Ways to stay away from the sun

During summer season, you are most likely exposed to sun rays and hence you develop various types of problems such as skin darkening, acidity, headache, etc.  You must preferably not get exposed to sun rays so that you do not experience more problems during summer season.  You can maintain your skin and look smart even during summer season if you follow some useful tips.

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  1. Always wear a scarf on your head whenever you go out. If you are a female, then wear a cotton scarf that covers your head, forehead, lower part of the face and your throat area. The sun rays should not enter the facial area.  You must wear your scarf in such a way that you feel comfortable. The scarf should properly fit your head and should not become loose. The scarf should be light-colored to keep your cool. If you do not have a scarf, then cover your head with a large handkerchief. If you are a male, then wear a cap on your head. Your hair or your head should not be exposed to the sun rays because you easily develop a headache.
  2. Also wear a cotton jacket or a coat so keep you cool. The coat should be light colored, preferably white. The white color always repels the rays of the sun.  If you do not own cotton a jacket, then you must wear light-colored clothes.  Preferably wear cotton clothes because they do not easily absorb the sun rays. If you wear synthetic clothes or silk clothes, then they easily absorb the sun rays as they are good conductors of heat.
  3. Do not wear dark-colored or black clothes during summer because the dark colors absorb the harmful rays of the sun. The clothes that you wear should not be too thick or too thin. If you wear thin textured clothes, then the sun rays can easily enter. The clothes should always prevent you from being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun
  4. Do not remain outdoors for a longer period. You must preferably stand in the shade or under the shade of a tree if you are outdoors. Do not directly walk on the main road if you are walking, but walk in the lanes because the shade of the trees protects you from harmful rays of the sun. The shadow of the homes also protects you from harmful sun rays. If you walk on the main road, you are directly exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.  Do not walk for a longer time but preferably use your two- wheeler and if you do not possess a two wheeler, then travel by bus or by a convertible. If you walk for a longer distance, you are directly exposed to sun rays.
  5. If you are an athlete, then you must wear a cap on your head when you are playing. You must also wear a goggle to prevent the entry of harmful sun rays on your face and your eye portion.  You must wear a cap that consists of a large brim so that you are completely protected from the sun rays. Do not directly play when the sun rays directly strike your head. The place where you play should be shady or should not be too hot. You must preferably play on a playground. Even the kids should not play directly on the road.

Best skin care tips in summer

You must always try to remain away from the sun rays during the summer season because the sun rays can cause you many problems later on. You may not realize now, but later on you may develop problems such as headache, fatigue, etc.

Choose an appropriate level of SPF

It is popularly believed that the SPF or “sun protective factor” number shows the effectiveness of SPF but it actually tells the span of time it can provide you protect from the ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. It is calculated by how much time will be needed by your skin to burn multiplied by the number telling how long it will last. So burning in 5 minutes of exposure to the sun, SPF 30 will protect your skin for 150 minutes.

  • SPF 30 or higher than that is recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology. High SPF formulas are not recommended much as they give false hope and also a large amount of chemicals in your body. It is suggested by experts only that nowadays SPF 50 does not give any extra protection than those below SPF 50.

Stay hydrated

In warm and hot day and cool days too water is the best choice for keeping you hydrated. It is recommended by experts that men drink at least 13 cups (3 litres) of fluid everyday and women drink 9 cups (2.2 litres) of fluid everyday.

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  • If you are doing a moderate amount of workoutside in heat then experts recommend that you drink 1 cup of water within every 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Even though sports drinks have touted advantages of electrolytes, water can still hydrate you better. The reason is sports drinks contain high level of sugar and sodium. Even though these are electrolytes, sugar still contains a huge amount of calories and salt is capable of dehydrating you. In case you are concerned about your levels of electrolyte just eat a handful of pretzels and nuts to restore it.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Both caffeine and alcohol are capable of dehydrating you and should be avoided. The cold soda which is drank occasionally may not cause dehydration but it is better that you drink water only.

  • Alcohol is capable of making your judgment impaired and also increases time of response. 70% of the deaths among adults and teenagers while in recreational activities in water are due to alcohol only. In case you drink the occasional summer beer, then drink twice amount of water.

Stay out of the sun

Try to avoid going outside in between 10 am to 2 pm as the UV rays are maximum at that time. Even if you are outside at that time try to stay under shade. Sunburn can still occur under shade or on days of overcast but at least it will protect you.

How to remove sun tan

  • Be ready with a shade of your own. Wear a hat or carry an umbrella or parasol to be protected from the sun.
  • Try to perform the physical activities outside at the morning or evening and not in the midday. Then also if you have to work in the midday tries taking more number of breaks and drink 1 cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes.
  • If you are walking babies and children to outside then try doing it in the cool parts of the day. Put a canopy shade over the baby’s stroller and make sure that children are completely covered clothing, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen when going out on a hot day.