How to look good during pregnancy?

The months of pregnancy bring a flood of conflicting ideas in the mind. On one side there is happy about the new arrival on the other side the physical changes in the body make one feel awkward. The breasts grow, the belly swells, and the waistline disappears. One is worried as to what will happen? How will it come back to normal? One must relax and think this is only for a few months.

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Pleasant surprises of pregnancy

Best tips for beauty during pregnancy

On reaching the second trimester pregnancy gets easier. A woman realizes the pleasant surprises of pregnancy. There is a different behavior from the people around who are happy to help a pregnant woman for carrying things, giving their seat in public vehicles One must enjoy them as these nice things will last only for a few months.

  • It is also noted that the hair looks more healthy and luxuriant in the second trimester. This is the result of some pregnancy hormones.
  • The same hormones are responsible for a brighter skin and the increase in blood flow gives it a glow.
  • The increase of breasts to go up to one or two more cup sizes, giving a new cleavage.
  • Men enjoy the new beauty. They see sensuality in the blooming breasts and soft curves

Tips to look the best during every trimester of pregnancy

  • One must dress in a simple manner and wear clothes in solid colors with clean simple lines and classic cuts. Take light accessories and wear bare minimum ornaments. Too much jewelry must be avoided
  • Wear dresses to accentuate the positive. One must be proud of the new look and expose it.
  • Take care of the body by giving a regular manicure and pedicure, applying a new lipstick. Wearing lacy dresses.
  • Keep a track of weight gain. It must be a few pounds in the first trimester and then one pound every week
  • One need to enhance the overall beauty of the body by eating a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables, rich in Vitamin A, C and E to help in maintaining a healthy skin.
  • One must drink plenty of water as it is an essential element in the beauty routine to maintain a good and healthy skin.

How to lose weight after pregnancy

  • A pregnant woman should take rest as much as possible. Rests gives energy and prevents dark circles round the eyes, which can spoil the looks during pregnancy.
  • Harsh cosmetics can remove the natural oils of the skin. Substitute these soaps with mild moisturizing face and body washes.
  • Acne problem can be cured with topical lotions on doctor’s prescription.
  • Face must be cleaned twice a day with a mild cleanser to avoid the clogging of pores.
  • Hair care with oil massage and hair wash must be done regularly to prevent hair fall and scalp irritation.
  • The towels, linen and other accessories must be washed daily to prevent acne on forehead by the oil from the hair.
  • Antihistamines help in controlling eczema during pregnancy. Contact with cosmetics, perfumes and household cleaners must be limited.
  • Sweating must be avoided and the body must be kept cool to prevent eczema. As the body grows there is itching. Nails must be cut short to reduce the effect of scratching.
  • It is difficult to prevent stretch marks on the abdomen during pregnancy. So far there have been no lotions or creams to heal stretch marks. Some treatment can be done after the delivery of the baby. It is noticed that these marks fade away with time.
  • The regular beauty treatments of coloring hair, having a facial, manicure and pedicure must be carried on. But beauty treatment using harsh chemicals needs to be avoided. One must remember that the skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy.
  • It is advisable to postpone waxing during pregnancy. There are chances of contraction prompted by the pain of waxing and there can be skin irritation as well.
  • Teeth whitening treatments, hot- tub, saunas, and steams and tanning beds must not be taken during the pregnancy period. These processes are likely to raise the body temperature and affect the balance.

Get glowing complexion

Top foods during pregnancy

Hormone changes often lead to minor skin damage on the face such as spots, blackheads, melasma (brown sun spots), dry, flaky skin or excess oil. It is recommended to stick to organic products as your body absorbs harsh chemicals which can be passed onto your baby.

  • Tap some water often has high levels of calcium, which can dry out your skin and make sure you moisturize every morning and night.
  • Use a hydrating mask to deeply nourish the skin and gently exfoliate every couple of weeks to get rid of dead skin cells.
  • Brown sun spots are called as melasma and this is due to hormonal changes and sun damage. It usually fades after the birth.

Hair removal

During pregnancy, the body is that all non-essential bodily functions are slowed down. Hair re-growth is slow. Shaving legs when you are pregnant get trickier the more pregnant you become. Waxing at parlor is the best solution to make your legs look beautiful. Waxing is safe during pregnancy and much easier and sensitive down there. From the day you give birth, the midwife may shave your pubic hair if you have an episiotomy or a caesarean. Regrowth from shaving your public area can be painful and cause ingrown hairs so have a wax that is actually quite a good way to avoid this.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks affect almost 8 – 10 women during pregnancy. They appear because of rapid weight gain and the effect of hormones. Always keep your skin moisturized using a stretch mark cream during pregnancy on a daily basis. Some of the suggested moisturizers are Palmers cocoa butter formula tummy butter, Derma mum stretch mark cream for stretch marks that are available in the market. Gently massage the cream into your belly and thighs after a warm shower or a bath. Take care of yourself that keep bare skin away from sun exposure and be careful when you don’t run, jump, knock and bump into things during heavily pregnant. It can actually increase stretch marks.


Exercise is best recommended to strengthen joints that improve circulation in your legs, stimulate breathing and can even help your body cope with labor. But try to avoid sports like cycling, horse riding, skiing and take medical advice if you want to have aquaerobics or swimming. It is suggested and better to have regular walking and yoga session.

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