Hair color ideas for high school

High school is that stage of our life, when we want to find new ways to style ourselves. Be it for impressing people around or just simply to love ourselves, we do start styling and we look for different aspects to do so. It could be a complete wardrobe switch it could new haircuts and hair colors. High school is all about bringing in the years of youth in and making yourself look and feel the best.

In this article, we will give you some hair color ideas which you can follow for your high school days. If you have strict rules to abide by, you should choose colors which are close to your natural hair.

Light brown streaks hair color for high school girls

Light Brown Streaks

Hair color ideas for light skin

If you have brunette hair, try light brown streaks to have your hair colored with. This will be close to the natural color and it will also give your hair a new look. The streaks would be a better option to try because they are highlights which don’t cover all the strands of your hair.

Blonde and light brown hair color ideas

Blonde and light brown

The mixture of blonde blended with light brown for separate sections of hair is an amazing idea to try for all fair-skinned girls. Light brown and blonde are like two colors which blend into each other as they are close to each other. Blonde can be gradually turned into a darker shade of light brown, while light brown can be closely related to blonde. You can also take the hairstyle tip of parting your hair from the middle, and making a scalp braid and pinning it up at the back.

Dark brown hair color ideas for teens

Dark brown

Hair color ideas for high school

If you have black hair naturally and you want a decent changeover, you can opt for a dark shade of brown. The color would reflect like this under the sun and bring out the best of its quality. Brown is decent color which you can carry to school without much complains. You can also try the hairstyle tip, which is an upside down French braid. The braid is done up to the crown zone and then turned into a ponytail!

Black and blonde hair color ideas

Black and blonde

A lot of girls try to color their hair with an extremely different color to what their natural hair is, and to carry the colors differently, they have separate colors for separate vertical layers. This alternatively means that you can have a shade of black on the inside and when your hair is open, your hair looks blonde. We have a clear example in the picture below, since the color used in the external strands is blonde while the ones with the inside are black. You can also the hairstyle tip, which is a scalp braid started from one side of the hair and falls down above the tips of the hair.

Black hair with brown streaks hair color for girls

Black hair with brown streaks

Hair color ideas for extensions

Black and brown are closely related colors which can be easily accompanied together. These colors are really common because they happen to be the most common natural hair colors as well. Black and brown are respectively the most common natural hair, which look nice when alternated with each other. Have your brown hair get black streaks or vice versa, and the result will be like the picture below. Have it styled in your own way, but of course don’t take those messy and open hair to school!

Black and blonde hair color ideas with highlights 


If you can, try brown and blonde, you can also try black and blonde. These colors are extremely opposite to each other, which is why they have heavier significance as well. Make sure that your school would allow such color combination because your streak your strands. Also have it nicely highlighted rather than applying blonde all over. You can also follow the fish tail braid to school. This is done with four sections instead of three. Check out some tutorials for vivid description.

Cherry red hair color ideas for school girls

Cherry red

Hair color ideas for wavy hair

A lot of girls want to have red hair, but they cannot have an extreme changeover as their school won’t allow. Choose the red shade which would deceive the people around, and not make your hair look like it went through a major change.  Have your hair color or streaked with this shade and then flaunt it the way you like. You can also make stylish hairstyles which make the color look prominent too.

Caramel streaks blonde hair color

Caramel streaks

Caramel is a better option when you don’t want your hair to have an extremely light shade like blonde. Caramel is a lighter shade of brown. But it is comparatively easier to carry off! The first half of your hair stays black or has a dark shade of brown, while the rest of it gets colored with caramel. If your school won’t allow separate vertical sections colored that way, you could also opt to have it nicely colored as highlights.

Plum hair colors for teenage school girls

Plum hair

Hair color ideas for long hair

Plum hair happens to be another dark shade which can suit, brown or black closely. If you want a hair color to be applied all over the strands you can keep plum as one of the options. A plum is a comparatively uncommon shade which girls should experiment with. Plum is also a very attractive hair color which will make you look adorable too! Plum hair can suit you if you have had brown or black naturally!

Burgundy hair color ideas


On talking about shades which are close to black and brown, we cannot miss out on burgundy. It happens to be quite a nice shade which makes your hair look shiny and better than it was naturally. Of course, if you are going for a changeover, you will expect a difference in your look, and burgundy is one shade which can never fail the brunette strands!

Caramel hair color ideas with dark brown hair color


The caramel hair color on brown hair with a long wavy fringe haircut looks beautiful. The best hair color best suits for light colored skin tone. Try this hair color for a different look. The best and starting hair color idea to try on your hair to look pretty cute for high school teenage girls.

Golden hair color dyeing to light skin tone


The dyeing for medium length hair with a lighter locks make you look stylish. Try this hairstyle to get a better shade with fashion trendy look. The hairstyle best suits for teenage girls to look stylish. The trendy hair color is mostly preferred by celebrities. This is the best shade for lighter skin tone.

Classic ponytail with light brown hair color


The simple ponytail hairstyle with a classic up do is best with a runway and is easy to achieve up on practice. The lighter hair color with a ponytail and decorative hair pin is beautiful. The brushed hair and can be scrolled down to create a fun look with brown hair color.

Brown hair color on black hair for high school girls

brunette 8

The brown hair on black hair make the teenage girls look cute. The hairstyle with loose wavy hairstyle with mid part hair up to shoulders make you look stylish and simple. The hairstyle best for summer outing. This looks like a head of the ombre trend.

Sandy brown hair color ideas for teenagers


The sandy brown hair color goes well with short haircuts. They will make your face look softer and is dyed with 2 – 3 shades lighter with natural hair colors. This highlights hairstyle with a layered and wispy cut best suit for high school girls with brown highlights. This will make you look fashion and trendy.

Blonde honey brown hair color for school girls


The blonde honey brown hair color warmer with a hair, complexion looks pretty cute. The striking eyes might be troubling with a pulling. The fairer skin tone with this hair color shade looks gorgeous. The soft and smooth hair with a low curl and brown highlights make you look good.