How to make your hair extension look very natural

Hair extensions are artificial strands of hair which are added to our scalp for enhanced look. These are either synthetic or made of real human hair. Lengths of these strands vary and can be attached in numerous ways. They are often weaved, braided, clipped or glued with removable hair bonds.

These extensions come with numerous lengths and colors. There are also of numerous prices, which range from affordable to expensive. Extension for our hair makes it look fuller and have gained a lot of popularity for women.

How to make hair extension look natural?

Knowing the different kinds of extensions makes it easier for your analyze which type would make your hair look natural. No matter what sort of extension you choose, you would want the look to go completely natural. A lot of salons can do that for you, but if you want to have it done on your own, follow the steps below:

Color of extension should match the natural color

When you decide to purchase hair extensions, go to the shop yourself. When you get to the store you have the best possible way for the seller and for you to judge the color of extensions which would absolutely match your hair. If you have brown hair you would want a similar tone and not blonde. When your hair extension closely matches the original color of your hair, people won’t guess that you have extensions. Be very careful while choosing so that you get the perfect pick. Take some expert advice or do some researches before you buy.

Get the extensions ready

After you have purchased or got your pick, you have to start getting them prepared for attachment. Depending on the length of what you want your hair to look like, you might have to alter the length of the extension. If the length of the extension is longer than you want it to look, you have to chop off as much as you have to. After this, brush the extension and lay on flat surface to make sure that the length that has been cut off is aligned.

Style the extension before attachment

Experts usually ask you to have the extensions curled up, because straight hair extensions look very artificial. These are most sold straight, but curling them up will blend into your hair better. If you buy human hair extensions, you can use curling iron to have them curled up. Although, for synthetic strands you cannot use heat. You have to use unheated rollers, so to use them, wet the extensions entirely and wrap every extension with rollers. Let them remain for 3-8 hours after which they’d dry completely.

Set original hair

Once you have already prepared the extension, it is time you set your own hair. Have your hair nicely cleansed and conditioned. After it dries, apply mousse or gel so that it makes your curly with frizzes. Now curl your natural hair with rollers or curling iron. Make sure it looks similar to the extensions.

Comb out natural hair

After having the hair curled up, make it look a little more natural by having it combed for the flow. Use a wide teeth comb for it or even your fingers to do so. You could also apply hair spray mildly for makes the hairstyle secure.

Placing the extensions

No matter what kind of hair extension you use, having them properly placed is the most important way to have it natural looking. Women should put extensions at the bottom of the head and then work it their way. Leave one-half to one inch of strands across the nape of your neck. Make sure that the extensions are close to the scalp. Clipped extensions are easiest to apply, as you will just have to tease your hair rightly to create the cushion-like effect with the extension. Although it is important to make sure that the tracks are even. All the tracks should be one to one and also half each up from the ones before. The thickness of your hair will determine the number of tracks.

Blending both together

Once all the extensions are places, you will have to comb the hair properly. This will blend both of them together.  You can gently have your hair combed and make sure that the strands blend in seamlessly. If you go on trying the process for numerous occasions you will excel the art and have it look more natural with time.

How to maintain extensions?

Buy good quality extension so that they can be used numerous times and doesn’t need swift replacement. It is important to take care of them like you maintain every other thing you own.

  • Be gentle when you brush extensions. Rough brushing can have them damaged and broken.
  • Have the extensions washed two a week so that they don’t dry out.
  • Use regular shampoo and conditioner for this.
  • Don’t wash in circular motions as that can have the strands tangled up.
  • Use heat protecting formulation if you have to use blow dry or instyler.
  • Use heat only on human hair extension.
  • Squeeze out excess water after washing and let them dry.
  • Don’t use towel or twist the strands
  • Don’t sleep with wet extensions, they can dry the strands and also tangle up your hair.
  • With proper care you can not only maintain the extensions but also keep them looking natural.