How / When to take saffron (kesar) during pregnancy?

Saffron or Kesar is consumed by the pregnant ladies during their pregnancy period. It is regarded as one of the important ingredient that helps in solving various problems in pregnancy period of the lady. Yes it is absolutely safe for the ladies to take saffron during their pregnancy period. It is regarded as spice in many Indian kitchens.

Being a herb, it has many interesting qualities. It is also be used as a uterine stimulant for many people around. People have used saffron for years to heal variety of cuts and injuries. A pregnant lady must consume it as it acts as a muscle relaxant during her critical days.

Can pregnant women consume saffron?

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Saffron is just another heat producing spice which comes with a big price tag due to the extensive labor required for its manufacturing. Saffron is considered to produce fairer babies in this fairness obsessive world. While women during their pregnancy must consume everything in moderation; so, is the case with saffron. Just a few strands of saffron with milk every night and you’re good to go.

Does saffron have any side effects?

Over-consumption of anything will lead to adverse effects, so is the case with saffron. Consuming excess of saffron i.e more than 12g can cause saffron poisoning. This natural Indian herb can cause uterine contractions. There are several acute symptoms that you might witness in case you consume excessive saffron than required. You might feel drizzling, nauseatic, diarrhea,cramps and hemorrhaging. Moreover, you must always consult a doctor before you consume this herb so as to be safe and assured.

How much saffron should a pregnant woman consume?

Everything must be taken in moderation during pregnancy for it’s not just about you alone; your child also feeds on your nutrients. Add just a few strands of saffron in milk or you can also add them in rice to exude aromatic flavor and offers a mild taste which shall please your taste buds for sure. In Spain, women use saffron in a dish called Paella. Never buy saffron from any unbranded packaging shop. Always buy branded high-quality packages with government seal on it. Do read the expiry date.

Purpose of consuming saffron

There is variety of reasons why saffron is used. One of the purposes includes improvement in digestive system and increase in appetite. Since the pregnant ladies go through variety of mood swings, saffron is the particular ingredient that can bring the mood of a pregnant lady in order.

A lady conceiving a baby also has problems with unbalanced blood pressure. Sometimes they get high blood pressure and sometimes the blood pressure goes down. Thus, kesar is proved to be a wonderful ingredient that helps in making a perfect balance of the blood pressure.

When should you consume kesar?

Pregnant women can start taking Kesar from second trimester. Kesar can be consumed in the morning as well as in the evening with a warm glass of milk. Just put a pinch of saffron over the glass of milk and feel the difference. Even when you are cooking for the pregnant lady, put some stands of saffron in it.

While buying saffron, you need to be really cautious. Some grocery shops also sell some loose and unpacked kesar. Those can be harmful for the pregnant women. Rather, you should be really cautious about the packaging of kesar. Sometimes pregnant lady has a desire to consume kheer. Kesar can be spread over the kheer so that it becomes quite healthy for the pregnant woman to consume. It is better to take the packet of saffron that is having an ISI mark over it.

Saffron is provided to the mother of unborn baby as it is assumed to get clear complexion of the baby after his birth.

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You must not consume more saffron in your diet. Just a pinch will be ideal.  There is a great risk of complication in delivery as well as miscarriage of the pregnant lady.  Thus, you must always restrict the dosage of saffron intake in your diet. Since a small amount of kesar would initiate the movement of baby in the fetus, it is good to consume it in small quantity.  Some experts also advise the pregnant lady to consume kesar during the 5 up to month of pregnancy period.

It is commonly seen that pregnant ladies face difficulty in digesting milk. In such situation a pinch of kesar works as a wonder. It has an extraordinary digesting capability that helps the pregnant lady to get the food digested.

The benefits of consuming Saffron during pregnancy

Relieves stress, anxiety and depression

Don’t assume that pregnancy is only a physical process, but, it influences the mental plane as well. During this phase, the majority of the expected mothers start suffering from depression, stress, and strain, and these factors can take a devastating toll on their health, intensifying the complexities, faced by the expecting mothers. Research suggests that Saffron holds antidepressant, and thus, it can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, allowing you to enjoy this wonderful phase in your lifetime.

Restores the appearance of the skin

In the majority of the cases, women suffer from skin ailments during pregnancy. They lose the suppleness and glowing appearance of the skin, and thus, their appearance gets retarded significantly. In such instances, you can include Saffron in the skin packs to restore your supple and younger-looking skin. You can mix saffron to the face packs and apply on the skin as usual to get the most delightful outcome.

Prevents acidity

As the digestive functions slow down during pregnancy, and for the hormonal changes in the body, pregnant women turn more vulnerable to acidity in their stomach during this phase. It has been found through clinical observation that consuming saffron regularly during this phase, enable expecting mother to combat this challenge. This would enable you to escape the complications that can arise due to excessive acidity during the pregnancy phase.

Enhances appetite

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During the pregnancy time, you need to more nutrition. However, the challenge is that the usual extent of appetite drops down during the pregnancy time, and thus, you tend to eat less than the expected standard. This can pave the way for the body to enter the starvation mode that will trigger malnutrition. Saffron enhances appetite as it boosts the digestive functions and thus, enables you to win over these threats.

As saffron relaxes the muscles, it will also reduce the stress and strain on your body.

Stops mood swings

Pregnant women go through a roller coaster ride of mood swings and no matter what you do to alleviate mood swings; you can’t go against the cycle of nature. Saffron works as an effective anti-depressant and helps heal women to come out of their mood swings. Pregnant women go out of control due to mood swings for the little soul in their womb also affects their mood. Saffron helps to keeps a person’s mood constant and normal.

Manage blood pressure

A normal person’s blood pressure as compared to the pregnant woman is way too much. The women during their pregnancy. As your heart rate will increase by 25%, about 40-90% more blood shall be pumped through the heart. Blood pressure issues might crop up in pregnant women, and hence it is of utmost importance to keep your blood pressure level at a normal rate. It has been found that saffron contains crocetin and potassium, both of which help in keeping the blood pressure level normal.

Soothes cramps

Oh yeah, women are no new to cramps for they have felt this every month during the menstruation cycle. However, when we say cramps during pregnancy, we’re not talking about the regular pain you underwent. It’s much more than that, the intensity varies and how. Saffron is known to soothe and alleviate cramps due to its anti-spasmodic and painkiller property.

Calms morning sickness

This is perhaps one of the most common symptoms of pregnant women. However, adding a few strands of saffron to the morning tea will not only help pregnant women rejuvenate but also keep their morning nausea and dizzy spells at bay. You can take a consultation from your doctor before consuming it. Also, green tea works well for it will help soothe your anxiety and give you a relaxed and calm mind.

Get a good night sleep

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There’s nothing like a good night sleep, but pregnant women are unable to enjoy the gory of good night sleep due to pain and excessive cramps. It is found that women can improve their sleep at night by drinking one good glass of saffron milk. The sedative properties help in calming anxiety and relax their mind by infusing the essential nutrients to remain healthy and fit.

Increase iron level

Pregnant women must consume iron in good quantities which will not only help them recover from pain and cramps but also feed their additional soul to nurture and grow in a conducive environment. Saffron is believed to be a good source of iron and it further helps in enhancing hemoglobin levels too.

Prevents hair fall

The hormonal imbalance can lead to severe hair fall where can be prevented by saffron. Saffron helps in preventing pregnancy related hair fall issues. Apply a paste of saffron, milk and licorice on the scalp regularly to reduce hair fall. Flaunt your lustrous thick long tresses.

Uses of saffron

Saffron is used from flavoring biryani, Kheer, sweets, and beauty creams. It is mostly used for health supplements such as aiding digestion. Saffron helps to get rid from menstrual discomfort and PMS. Saffron is recommended for cases of male infertility, asthma, erectile dysfunction, and cancer baldness.

Saffron flower during pregnancy

Saffron flower and milk helps in the aid in having a fairer baby. It helps in forming an extra layer to soothe the gastrointestinal acidity. But can certainly aid digestion which is slow during pregnancy.


It improves digestion and appetite by supplying the blood to all parts of the body uniformly. It even aids is soothing the gastrointestinal acidity by forming a membrane or a coat.


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Stomachache helps in increasing the milk production and get rid of stomach ache problems. The antispasmodic effect that is present in it plays a key role in preventing the stomach ache pain.

Blood pressure

Saffron is advised to take only 3 – 4 stands of saffron in milk and helps to reduce the blood pressure, mood swings of a woman. It has many healing natures that aid in muscle relaxation and even taking it in large dose helps in uterine stimulant.

Saffron for glowing and fairer baby

Saffron helps in consumption during pregnancy leads to fairer complexion of the baby. Drink warm milk with saffron regularly helps to have a fairer baby. The complexion of the baby is on the way dependent on the intake of saffron by the mother. The complexion of the baby is determined by the parent’s genes and is totally hereditary.

Helps in eye problem

Saffron or kesar is good for the vision health. It have found that having saffron during pregnancy helps vision in case of cataract and is some improvements.

Kidney and liver problem

Kesar is pleasant to smell and is good for health and helps to get fair skin tone. This blood purifier powder is quite beneficial to solve liver, bladder and kidney problems.

Movement of the baby

A pregnant lady feel the movement of a child in stomach when only after 5 months and this can be easily felt by having kesar or saffron in the milk or in food after 5 months. This even increases the body heat and is advised that pregnant women should never take it in large amounts of side effects.


• Can I take saffron (kesar) during pregnancy?

Yes, saffron is considered safe to consume during pregnancy, but it is best to consult with a doctor before taking it.

• Is it safe to take saffron (kesar) during pregnancy?

Yes, it is generally considered safe to take saffron during pregnancy in recommended doses, as long as it is taken under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

• What are the benefits of taking saffron (kesar) during pregnancy?

Saffron can help reduce some of the common symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, fatigue, and digestion issues, as well as helping to improve mood and cognitive function.

• What is the recommended dosage of saffron (kesar) during pregnancy?

The recommended dosage of saffron (kesar) during pregnancy is to take 0.5 to 1.5 grams daily.

• How should I take saffron (kesar) during pregnancy?

Saffron can be taken in small amounts during pregnancy, such as in small amounts of food or as a tea. It is important to consult with your doctor before taking it to make sure it is safe for you. When taking saffron, make sure to take the purest form of the herb available. It is also important to take it in a safe dose, as too much can cause stomach upset and other side effects.

Is it true that I will have a fair baby if I consume saffron during pregnancy?

It’s a myth. No scientific documentation is available to support this belief.

How much saffron can I generally use each day?

It is recommended to use approximately 50-100 mg of saffron each day. However, it is always advisable to consult a healthcare provider first.

• What are the most common methods of using saffron?

You can crush a few threads in a mortar and pestle before adding to warm milk. Infuse the strands for 10-15 minutes before adding to milk or any recipe. You can also add crumbled threads directly to any preparation.

• How should I store saffron to ensure taste and fragrance for long?

Always store saffron in an airtight container in a dark place. You can wrap saffron strands in a foil before placing inside an airtight container and put it in the refrigerator.

• How can I know if the saffron is pure?

First and foremost, always purchase saffron from well-known brands or government-approved quality trademark stores. Pure saffron has crimson threads with soft orange-red tips. High-grade varieties have a deep color. Adulterated types look completely crimson with white or yellow threads.