Best black henna powders for hair in the market

People are pissed off with several types of hair problems such as hair fall, split ends, dandruff, roughness of hair etc. Even after using very expensive shampoo and conditioners they don’t get results. Rather the chemical rich formula gives rise to the side effects and makes the entire process disrupted.

Apart from eradicating variety of hair problems henna helps in making your hair color slightly brown with a natural glow. Most of the people prefer this color as it gives a trendy look. You can now get healthy hair without any involvement of chemicals and side effects. You can also stay away from hair graying with regular application of henna over the hair layer. It has also proved to be a wonderful natural conditioner. Let us have a look at some best black henna powder in the market.

Richfeel Henna Powder

Richfeel Henna Powder[Buy it online]

Trust Richfeel Henna powder for you shoestring budget that gives you superior quality henna powder made using the natural ingredients like arnica, amla, reetha and shikhakai. Each of these amazing natural ingredients endow certain properties that help in reaping the maximum results for your long black locks. Arnica which is a perennial herb belonging to the sunflower family is extremely beneficial for split-ends and covers premature greying of hair too. Amla is another great hair remedy which helps in improving the hair texture, adding volume to hair and prevents dandruff. Reetha is a natural hair conditioner that helps in rejuvenating and regenerating new hair cells. Shikakai further helps in nourishing your skin and promote hair growth.


Radico[Buy it online]

This 100% organic certified henna powder is an amazing anti-septic solution to all your hair problems. Say yes to voluminous and shiny lustrous hair, also restores the scalp health and fights against the stubborn split-ends. You can use Radico regularly for adding a natural shine and bounce to your hair followed by natural texture and conditioning which can be done by its natural ingredients like amla, reetha, shikhakai, arnica etc. It has hair coloring, hair masking, hair toning and antiseptic properties. It oxidizes when exposed to the air and water, so when it is added to lukewarm water, it is ready for application.

Adore Henna Powder

Adore Henna Powder[Buy it online]

This amazing henna powder is another miraculous invention which helps in covering premature greying of hair, promote regeneration of new cell growth that will result in long lustrous hair and helps in restoring the rich nutrients on your scalp to maintain a perfect ph balance. The henna powder is made of organic and natural ingredients only, does not contain any chemicals or parabens. It can be used by mixing with the warm water and then its ready for use.

Hennaveda Henna Powder

Hennaveda Henna Powder[Buy it online]

Made with the best handpicked henna leaves, hennaveda henna powder vouches on its natural and organic ingredients and resolves to keep its work of turning your hair longer and lustrous, adding volume and bounce, preventing premature greying of hair and help improve the hair texture. It further helps in maintaining the scalp health and fights against the dandruff. Just add a few spoons of henna powder to warm water and apply it all over, rinse with lukewarm water once dried.

Vegetal Henna Powder

Vegetal Henna Powder[Buy it online]

The world’s first PPD and ammonia-free henna powder is here. Recommended by dermatologists, this henna powder helps in covering the premature greying of hair, controls hair fall and promotes lustre naturally. It does not contain any ammonia and peroxide and gives 100% grey coverage to your hair. Hair defines your beauty and look, so do not compromise with your perfection, just make it look awesome with Vegetal henna powder. It contains natural ingredients like brahmi, katha, coffee, indigo, manjistha, bhangra and amla which helps in making your hair longer, stronger and shinier.

Trichup Henna Powder

Trichup Henna Powder[Buy it online]

Indulge in the bounty of black and seamlessly long, strong and shiny hair with Trichup hair powder. This can be mixed with some warm water and applied till the roots for a perfect greying coverage. It does not contain any artificial colors or parabens, 100% organic and natural. It is made of premium quality ingredients like amla, reetha, shikhai, coffee, arnica, majistha etc. which helps in improving hair texture, regenerating new hair cells, hair growth, prevents greying of hair, hair fall and helps in maintain the scalp health by balancing the oil production and ph level of hair.

VLCC ayurvedic henna

VLCC ayurvedic henna[Buy it online]

It contains extracts of shikakai and amla. It also acts as a natural conditioning. Your hair will feel smooth, silky and healthier post usage. Your scalp will feel better. Parabens are not present.

Jovees herbal Mehandi

Jovees herbal Mehandi[Buy it online]

It contains Brahmi. It completely covers the greys and makes your hair healthier and shinier. The pack is free from any sulphate content and also acts as a conditioner to the hair.

Habibs aesthetics henna mix

Habibs aesthetics henna mix[Buy it online]

It is good to cover your grey and make the hair stronger. The strands are also enriched by the Brahmi, bhringraj and amla content in the henna mix. It fully conditions the hair.

Nature’s essence magic henna hair colour

Nature’s essence magic henna hair colour[Buy it online]

This henna mix blends with herbal extracts and also acts as a grey coverage. It comes in different shades such as burgundy, brown and dyes-black. It also contains tea tree oil and peppermint oil.

Tvam pure natural henna

Tvam pure natural henna[Buy it online]

It is free from parabens and is eco-friendly at the same time. It doesn’t contain any sulfates and needs to be mixed with henna powder and kept soaked in water for overnight.

Anoo’s Henna Expert

Anoo's Henna Expert[Buy it online]

Anoo’s Henna is the natural and pure product that is free from all the ingredients of the chemical. It prevents heat, cures neurosis and also gives the soothing effect after applying. It is not at all harmful while applying and also keeps away from all the irritation of the skin. It provides the best shine, texture, and color to the hair. This even works as the hair conditioner that leaves hair soft and healthy. It also prevents dandruff, makes the hair stiff, functions as the anti-fungal property and also those who have curly hairs, it also loosens the patterns that are curly.

Herbul Naturally Black Henna

Herbul Naturally Black Henna[Buy it online]

Herbul Natural Henna is very popular all around the globe. It is also the top-selling Henna is different countries like Bosnia, France, Kosovo, Belgium and even Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain, Sri Lanka among others. The color helps in providing the hairs color and shine and even give them the nourishment. It also consists of the natural powder promoting the growth of the hair and saving hairs from any harmful chemical.

Patanjali Herbal Mehandi

Patanjali Herbal Mehandi[Buy it online]

Patanjali is now a known brand to many people and people are getting good benefit out of the product of these brands. If you are looking for henna that will make your hair look attractive and gain strength, this one will be an exclusive variety for you. The product is made from the goodness of 11 herbs that is having a natural conditioning with great color. You will get a wonderful hair quality after using this product.

Khadi herbal hair color black

Khadi herbal hair color black[Buy it online]

This is another herbal product that you can get in the online stores. It is now possible to color your hair in a natural way with the help of this particular hair color. Since it has the black color, you can easily apply it and look natural by removing the gray hair virtually. This does not have any chemicals. Thus, you can easily apply it without any tension.

Godrej nupur henna

Godrej nupur henna[Buy it online]

If you have a low budget, even then we can help you reach a good product option. This product brought from the godrej will cost you less but can easily help in making your hair soft and manageable. You can get silky soft hair with the help of this henna applied all over your hair. Basically 9 herbs in used in order to make it complete and wonderful always.

Henna Exports Black Rose Kali Mehandi

Henna Exports Black Rose Kali Mehandi[Buy it online]

This is one of the henna based powdered dyes that is used in coloring the gray hair in black. It is one of the best sellers in the market that work really well making your hair attractive. The texture of your hair is also improved with it.

Black Henna Hair Color

black-henna-hair-color[Buy it online]

Black Henna hair Color is very much effective in coloring hair naturally. With some massive natural ingredients it nourishes the hair from inside and gives a healthy shine to the hair. It does not cause any irritation to the scalp and totally user friendly i.e. easy to apply by anyone. This hair color covers grey hair and also repairs split ends. It repairs the roughness of the hair which is often caused from too much exposure in the sun and pollution.

Herbs and Crops Natural Indigo Powder

herbs-and-crops-natural-indigo-powder[Buy it online]

Herbs and Crops Natural Indigo Powder is very natural to use and is very effective in coloring your hair black. With its natural ingredients it gives a lustrous shine to the dull and lifeless hair. This product is very convenient to use for everyone and user friendly. It does not cause any side effects like scalp itching or hair falls to your hair. But repairs the split ends and colors your hair naturally black.

Natural Black Henna Powder

natural-black-henna-powder[Buy it online]

This product is the best combination of Amla, Shikakai, Bhringraj and neem which is extremely beneficial for hair. This product not only covers your grey hair black but also provides a lustrous shine to your hair. It also repairs the damage which has been caused for using too much chemicals and too much of sun exposure. It is a perfect combination of styling and protection to your hair from hair fall, dandruff and dryness. These ingredients are very well known for strengthening hair from its roots. It is very much user friendly and side effects free.

Kama Ayurveda Organic Indigo Powder

kama-ayurveda-organic-indigo-powder[Buy it online]

Kama Ayurveda Organic Indigo Powder is a gift in the field of Ayurveda. This product has been manufactured with Indigo leaves which are very much effective in making your hair black, strong and shiny. This is a 100% natural Ayurveda product which softens dry hair and covers it black without giving any kind of side effects to your hair. So refrain using all the chemical products at once and start using this Ayurvedic product right now.

Natural Indigo Powder

natural-indigo-powder[Buy it online]

Natural Indigo Powder is very famous nowadays for hair coloring. This product has been made from Indigo leaves which are very beneficial for giving a long lasting color effect. This is actually a blue dye but if mixed with henna it gives a bright brownish shine to your hair. So this product is a perfect combination of styling and protection. It is very much user friendly and does not causes any side effects.

MahaGro Hibiscus Henna

MahaGro Hibiscus Henna[Buy it online]

The MahaGro Hibiscus Henna is the best way for coloring your hair naturally. This product works as conditioner to your hair and conditions your hair naturally and revives your hair from inside. Hibiscus is very much beneficial for hair which is also known to strengthen the roots of our hair. It is used in this product to give a perfect combination of styling, protection and care at the same time. This product is 100% natural and ammonia free. It is very much user friendly and does not causes any side effects.

Naturmed’S Black Henna For Hair

naturmeds-black-henna-for-hair[Buy it online]

This product is an amazing combination of vital nutrients which colors our hair naturally black. With its nutritive value this product is totally genuine to use and side effect free. As we all know that henna is very essential for our hair as our hair faces a lot of stress, pollution, chemical treatment and what not. So it is very essential to give a conditioning effect to your hair and also making your hair black naturally.

ETHERIC Organic Indigo Leaf Powder

etheric-organic-indigo-leaf-powder[Buy it online]

Want a hair color which natural and side effect free? You can absolutely go for this product as this is one of the most trusted brands you can ever get. With its unique usage of indigo it gives you natural color which is totally side effect free. We are often very much scared and often refrain from coloring. But with this product you are guaranteed to get a natural shine to your hair and style up your hair in whatever way you want. This product and be very easily used at home and is made for all hair types.

Khadi Herbal Black Henna

Khadi Herbal Black Henna[Buy it online]

Khadi black henna is totally an outstanding product for giving a natural treat to your hair. This product had some massive goodness of plants which are very much effective for hair growth and coloring. With its magical ingredients it not only brightens your hair but also repairs the damages that have been done to your hair. Pamper your hair with this product and give your hair an all round protection. This product is user friendly and side effect free.

Aranyam Natural Hair Color Pack Soft Black

aranyam-natural-hair-color-pack-soft-black[Buy it online]

As the name itself suggests, this is a natural product which provides a soft shine and soft black color to your hair. This product nourishes your hair and revives the hair naturally. Due to over usage of chemical products, day to day pollution, unhygienic eating habits makes your hair dull and dry and it tends to break and turns grey. To battle with this it is the most trusted product that can be ever chosen. This product is made for all hair types and user friendly.

Radico Certified Organic Soft Black

radico-certified-organic-soft-black[Buy it online]

This certified company has brought a revolutionary product for coloring your hair black naturally. Due to heavy stress and day to day pollution tends to turn our hair grey. Not only it turns our hair grey but it also gives birth to some extra hair problems. This organic soft black henna has been formulated to make our hair strong and make it black by using it easily at home without giving it a second thought. This product is 100% natural and does not causes any hair problems like breakage or split ends.

Banjaras black henna with hibiscus

Banjaras black henna with hibiscus[Buy it online]

This is a wonderful henna and conditioner that will help you free from hair fall as well as get a control over the hair fall. Your hair will becomes really soft and shinny. The dullness on your hair will be easily removed with the help of this henna and conditioning technique. The online sites are selling these products today. You can get it right away with the placement of order.

Biotique Bio henna fresh powder hair color for graying hair

Biotique Bio henna fresh powder hair color for graying hair[Buy it online]

This henna powder introduced by biotique is perfectly ground powder which also comes with pure henna leaves, bark of arjun tree and also mango kernel. If you have dull hair, this will be a wonderful remedy. You can maintain a wonderful texture of hair through this black henna powder. Order it today online and feel softness of your hair.

Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb mix

Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb mix[Buy it online]

This is a wonderful hair conditioner which helps in retaining original texture of your hair without changing its color. If your hair is black in color it will retain same color with the maintenance of its natural look. This will nourish your hair from the root to the tip and give a boost in volume.

Rainbow research Henna powder color & conditioner Parsian black 4 oz

Rainbow research Henna powder color & conditioner Parsian black 4 oz[Buy it online]

This henna conditioner is a mild formula which will never harm your scalp or hair rather will provide extra nourishment to your hair and the root of it as well. Since it is organic variation the no side effect will boost individual to use it repeatedly. After applying this natural hair conditioning once over your hair, this will ideally stay for 4- 6 weeks. Even this will cover your grey hair and provides improvement in its texture.

Hannah natural 100% pure Indigo powder for hair

Hannah natural 100% pure Indigo powder for hair[Buy it online]

This natural formula is made with indigo leaf powder which helps in making your gray hair black again. You can get this product online with deep nourishment of your hair root and shaft. Since it is free from chemicals you don’t have to worry about its side effects. Get it today and apply it to get beautiful hair tone.