How to pick right hair color for dark skin

Dark skinned people are those who have rich eumelanin pigments. It makes their skin has a darker tone and they are relatively dark compared to the lighter ones. Dark skinned women can flaunt their boldness and beauty, and make their style very attractive provided they know which colors suit them.

From what to wear and what hair color to opt for, every minute detail makes them look a little different than what they could have looked else where. It is true that compared to white skin, dark skinned women have to be a little more careful about what they wear and how they carry themselves.

A little bit here and there and you can make a complete fashion faux pas. In this article, we have shared some hair color ideas which would suit you if you have tanned to dark skin. Go through the files and choose the hair colors you think would be apt for your skin type and face tone!

Black and brown ombre hairstyle

Black and brown ombre

Hair color ideas for brunettes

Create the perfect hair, which is added to the natural hair color you already posses. If you have brown or black naturally, you just have to apply color on the opposite direction and create the ombre effect. If you have black, choose a comparatively lighter brown tone and apply it half-down and up to the tips of your hair. Black hair faded into brown in the perfect ombre effect, is surely one hairstyle that won’t fail your skin tone.

Light brown mid part hairstyle

Light Brown

If you want to have a complete changeover, which means that you’d cover all the strands of your hair with one color, you can definitely rely on a light brown for that. It happens to be one of the best choices and you have less chances of failure. No matter how tanned or brown your skin is, it can definitely not reject the beauty and light brown. The picture below gives you a distinctive idea of how your hair color will shine under the sun!

Light brown dominated with black hairstyle

Light brown dominated with black

Hair color ideas for extensions

The front and the half way down shade happen to be a light touch of brown, while the strands at the back are black. This is a perfect hair color if you want to give you light brown hairdo get a border line effect of black. The color blend has to be very specifically selected and applied, so that it looks decent and attractive enough. This is surely one color which will make your face, grabs maximum of attention, while your hair flaunts beauty.

Black hair with blonde highlights

Black hair with blonde highlights

Blonde hair is not something that will go with dark skin, but having it highlighted would definitely be a better idea. Dark skinned women look as beautiful as the light ones, when they have this similar hair color added. This color suits almost all types of skin because it is a mix of two extreme colors – one of the light side and one of the darkest. If you’re planning to get the perfect look, which is blended with this color contrast, you can surely note down this hair coloring tip.

Dark cherry hair color ideas

Dark cherry hair color

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Although the authentic cherry hair is between red and crimson, this one has a darker tone. On choosing a hair color, you might get different names, so you have to make sure that you choose the exact tone. This type of red happens to be on the darker shade of the colors, and that suits your skin more than what the lighter ones would. If you have tanned skin or not entirely brown, you could opt for some lighter tones as well. Let your stylist or sellers provide you with the best information, but don’t buy something if you’re not sure about the results. This shade of red has fewer chances to fail you!

Black and red hair color ideas

Black and red

If you want to go for a blend of two colors, you can choose red and black, instead of the more common black and brown shades. This happens to be one of the most attractive shades, which are less in craze, but would give you the desired outcome. A lot of women want to have their hair red for one in life, and opting for highlights gives them a better option anyway. If you don’t want a complete makeover with only red hair, you can surely have it highlighted with your natural color. Be it black or brown, it would suit both the shade well.

Brown ombre hair color ideas 

Brown Ombre

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Ombre effects are common now days because you get the perfect faded look and it is quite attractive to flaunt. You have two different colors on two different horizontal sections of your hair. It is different from highlights and a complete color change too. Try out brown ombre, by having darker shades of brown applied half-up, and then have it gradually faded half-down with lighter shades of brown. This is a very nice hair color idea for all tanned to brown skinned women. It would also suit the light skinned ones.

Black and purple hair color 

Black and purple

It is a myth than dark skinned women cannot experiment with hair color, you can definitely do so. You just need to analyze how it’d look on you, and then invest your time and money to have it done. Purple highlights on black hair are one color that you could definitely opt for. Purple happens to be on the darker shade of colors, which is why they might just suit the skin tone well too.

Silver hair color ideas for dark skinned women


Easy hairstyle ideas for college fest

Sometimes it is better to indulge into things that nobody around does or nobody can ever expect from you. Choose an extreme shade which is so unlike for your skin tone and set trends by making pretty hairstyles. From silver to pink, there are many shades you wouldn’t have dared to try, but you could think over it, check out some sample and then have it applied to yourself. The example below is a tip to choose an extreme shade you could indulge all your strands into!

Black hair color for women


The most authentic and the most common hair color type is one color which you can always bank on. No matter what skin type, face shape or features you have, black hair is never going to fail you. If you are not born with it naturally, it is one hair color that you should try. It also lets you become a base color for many more colors which you’d like to add on later.

Best warm brown hair color ideas in spring


The gorgeous natural brunette is the best right brown shade for spring to dark color skin tone. The warm and bright brown hair color with a light brown tint has a majority of brunette. The dark golden and honey blonde shades can enhance the shine with attractive hair color. The tanned and dark olive skin tone with brown eyes best suits with this hair color to look charming.

Trendy crimson hair color ideas


The possibly choice of dark skinned black women is crimson hair resembling hair color. This is the stylish hair color with the shades. The crimson hair is the best choice with the sort of the hair, which is the best one. The crimson hair color is best suitable for dark skinned black women look beautiful.

Dark colored caramel, black highlights with side swept long straight hair


The side swept bang with caramel and dark color hair highlights are best to look good. The straight hair mixed with hair color to be gorgeous. The dark hair color with side swept bang and straight long hair. The best choice of dark hair color makes you look beautiful. The shoulder length hairstyle makes you look gorgeous.

Dark purple straight hair dye


The best hair color dye is a purple color with this short cut hair that looks beautiful.  The hair color idea that makes you look pretty cute and simple with this purple hair color make you look stylish and cherish. The best fashion trendy hairstyle makes you look stylish and colorful.

Reddish brown hair color for dark skin tone


The hairstyle that best suits for your skin tone is with reddish brown hair color idea.  The mid part straight long hair with reddish brown hair color makes you look fashion and trendy. The dark colored dress with this hair color and hairstyle, make you look beautiful.

Best red dye hair color ideas for black women


The hair color ideas with dark reddish hair make you look beautiful. The hairstyle and hair color that best suits for your skin tone make you look good. The side swept bun with straight long hair makes you look gorgeous. The hairstyle that best suits for your long face shape.


• How to choose the right hair color for dark skin tones?

When choosing a hair color for dark skin tones, consider your natural undertones, eye color, and desired maintenance level.

• What are the best hair colors for dark skin tones?

Rich, deep shades like mahogany, espresso, and burgundy are the best hair colors for dark skin tones.

• What are the different shades of hair colors that suit dark skin tones?

Dark skin tones can suit a range of hair colors, from dark browns and black to lighter browns and reds. Blonde shades may also be suitable if they have warm, golden tones.

• How to identify the right hue of hair color for dark skin tones?

The best way to identify the right hue of hair color for dark skin tones is to consult a professional hairstylist or colorist.

• What are some tips for choosing the right hair color for dark skin tones?

Consider your skin’s undertone, explore different shades within the same color family, and opt for colors that enhance your natural complexion.

• What are the dos and don’ts for selecting a hair color for dark skin tones?

Do select a hair color that compliments your skin tone, such as warm or cool tones with subtle highlights, and don’t choose a hair color that is too light or too dark.

• How to identify the right contrast between hair color and skin tone?

The key is to determine the undertone of your skin, then choose a hair color that complements it.

• How to select a hair color that compliments and enhances dark skin tones?

Consider the natural undertones of your skin, such as warm, cool, or neutral, and choose a hair color that best complements them.

• What are the benefits of choosing the right hair color for dark skin tones?

The benefits of choosing the right hair color for dark skin tones include enhancing natural features, creating a more flattering look, and allowing for greater versatility in styling options.

• What are the most popular hair colors for dark skin tones?

The most popular hair colors for dark skin tones are natural browns, dark purples, and black.