Hair color ideas for brunettes & light brown

Black and brown are the most common shades of natural hair color. They secure the first and second positions respectively. Brown can vary from light to dark, while black is grayish to dark. Best brunette hair color ideas for women. The natural color of our hair is determined by dark pigment of eumelanin, or is light pigment due to its lower levels of phenomelanin. Women who have brown to black colors in their hair naturally are known as a brunette. Their hair is thicker than the red hair women. Brunette is also known as brun which alternatively means brown. In this article, we will go through some hair color ideas for brunettes. Once you have had your hair colored, choose different ways of styling to bring out the best way to flaunt your hair. These will give you some basic tips so that you know which colors you can dye your hair with.

Burgundy hair color ideas


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On choosing a hair color which would cover most or full of your hair, you should choose a shade which is close to your natural shade. When your hair is brunette natural, you can shift to burgundy for all of your hair. Burgundy is a dark shade which makes your hair look somewhere between maroon and red. It is definitely one of the sexiest hair colors and suits almost all skin types too. Have your hair colored burgundy if you want to use it all over. Shift to some extreme shades of highlights.

Golden highlights and styles

Golden highlights

Just as mentioned above, you should choose some extreme colors when it comes to highlighting brunette hair. If you have black to brown hair colors, you should choose golden highlights and add them to sections of your hair. It will suit all skin types and will also suit all hair types. The brunette goes well with golden streaks and brightens up the look.

Brunette hair colors with plum hair

Plum hair

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Plum is another color which is dark enough to be applied to brunette hair. Plum is the darkest shade in the group of purple color and when applied to your hair, it will look like you see in the picture below. The sun-kissed hair gets some added shine and luster, but the hair will look comparatively dark after having colored. Choosing plum is a nice idea because it comparatively uncommon compared to another close shade to brunette.

Brown Ombre hair color ideas

Brown ombre

When you already have a dark shade of brown on your hair and you choose the Ombre effect, you have to simply add shades which are lighter. This is an example of how you can use the ombre effect on your hair. Ombre is basically a way to use two or more different colors which gradually fade into each other. These shades are colored differently in different lengths of your hair. The picture below gives an example of how dark brown can be colored with light brown to show the gradual fading process.

Highlights of different colors in one section of hair

Highlights of different colors in one section of hair

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You can choose extreme shades for highlights. You can also combine a few colors and apply them to a specific section of your hair. The picture below is a nice example to reflect this style. Section out one portion of your hair and add pink, blue and other relate-able shades of your hair. Make sure that it is applied to one section and that doesn’t cover half of your hair. The highlights should be colored in such a way that they can be flaunted and hidden according to styling processes.

Best brunette hair color shade with light brown

Light brown

If your brunette hair is naturally on the lighter side of brown, you can opt for something that is even lighter. Sometimes it is difficult to have your hair bent towards the lighter shades, but you’d need the perfect salon treatment to help your hair have a complete makeover. This is however difficult for women who have darker shades of brown. You will also have to make sure that it suits your skin tone and hair type.

Popular brunette hair color ideas with gray


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If you have is naturally black and you want to have it shifted over to something weird, you can surely try a shade of gray. Gray hair might not suit all skin types, which is why you should have a proper research done and then venture into the hair coloring process. Gray would be a lighter shade which makes your dark black hair have a completely different tint. If you don’t want a complete changeover you can try to choose the Ombre effect.

Purple hair color ideas and styles

Purple hair

One of the best ways to have your hair colored in extreme shades, but also not have a complete flip, would be to color your hair differently in separate vertical divisions. In the picture below, we get three different shades. Black is the natural color which fades into purple and then gradually gets into a lighter tint of violet. This is also a sort of an Ombre effect, but it has been done with extreme color choices.

Red highlights with Brunette hair colors

Red highlights

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Black hair with red highlights is nothing uncommon. Red happens to be the easiest pick when you are planning to have a different color dyed. Red with black hair is a color which never fails. No matter what is the shape of your hair, how long or how short it is or even what hair type you naturally posses, red highlights will not fail you.

Three-shade brown Ombre hair color ideas

Three-shade brown ombre

Unlike the Ombre effect we saw above, this one has three colors instead of two. This might turn out to be the ideal way to have your hair colored. To make your hair look as gorgeous as this, you simply have to know the shades you want to choose and then opt for the color. If you have a darker shade of brown, choose two lighter shades and then merge the hair colors through the ombre hair effect.

Best classic look black hair color with brunettes

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The best classic look with different hair colors gives a good look. The hair color ideas are important to style your and helps in selecting the right hairstyle. The natural black hair with mid part hair make you look good. The fringe haircut with thick black hair looks gorgeous.

Funky hair for brunettes with light brown and light gold hair colors

2. funky-hair-color-ideas-for-brunettes

The funky hair color ideas are best with brunettes. The light brown and golden hair color makes you look beautiful with gorgeous look. The front bangs with half golden color and half brown color hair makes you look beautiful.  Prepare a top bun with the remaining hair to look beautiful.

Brunettes with reddish and gold color streaks hair color idea

3. really-cool-hair-color-ideas-pinterest-55c96e929d98f

The best hair categories with the reddish hair and gold color hair strands near the ears are pretty cute. The side swept bang with thick reddish hair makes you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle with different hair color ideas for brunettes with brown eyes.

Ideas for hair color with curly bangs

4. hair-color-ideas-for-long-hair2

The side swept hair bangs in light brown color for a white skin tone gives a good look. Try this hairstyle with light brown and dark brown hair with low curls on shoulders. The hairstyle gives a celebrity look which is beautiful with different strands of the hair. Try this hairstyle for a party to be unique.

Trendy and fashion dark blue of golden hair color

5. Hair-Color-Ideas-4

The trendy hair color ideas are best trying with a stylish look. The different hair color trends make you look beautiful. The golden colored hair with blue hair strands gives a trendy look and is tried by models. The dress colored matching hair, giving a different special look for you.

Multicolor bangs hairstyle with brunettes


The short bob haircut with brunettes is stylish hairstyle to be beautiful. Try this bob haircut with a brunettes and multi color hair looks something new and different. The multi colored haircut is with streaks covers almost the cheeks and forehead of the face.