FAQ about hair extensions

Hair extensions add a glam to your look and get you out of very thin and unattractive hair type. You should be really happy to think about hair that has got a good volume with good luster and shine.

People adopting the hair extensions must be going ahead with variety of questions which they wishes to know before going for hair extension techniques. Whether there are any cons associated with hair extension is also another important factor to know.

You must also be really eager to know about the price of each extensions based on various categories. To answer all such questions let us find out the FAQs of the hair extensions.

Frequently asked questions for hair extensions

Is hair extension prone to hair damage?

The technique of hair extension is a major factor in order to answer this question. If you can adopt the right technique, hair extension will never be harmful to your hair. Thus, it is always suggested to go to a professional for adopting your hair extension. Since they are experienced and has handled several such cases, their way of providing hair extension will be correct and your hair will remain damage free.

Which hair extension technique will be suitable for my hair?

There are varieties of hair extension techniques. You can now choose from the types such as permanent hair extensions, semi permanent hair extensions as well as temporary hair extensions. Hair extensions that suites hair type will be suitable, According to the experts, semi permanent extension suite every type of hair. You can also take advice from the experts before going for hair extension.

How long will my hair extension last?

The quality of hair is an important to consider when answering about the durability of hair extensions. Some inferior quality hair extensions made up of synthetic material would last for a week or two. The better quality hair extension will last for 3-4 months. There are categories of hair extensions that lasts for 6 months and the best ones lasts for a year of two.

What is the meaning of remy hair?

In the hair extension world, remy hair is considered as one of the finest quality human hair. Here the cuticles are not stripped but kept intact. With this type of hair you will be able to get a very natural look just like your original hair. But you need to align all of them in a unidirectional fashion and preserve the hair extension as well.

How can I wash my hair extension?

This is a very good question as you need to keep your extended hair clean and well maintained in order to make them durable for a long time. But, you cannot just randomly wash your extended hair like the natural hair. You need to know the proper techniques. You need to brush your hair and detangle the hair extension before going for a wash. You need to keep your head straight while washing your extensions. You can massage your scalp in a very gentle way without creating a reverse motion on the hair roots that are attached to your original hair. You need to use a very mild moisturizing shampoo without the involvement of sulphate.

Can I apply color to my hair extensions?

Yes, you too can add color to your hair extension and get the color exactly like your natural hair tone. Choice of color is an important consideration in this regard. All you need to do is choose the color that is associated with the brand name. The reputed color and cosmetic manufacturing company needs to be availed.  While choosing the color, you need to make sure that it is close to the tip of your hair. You can get the consultation from experts only once you send your photo.

What is the procedure of drying the hair extensions?

Drying of hair extensions should be followed if you want to keep your hair extensions in good condition for a long time. You should never comb or brush the hair that is wet. You can use towel to soak the wet hair extension. Now use your finger holding small portions of hair against the dryer without pulling the root. Let it stay as it is one it is half dry.

What is the procedure of styling the hair extension?

Even after availing the mechanism of hair extension it will be important to find out the styling technique as you will not be satisfied with only one category of hairstyle. You can easily go with the hairstyles such as straightening or styling but make sure that you don’t use natural ways of drying your extended hair or else it will end up with knotting.

How to abide with sports activities with hair extensions?

This is indeed another good question you are here to get answer. Some people thinks that with the hair extensions it will be really tough to go ahead with the sports activities such as running, swimming, biking as well as boating. But, it is not a true fact. Even you can go ahead with all types of sports activities; only thing is you need to care your hair much more. Since it has a wider risk of getting tangled, all you have to do is create a bun or a braid with your hair extension. This will easily manage your hair and you will never get any knot and tangling with it.

How to sleep with hair extension?

It is true that with the hair extension you cannot sleep like the way you used to sleep with your natural hair. You must never open your hair wide before sleeping as the hair extensions are prone to get tangled all over. All you have to do is create bun or braid with your hair and then relax and sleep with your hair extensions. This is a very essential technique to keep the hair extensions healthy for a long time. If you don’t follow this step, you hair extensions will not last for long.