How to control blood pressure during pregnancy

Hypertension or high blood pressure is said when the blood pressure is above 140/90 mm Hg. Pregnant women with high blood may have  to face a number of problems and are at high risk factors and has complications to the fetus as well as to the mother. It is the major cause of deaths of pregnant women.

[Hindi tips to control blood pressure during pregnancy]

Causes of high blood pressure

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You can see there are several causes for high blood pressure. This includes the following.

  • Failing to stay active
  • Alcohol drinking
  • Family history of kidney disease, chronic hypertension, or preeclampsia
  • Exceed in age may be over 40
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Smoking
  • First time pregnancy
  • Carrying more than one child in the womb
  • IVF as assistive technology

High blood pressure complications while pregnant

You will face complications if you have high blood pressure continues after 20 weeks of pregnancy as preeclampsia can develop which is known as toxemia and pregnancy induced hypertension. It can cause serious damage to your organs that includes your brain and kidneys. The symptoms of preeclampsia include protein in urine, abnormal swelling in hands and feet, and persistent headaches. It can effect on the baby’s growth rate and results in low birth weight. Some other complications include placental abruption, and preterm delivery, which causes serious and emergency problems.

Natural remedies for lowering blood pressure during pregnancy include herbs, supplements, exercise, healthy pattern of eating and relaxing the body and mind.

Nutritional changes to lower high blood pressure

Reduce Salt/ Sodium Intake—pregnant women suffering from hypertension must reduce their intake of salt.  They should take just one teaspoon of salt per day. Processed cheese, junk foods and fried foods must be avoided.

  • DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet – dash diet emphasizes on fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products. It also consists of whole grains, poultry products, fish and nuts. The diet suggests low consumption of fat, red meat, sweets and beverages containing sugar. It is an ideal and most effective diet for obese women with high blood pressure.
  • Drink plenty of fluids during the day also helps in lowering the blood sugar.
  • Consumption of alcohol must be reduced or better stopped during pregnancy.

Supplements to lower high blood pressure

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Some supplements in the form of pills and capsules can be taken to lower blood pressure, but it is better if these supplements are taken in the diet only. These include supplements–

  • Alpha linolenic acid can be obtained from soybean, walnuts, flaxseed and dark green leafy vegetables like spinach.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids can be taken through cod liver oil, walnut tofu, sardines, and salmon and cod fishes.

Herbs and home remedies for lowering high blood pressure

Apart from herbs like Arjuna bark, hawthornandolive leaf extract the following natural remedies are mentioned below can also help in lowering high blood pressure.

Cocoa – Five cups of hot cocoa per day have been found to prevent and control high blood pressure. Cocoa has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities The flavanoids in cocoa stimulate the body’s production of nitric oxide, which boosts blood flow to heart, brain and other organs.


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Garlic—Garlic is best known for its anti-cholesterol properties and it also helps in lowering blood pressure if taken regularly.  Garlic eases the spasms in the arteries, modifies the rhythm of the heart and slows down the pulse. It also gives relief from dizziness, shortness of breath and flatulence, which are common in a pregnant woman.

Yoga and breathing exercises can be adopted by pregnant women to control high blood pressure. Relaxation techniques of yoga help to reduce stress levels and this lowers blood pressure. Shavanasan (the corpse pose) and sukhasana (the easy pose) are the best yoga asanas that are comfortable for pregnant women to control high blood pressure.

Reduce salt intake – Reducing salt intake helps to reduce your lower blood pressure. Reducing small amount to 3 grams can result good health. Too much salt cause a spike in blood pressure, so, it is better to drop in sodium consumption that can drop in blood pressure. But, it differs from person to person.

Right medications – Medication can cause some problems in pregnant women. But according to Mayo Clinic, medications for lowering blood pressure should be avoided when you pregnant. There are some medications such as ACE inhibitors, rennin inhibitors, and angiotensin receptor blockers can pass through the blood stream to the unborn baby. It negatively impacts the health and cause blood to thin. Talk to your doctor before taking any medicines as they are dangerous to your unborn baby.

Manage stress – Pregnancy cause hormonal shifts, physical and psychological changes. Mange stress as it can make high blood pressure. It is recommended to manage stress levels, blood pressure to less an issue. Prenatal yoga can be a great tool to manage stress during pregnancy. Yoga poses are too uncomfortable; listening to simple music can relax while taking the meditation and is helpful to your body as well as mind.

Being social and meeting people with love and affection is a good aid to relaxation. Laughter is the best medicine to relax and reduce stress and lower high blood pressure.

How to naturally low blood sugar during pregnancy

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  • It is best to fight against emotional stress because any sign of worry, fear or anxiety during pregnancy can cause the level of blood pressure to rise. One must find ways and means to reduce stress.
  • A pregnant woman must organize her day and engage in the right activities by planning ahead about the jobs to be done instead of working under tension at the last moment.
  • Inner conflicts can be reduced by sharing them with friends or relations or by writing them down.
  • A pregnant woman must listen to the message from her body and mind that tells her about being tired and exhausted. It is advisable never to exert or overdo things.
  • Take enough rest and sleep to give a new start to a fresh start to a new day.
  • Pregnant women must spend some quiet time in the lap of nature admiring natural beauty. This will help in bringing serenity to the body and mind.
  • Spend time in listening, soothing music and talk to the baby in the womb… This will create a bond with the baby and help in relaxing the mind.
  • Spend time playing with children or pets, watching movies, or simply watching people on the road. This refreshes one’s mind.

[Hindi tips to control blood pressure during pregnancy]