Human vs Synthetic Hair extensions

Hair extensions made from human hair or synthetic hair  can transform the finest and shortest locks into lush, long flowing tresses, by  women from all walks of life and not only celebrities.

Both synthetic and human, extensions provide volume, length and glamour to the adopted hairstyle.

These hair extensions may be applied either at home or attached in a salon but the key decision is whether to opt for extensions that are made from synthetic or human hair product.

Every human being is blessed with appropriate volume and length of hair since their birth. By age these hair grows and become coarse. But, after a certain time the hair becomes thin backed with hair fall.

A decade back human being does not need to think about any hair problems or hair fall as there were no such problems faced by individuals.

But today due to pollution in the environment and adulteration in food, the entire process has become disrupted. The varied hair problems such as hair fall and all will be quite common these days.

You need to take a different step forward to get your hair fuller. Human hairs are the natural hair that comes with every human being right from their birth.

But, the artificial hair is made by human which has no connection with the nature.

Rather, it is a synthetic variation that can be implanted over the human head to hide inappropriate hair volume or boost the hair growth These days human beings having excessive hair willing to have a haircut also sells their hair for the use of others.

These types of hair can also be purchased to get hair extension.

There are definitely vast differences between human hair and synthetic hair extensions. We can now know about such differences in this article.

Difference between human hair and synthetic hair extension

Since both artificial hair and human hair has different composition, there will be vast difference between the two. Individuals can avail any of the hair types for their hair extensions.

But, the budget of every purchaser is also an important fact with regards to a proper hair extension.

If you want to get a natural look to your hair, then the human hair will be an appropriate option.

But, artificial synthetic hair also has variety of advantages one of which is its volume boost.

Difference on variations and budget

The very first advantage of human hair over the synthetic hair is its being natural. Since it is actually extracted from human being, it can fit really well on you and your hair without making an artificial attempt.

There is variety of style, shape and variations of such hair extension as which people can easily avail as per their wish.

Since it gives a natural look and most of the people also wish to stay natural. This is the reason why this hair is more expensive as compared to the synthetic variation.

But synthetic hair extensions are the result of technological advances which uses synthetic fibers to create such hair.

Most of the people are using synthetic hair as these are less costly than the human hair.

But, if you get the synthetic hair extensions of good quality, it will not look less than that of the natural hair extensions.

Types of hair extensions

If you want to get the human hair extensions, you need to know that these are basically of 4 main types .i.e Indonesian, European, Chinese and Indian.

If you want to go for Indian hair, Asian hair extensions needs to be collected. These are mostly used as they are thicker and remain straight when applied over your head.

If you wish to go for less costly variation of natural hair, the Indonesian hair can be your option as these are less costly and can be available in bulk.

If you are looking for the thinner variety of hair as your hair types of similar, the European hair extension can be ideal. But, since these are having a huge demand in the market, you can get it in costly variation.

Even the synthetic artificial hair extensions have good variations and can be chosen as per your requirement.

The most popular ones are known as premium hair. You can easily get these types of hair in the beauty supply stores.

Even the same can be sun divided into two categories one is known as regular premium hair and the other one is tangle free premium hair.

The regular premiums are having cuticles within and can be tangled. Thus these are less expensive variation of hair extensions.

The Tangle free premium hairs are the quality products where cuticles are removed in chemical methods and brought up with tangle free hair.

Professional demand

The professional hair stylists who avails the hair extensions for the premium clients would go for the human hair extension at first.

They can avail the style and color of their choice on the human hair extension option. Though the human hair gives wider versatility, yet it needs good maintenance.

You can incorporate styling with these hair extensions with the variety of styling tool such as rollers, blowers, ceramic straightener as well as curling iron. You can maintain it with gentle wash and mild conditioning.

The synthetic hair extensions needs very less maintenance and is also less costly. It can easily be available in the market.

Even if you don’t get the natural hair extensions in the market, the synthetic variations can be easily available to get full utilization.

Real or artificial image

As the name suggest, the natural hair will definitely look natural as they are not artificially made.

On the other hand the synthetic hair is artificial in nature and looks artificial as well if you don’t use a very good quality product.

Synthetic hair can be easily used for styling as they can be molded in any shape and size in very short time.

Even the natural hair can also be used for styling and making different hairstyles but those can take little more time than the artificial hair.

The synthetic clips can be easily applied over the artificial hair to make the styling effective.

Durability of hair extensions

When you are going to buy a product, along with its usability, it is also important to check about its durability.

When you are comparing both artificial as well as natural hair extension, durability of both the hair types also needs to be found out. There is duration of each type of hair extensions.

A moderate hair extension can last for six months but the ones with higher quality will last more a year or more.

When you compare the durability of the synthetic hair extensions with the human hair, the human hair has more durability as compared to the synthetic hair.

Since the artificial hair uses nylon and synthetic material, they don’t last for long. Thus, the synthetic hair lasts not even for six months.


Hair is an important asset for every individual as without appropriate density of hair the total looks will be disrupted.

If your hair is not having a good quality, you won’t get appreciation in the society. You need to check whether the artificial hair types or human hair you are adopting for the hair extensions.

When you compare the appearance of both artificial hair with natural hair extension, you will find that the natural hair looks much more real as compared to synthetic hair.

If you avail the natural hair extension, it can be available in the hair texture and color which you originally have.

Thus, the appearance of the hair will be mesmerizing if you avail the natural hair extension variation.

Differences between Human Hair & Synthetic Hair

Both synthetic and human hair are right choice depending on the budget, time and requirement.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages which help to choose them on different circumstances.

Human Hair

It offers the most natural look and feel.  They have a soft texture and flow that cannot be found in synthetic hair.

Hair extensions made from human hair have many advantages. They can be heated (curled or straightened) and coloured as desired, It is definitely a little expensive, but is more durable with proper care.

There are normally four types of human hair -Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European. Chinese hair are thick and straight and are resistant to curls and styling.

Indonesian hair is less costly and easily available. Indian hair black or dark brown in colour with a fine texture. European hair is fine and soft and   has a limited supply in the market and so is very expensive.

The origin of hair is not the choosing factor but the processing technique is the process that is directly related to the strength and quality of the hair.

Chemicals are used to sanitize and strip the original colour of the hair which change the integrity of the hair High quality hair products are required to process human hair

Disadvantage of human hair

Human hair is a much better choice as long as quality of hair is concerned. But they are expensive and require effort and time to maintain them. They have to be styled in the desired manner and will never be ready to wear extensions.

Synthetic Hair

In the recent times with advancement of technologies synthetic hair have become more popular. In some quality of synthetic hair it becomes difficult to find the difference between the two.

They look and feel almost like human hair. The greatest advantage of synthetic hair is that it can be worn immediately without styling. They are available in the required style.

The fibre used in them has “memory” for wave, curl and volume this helps to let the hair bounce back into place with ease.  It stays the same in bad weather as well and retains the desired style unlike human hair.

Disadvantage of Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair lacks in versatility as it cannot be styled to look in many different ways like human hair.

They are very difficult to style as heat cannot be used on them through straighteners and curling irons and cannot be coloured.

There are some heat friendly synthetic hair which can be changed into a different style with heat but the fibre of these synthetic hair are difficult to change.

These hair are less durable than human hair. Even after proper care they cannot last for more than 4 months and heat friendly hair last for only 2 months.

Hair extensions made from synthetic hair are very sensitive to conditions such as sun exposure and moisture in the air.