pour in the rum, juices and vanilla extract and chill the punch for 4-6 hours. Serve it in a glass topped with ice cubes for a refreshing feel.

Pomegranate champagne punch

Feel the real punch of summer when champagne gets mixed with fresh pomegranate syrup for a fruity summer drink that can be made easily at home.

  • What you need- Pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds, brut champagne, water, sugar, white rum, lemon slices, mint leaves, ice cubes
  • What to do- Take sugar and water in equal quantity and bring it to a boil stirring continuously to dissolve the sugar. Once the syrup has been prepared keep it aside for cooling. In a punch bowl combine the pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds, rum and champagne. Keep adding the syrup to it to make it as sweet as you prefer. Serve the chilled drink garnished with lemon slices, mint leaves and ice cubes.