Tips to turn on your boyfriend / partner for you

Being a woman you are capable enough to make your boyfriend or fiancée physically arouse. It you have selected your life partner and your wedding date is approaching, take the pleasure to have sex with your partner before marriage as the pleasure you will get in having sex before marriage is more than that after the occasion. It’s thrilling and adventurous to do something mischief by hiding from elders. But, convincing your partner is also an important consideration. This article will speak about some tips through which you can arouse and stimulate your partner in having an intimate relationship.

At present you have a boyfriend and now your relationship is going on well, you want to move to get his interest to have a sweaty sex. There are some steps which can help you.
1. Touching : when you are together, leaving all the touch fences and touch him so that he feels good and appreciates. You can try touching his shirt, rubbing his back or lightly touching his chest. Touching in public reveals to everybody that he is yours and you are his. But don’t try to overdo the same if he is shy or sensitive, it may seem like hanging around.
2. Natural is good : While talking to him try to rub his knees or inner thigh affectionately. Looking into his eyes and lips, biting your lips will give you better results. Later on he may kiss you.
3. Eye contact : Most of the men like looking into their eyes, they find it sexy.
4. Move according to his taste : Some men like their hair to be pulled gently while kissing. If he is of rough tendency he may like to be pulled towards the wall and be kissed.
5. Showing the eagerness : After not seeing him for a long time, try to run and jump on him which shows the eagerness to be around him. Guys like this attitude, they think it is cute. The only point to be remembered is he is capable and wants to hold you.
6. Biting your lips : Guys get arose when you bit your lower lips looking into his eyes.
7. Kiss him : Naturally get closer to him, grab him pulling his shirt and kiss him passionately. He may ask you : why you did so? Just tell him you felt like doing it and walk off, he will definitely follow you.
8. If at home hide the remote : If you both are at home, try to hide the remote playfully challenging him to find the same. You can hide it in your tee or behind your bra strap. It is a simple way to distract him and get him closer.
9. Sensitive area : You can kiss, lick or bite his neck or ear. Guys like when you do this.
10. Wearing sexy perfumes : You can try using some sexy perfumes, but don’t use any strong perfumes. You can also sprinkle some on his pillow, since over time guys tend to know the smell of their girl well. Don’t overdo the same as it may cause an adverse effect.
11. Restrict your calls : It is better if you call him only 2 times a day, this will keep him wondering when you will call him. It may help in making him think about you too. On the other hand you can send messages, twitter, email, write on his facebook several time a day that’s all left to you.
12. Last but not the least : As usual if a guy thinks that your turned on, he gets turned on too.

Ways of arousing/ turning on your boyfriend or partner

Flirting moves

Whether and how much, you can arouse your partner or a boyfriend would depend on your relationship. The flirting tips will work really well in making your partner inclined towards you and have sex without hesitation. You can flirt with your partner and insist him to touch you everywhere which will give him a feeling that he should have sex.

Watching blue films

If your partner is really shy and do not want to have sex, the visual art can help making him induced. You can take him to a movie hall where adult movies are going on. He will see and definitely his adrenalin will pump up to have sex. Even in the movie hall he will start touching you and getting intimate. If you don’t want this happen in public, you can call him at your home a night where you can play such dirty films. You can easily have sex with your partner while watching the film.

Talk dirty

Sometime dirty talk involves your partner in getting physically involved. You can now induce that strategy in order to make your boy friend sexually arouse. You can also start mastering your organs which will make your partner arouse in getting involved in sex. Your boy friend will help you get the satisfaction from him instead of yours mastering yourself.

Be in lingerie

Another way of arousing men is exposing you in front of him. You may find variety of garments that will help to keep you exposed. Lingerie is the best option. You must come in front of your partner with only bra to hide breast that exposes the crest line and the panty that is having bikini style. This will help your partner get seduced and the urge of having sex will increase. You don’t have to ask for sex, rather your partner will be obsessed with your sexy look and proceed having sex.

Well fitted clothes

If you can wear the well-fitted clothes, it can bring out your body shape. Your boyfriend will be inclined towards you and will like to have sex with your dearly. You can easily try this particular strategy in making your boy friend convinced. You can try out the clothing like well fitting top and hugging jean in order to impress your boy friend and arousing him.