Hair color ideas for extensions

Hair extensions are hacks for women who love to style their hair differently, and also want them to have different colors off-and-on. We look up to celebrities for the trends they set. Some of them shift from one color to another within a couple of months. They don’t always follow the routine of regular dying as that has more chances to damage their hair. Hair extensions are the best option to choose to give you hair different look and style within short span of time.

A lot of women crave for lovely locks which they don’t posses naturally. We can still grab the look, but adding extensions on our hair and make our hair look the way we want.

Facts on hair extensions

  • Hair extensions are not usually to add length to your hair, when you want to opt for different colors. You do have added volume instead. This is perfect for women who have thin hair.
  • Hair extensions are best for hair which is at least 3 inches long. Very short hair is incapable of holding onto lengthy extensions.
  • There are different ways of getting extensions for your hair. You can braid in extensions, glue it on or weave it in. You can also use clip in extensions which are usually the best ones for quick changeovers.
  • Extensions can be colored as well. Depending on the type of extension that you’ve bought, you can dye your extensions into newer shades and make them a new look.
  • Adding extensions to your scalp isn’t a painful process. You have to make sure that the stylist knows his job well. You can also do it for yourself with proper knowledge beforehand.
  • Most hair extensions shouldn’t be styled with a flat iron.

Blue colored hair extensions

Blue extensions

Layered hairstyles for long hair round face

If you have black to brown hair color, with already little highlights done, you can try out the blue extensions for your hair. Blue extensions happen two extreme colors, which might not be accepted at specific events or office work. This is why wearing blue extensions is an easier hack for you. If you have 3-4 color on your hair and turn it into a lovely looking plait, you can definitely rock the look.

Shades of blue and purple colored hair extensions

Shades of blue and purple

If you have black hair and you want to try out some extreme color combination, you can choose two or more colors and add them to your hair. Choose close shades of blue along with purple as extensions and then to your base color. This will look better if you have only one color for the base color.

Magical rainbow hair color extensions

Rainbow extensions

Balayage hairstyles for medium length hair

You can choose from rainbow extension if you want your hair to look that quirky. Don’t go for an absolute change over, but choose only one side of your hair for the rainbow extensions. This way you will blend the base color with all the colors of the extensions and not make your hair look like a clown’s. This look would be super attractive with the correct clothing you choose.

Purple hair extensions for straight hairstyle

Purple extensions

Choosing a color which is absolutely different from your base color gives prominence to both the shades. For example, if you have light brown strands and you could add purple extensions, they’d look contrasting together and eye-catchy too. Choose subtle extreme color contrast for such look.

Red hair extensions with dark brown wavy curly hairstyle

Red extensions

Top balayage hairstyles for black hair

Although red is a color which a lot of women choose for coloring, they might not suit your base color. This is why when women have light brown to blonde hair choose red extensions than having it colored. Have your long hair attached with even more longer red hair extensions to steal the look in the picture below.

Pink hair extensions with pretty cute pink hair color ideas

Pink extensions

Pink too is quite an extreme choice for women who cannot carry the look for all occasions. On the other hand, they are sure to make your hair look pretty and cute. Choose pink hair extensions or light to dark colors as they would suit almost all base colors.

Peacock hair extensions with curls

Peacock extensions

Best medium length hairstyles with highlights

The peacock extensions happen to have shades of blue along with purple and sometimes green. These shades are put together in a bunch and then added to the hair. They have different colors at different levels and can rock with any dark base color. If you have black to brown hair you should try out this quirky and trendy extension.

Green hair extensions for straight hairstyle

Green extensions

You could opt for green extensions with dark shades like black and brown. These suits really well and look stylish too. The preferable shade of green would be darker, but you can opt for lighter shades for light base colors. Green hair would definitely add Oomph with your dark base color.

Blonde extensions with natural black hair color

Blonde extensions

Everyday simple hairstyle ideas

Many times women proper golden blonde extensions for their hair as their dark base colors really suit them. Golden blonde extensions are common and can be opted as regular highlight too. If you don’t want to dye your hair, extension is the other option for similar outcomes.

New Ombre hair extensions ideas

Ombre extensions

You should also opt for ombre extensions to add 2-3 colors to your hair. Ombre is shades which gradually fade from one color on to another. This way you get to have different colors in your extensions and you redefine your look. Choose ombre extensions carefully so that the combination looks nice.

Multi color hair extensions with straight hair for women


The multi color, hairstyle best suits for women with different look. The hairstyle makes you look good with hair extensions. This also helps to give a thick volume look, and long hair with the colored hair extensions. Try this simple, straight colored extension to look different and beautiful.

Best brown and blue Ombre hair extensions


The hair extensions with blue Ombre make you look good and beautiful. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your skin tone. This hair color best suits for fair color, skin tone and can extend your straight hair. The hair extensions for brown hair color make you look beautiful with different skin tone and give an amazing look.

Dark brown and black hair with violet hair extensions


The violet hair extension with dark brown and black hair color gives a beautiful look. This hairstyle gives a trendy fashion look. The brown and violet hair color with curly, wavy bangs hairstyle is beautiful for fair skin tone. The dark black hair color, and violet hair extensions with a straight hair make you look gorgeous.

Beautiful exciting hair color ideas with pinkish hair extensions


The hair colors with pinkish hair extensions on brown hair color make you look good. Simple wavy fringe haircut gives a trendy fashion look. Try this different, unique hair color, extensions to attract people. The best simple trendy look with pinkish hair extension on dark brown wavy curly hair make you look beautiful.

Best two tone blonde hair extensions


Light brown or golden hair color with dark brown hair extensions gives an attracting look to your face. This double tone blonde hair with mid part wavy hairstyle gives a beautiful look. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face shape and skin tone. Find the best hair color choice with the skin tone to be gorgeous.

Fashion blue hair extensions for long straight hair


This hairstyle attracts attention of every woman. The modeling blue hair color on black straight hair gives a fashion look. The mannequin tilts her head to one side and puckers up while wearing a nude lip and blue gray eye shadow. This hair color can compliment her pretty blue hair extensions.

The most important aspect of choosing a hair extension is that they shouldn’t weigh more than your own hair. Heavy extensions can damage and break off the original hair. You have to know the exact weight your hair can hold and then choose the extension type. You will also have to keep in mind that your hair extensions will look real only when they have a similar texture to your hair. On choosing an extensions don’t refrain from spending more money as that better the extension quality the better your natural strands would be.