Benefits of Clip-on/clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the perfect solution for adding length, volume and colour to one’s own hair! They can transform your look by giving a new and easier change of hairstyle in a matter of minutes. There are several advantages of clip-in extensions and so they are the most preferred and recommended method of hair enhancement by stylists.

Clip in and clip on hair extensions are very popular in the market as most of the ladies are availing the particular type of hairstyle in extensions. While choosing the clip hair extension, it is important to know what type of hair you are having. Whether you have fine hair, thicker hair or medium hair must be found out at first and then choose the right variation of the clip in hair extension. According to the expert, if you have finer hair variation, you must avail 120 gram set. If you have thicker hair, 220 gram set of clip in hair extension will be appropriate. 160 gram set will be appropriate for all those ladies with medium to thicker hair. The hair extension is really very popular as it take very less time to avail and your hair look very attractive without much hard work or professional’s fees.

Benefits of clip in / clip on hair extensions

Ease of operation

This is not the hair extension variation that takes long hours to fit in your hair; rather it is very easy and effective variation that can be easily done at home. You don’t require help from the professional to avail clip in or clip on hair extensions. You can do it right at your home or at your friend’s home where your other companies can also go ahead with same variation of popular hair extension variation. Try this today and enjoy its ease in operation.

Takes less time

You must have heard about variety of hair extension methods among which most of them takes hours to get set on your hair as the hair extension is done strand by strand. But, the clip in or clip on hair extension is a different type of hair extension category that takes very less time in operation. You just need to curl your hair which will take just 5 minutes and then the blow dryer should be used in order to get your hair dried. Try this today and avail maximum benefit.

Instant volume to hair

Today, most of the people are very upset about their hair conditions as they get frequent hair falls which gives rise to thinning of hair. Those people would always wish to have hair with volume. The clip in / clip on hair variation is really popular as it is the technique through which you can add volume to your hair instantly. It won’t take time like other hair extensions to add volume, rather it can be done easily at once.

Natural look

People are adopting variety of artificial ways in order to beautify them but they will always wish to get a natural look. Even here the fame and popularity of clip in hair extension increases with the view that it gives a natural look. You can get cent percent natural look along with the highlight that is a slight tone lighter than your natural hair. Since the extensions are available in varied color, it can easily be washed and availed the heat style and get you a tailored look.

Temporary variance

Since the particular hair extension is temporary in nature you won’t have to suffer from its similar style for a long time. You can easily change your hairstyle according to your need. Whenever you have special occasion, you would like to change your hairstyle. This will be the time when you can put in or put off this particular variety of hair extension. Whether you wish to get the long locks or short curls all can be done with the temporary hair extension.

Low maintenance

People had to work a lot behind their hair in cleaning and maintaining. But, if you have implanted the clip in hair extension you don’t have to think about its maintenance as this comes with low maintenance variation. If you have too much busy schedule and cannot think of maintaining hair, the clip in hair extension can be a great variation for you. It is also really convenient to use, rather you do not need a hair expert to put in or put out, rather everything can be done in an effective way by yourself.

Variation of hairstyles

Once you have adopted the clip in hair extension, you can easily get variation of hairstyles. It will be quite easy to get your dream hairstyle with the hair extension. You can now adopt any type of hairstyle and show your style versatility to people around in your society. You must be thinking about huge variation of hairstyles but have hardly dared to do in with your natural hair as the volume and length will be inappropriate for the same. After getting the clip in hair extension, it will be easier to adopt any hairstyle.

Very less damage

Damage hair is another condition that people usually faces out of their natural hair. Due to pollution and adulteration in food, damage of hair has become quite usual. But, if you have implanted the clip in hair extension, you can see very negligible damage on your hair. Even if you do variety of styling over this hair, the damage will be barely minimal. You can also suggest this variation of hairstyle to your friends who wishes to get beautiful and style in hair. Even they will get almost no damage to hair even after using glue or any other styling tool.

Less costly

People willing to have styling also think about the cost as the more costly variation of hairstyle may not fit to every individual’s budget. But, people availing the lip on hair extension can get it in a very reasonable price range. There are different variations of hair extensions most of which are really costly. But, the clip on hair extension cost really very less and can fit to your pocket. Even the college going girls and teenagers can adopt this to create very fashionable hairstyle.

Excellent makeover

If you have become really bored with a particular variation of hairstyle, it is the time for you to go ahead with some changes in your hairstyle. With the change in the volume and shape of hair you can easily create an excellent makeover to yourself. You can even surprise your loved one in this regard. He will be really surprised to see a new you. The style and looks which you will be adopting with the clip in hair excellent will be worth mentioning. The hairstyle can be easily adopted whenever you are going to attend a formal party or a traditional occasion.

Decent quality

When you are choosing the hair extension variation, it will be really important to see the quality of hair. Even if the system is artificial yet the looks of the individual with regards to hair must be natural. The clip in hair extension has decent quality hair for the purchaser which can be easily taken as natural hair. After implantation such hair the people watching you will easily think that it is your own hair as the hair extension looks quite natural. You can now speak to the hair manufacturing organization to get the product as per your convenience. You must try it today and get a different look

Easy to use

Clip in hair extensions are easy to apply as they can be clipped in minutes. They are attached with pressure sensitive clips and so do not damage the original hair.  These extensions come in the form of strands of hair that are attached to a clip. The natural hair are divided into sections and the extensions are carefully snapped under the natural hair in each of these sections .Most of the permanent methods of using hair extensions tend to damage the hair because they are done by glue  which can lead to hair loss and breakage of hair.

 Less Costly

clip-in extensions costs less than the permanent expensive and time-consuming methods. They require less maintenance than the permanent ones and greatest advantage is that they can be removed in a second to get a different look.  They can be easily removed and clipped on your own. There is some cost involved in real and synthetic hair extensions but they also save the cost of replacing.

Easy change of hairstyle

Clip-in hair extensions are the best choice for a quick and easy change of hairstyle by adding length , volume and colour without changing the original hairstyle or having a haircut. Extensions allows one to experiment with different colours and lengths until the desired look is achieved.These extensions allow for a temporarily hairstyle without the frustration and cost that may be associated with other types of extensions.

Offer more freedom

Clip-in hair extensions offer more freedom over other types of extensions. They can be used for short periods and special occasions without disturbing the look of the natural hair. Clip-on extensions are an excellent choice to have short hair one day and flowing locks the next day.They also help to transform the original hair colour into one with blondes, reds, browns, and blacks for a particular function.

Easily styled

Clip-in human hair extensions can easily be curled, straightened, and styled according to the desired hairstyle.  They easily blend with the natural hair if they are of the similar texture.These extensions are available in different colours, shapes, length and textures and can suit several hairstyles.


Clip in hair extensions are a new and easy way to instantly get longer and thicker hair.  They do not use glue-in hair to make them messy, tangled and lead to breakage. Clip in hair extensions have recently become very popular and the latest version of these extensions have come with silicone clips which are totally secure and subtle and are not visible under the strands.