Take care of your beauty and personal care factors during pregnancy

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Pregnant ladies are not only beautiful from inside, but have a wonderful spark within themselves, which is known as the glow of motherhood. They posses beauty, that may not be matched up with the materialistic outlay. But, you need to take care of your skin and hair, which forms a part of your beauty regime. You can either use the home made remedies or simple face creams and hair oils to stay presentable like always. It is true that you may not get the energy to take care of your skin and care your health, the way you had done before being pregnant. But, you can ask your family members or friends to help you out in caring your skin and personal care factors. It won’t be advisable to go for the cosmetic products that are available in the market.

Simple tips for beauty during pregnancy

Read labels carefully

When you are visiting a mall to get the beauty product, you must see the labels in it. All the listing of ingredients will be mentioned in the container or the packaging of the product. The ingredient list might contain nanomaterials, undetermined toxicity, scents, fragrance, etc. You must check the ingredient list really well to find out whether there exists any toxicity which might harm your skin. You must also get the products that have an ISI mark and have a great reputation in the market. You should not rely on the products that have third party certification. Rather, go for the products that have reputed brand name. It will be preferable for the pregnant ladies get the products that contain organic ingredients. Even if you feel the product label is questionable, you must ask your instinct.

Simply no to spa, hair dyes other treatments

If you are pregnant, it’s good not to go for the spa treatments as most of the hair and body spa products depend on the toxic products. You should not use conventional nail polish when you are pregnant as the ingredient used in it contains toluene, xylene, ketone, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, methyl ethyl ketone etc. These are the chemicals which are responsible for all types of health problems. This will give rise to the problem like nerve system damage, cancer and disruption of hormone.

Keep it all natural

As soon as you are pregnant, you should not only think about yourself, rather it will be the time for you to be concerned about the life that is staying in your womb. If you have been using harmful chemicals and cosmetic products for your skin, this is the time for you to think about something which is natural. There are a variety of organic as well as herbal products in the market which really works when it comes to skin care and hair care variation. The products like deodorant, belly, cream as well as toothpaste must be chosen from an organic variant list. You should also have a look at the label and ingredient used when choosing a natural variation.

Choose something without fragrance

The products that have high fragrance are likely to be harmful. This can be creams, hair care products and other products in the market. No one can ever know about what exactly is present in the synthetic fragrance available in the market. Rather, it will be better for moms to avoid those products that are rich in synthetic fragrance. Since the ingredients used in fragrance are kept secret and is not shown to the buyer, there might be harmful chemicals which are combined with the wonderful variety of fragrances. Some of the common ingredients available with the fragrance include phthalates, which is regarded as the endocrine disruptors directly related to the process of reproduction. It is also linked with the behavioral development. If you are pregnant, you need to follow some cautions one of which is minimizing exposure to phthalates. But, the market has many products that don’t have a fragrance which means safe for baby as well as mothers. You must choose the organic essential oil, which will not have fragrance or scent.

Safe sunscreen

Sun rays consists of different type of rays which can affect human health. Excessive sun exposure can even burn the skin of individuals. Thus, whenever people move out in scorching sun rays, some sun protection measures are taken. Sunscreen lotions are known to be one of the well known protectors that include SPF, which helps protecting your skin from sun rays. The active ingredients present in it include octinoxate, octocrylene, avobenzone etc. Among these ingredients, Oxybenzone is one of the ingredients that is likely to turn up with low birth weight. There are more sunscreen ingredients which are also likely to create disruption in hormones with developmental and reproductive disorders. You can go for other measures rather than using this chemical in sunscreen. The safe sun screening includes avoiding going out in middays, wearing cotton clothes with full sleeves, use titanium and zinc oxide for sun protection.

Nail care

Our nail beds are alive as permeable, allowing nasty chemicals like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene in nail polishes to pass through into your bodies. But, natural nail polishes contain ingredients that are tested and try to avoid these not so pretty paints and their toxic fumes. It is known to cause reproductive harm.

Sunscreen lotion

Oxybenzone has often hidden under its alias benzophenone. It is chemically found in conventional and even natural sunscreens. It is linked with the development of toxicity and hormonal changes that disrupt with high exposure. Sun protection is encouraged that, make sure to look into mineral that based sunscreens like zinc oxide. Try to use natural sun protection with 16% zinc oxide. It is completely safe during pregnancy.


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Skin lighteners

During pregnancy and after pregnancy, there are more changes that can appear on your skin. Dark pigmented patches on the face often seen sometimes with the pregnancy mask.  These color changes are triggered by hormones that can increase the production of melanin in the skin. This temporary mask may annoy you, but avoid chemical skin lighteners at all costs. Skin lighteners often contain a chemical called hydroguinone, which is a hormone disruptor and is linked to cancer and organ toxicity. It is a natural pigment reducer like glorious Vitamin C.

Skin blemishes

Prepare your skin changes while you’re carrying a developing baby in your womb. It is inside your body and making room for itself. You can notice a bundle by creating noticeable marks such as stretch marks. Hormones also change after post baby with the cause of skin abrasions. By using cocoa butter, you can reduce fading skin blemishes. Apply some cocoa butter or use a safe lotion that helps to reduce skin blemishes.

Avoid pimples

You can avoid popping pimples as they increase in acne. Your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes at the time of pregnancy. Acne and skin abrasions can be seen during pregnancy that can clear after your pregnancy. Serious rashes like Chloasma can also occur that need to be treated by a doctor.

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