Stupid things done by guys to impress woman

Ever since Adam bit the apple on Eve’s behest, guys have been doing really stupid things to impress the fairer sex. It is a position every man finds himself in at some point of his life or another. So desperate are you to make a good impression on a certain someone special that you end up making a complete fool of yourself while you are at it. Here are some stupid things that men do in order to impress women.

To show your head over heels love to your lady, you might be doing some silly things to make her impress. Some people will drive very blindly with the thoughts that knock their mind. Well, you need to be workout smartly for your love and also to tune her to your rhythms.  How ever, some of the dumb things will be a real turn off. If a guy is picking a cigarette and lighting it up before the lady, only just to impress her though he is not having that habit will makes him only a joke before his friends. It won’t give a good impression while it makes the show flop. In similar to that here is a list of many dumb things done by a guy to impress his lady love.

Show off

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On a way to impress woman, many guys opt this step as an easy one. They try to put show-off bash, but if the lady is smart and found that you are making a dumb thing only to impress her it will be a real foul.


If you are been into the clothes which don’t fit for you and the colors don’t match you. It is the ideal dumb thing, rather than drawing her attention it will make you a joke to laugh you at. So, do not over dress or try the things which never suits you.

Don’t try which you can’t make it

If you light up a cigar in front of your lady love to show yourself cool, then it will be a foolish thing. Taking the cigarette or alcohol before a girl may turn you like a douche. If alcohol is not your drink and you drink up before her to impress, it is one of the biggest dump thing if you had end up with vomiting before her.

Calling for the fights

To shower your muscle strength and your body power before a girl you may call for the fights but they doesn’t always work. Though fighting is a perfect hit in the films, in general they only leave a rowdy name for you in her thoughts. Mostly woman hate violence and blood, so don’t make yourself a fool.

Acting doesn’t work here

If she is showing her signs of interest towards you and if you are acting busy by either looking at your phone which is not even ringing or vibrating it only tends to offer the whole bottle of drink to you to have it alone.

Am great at cooking

Many of the girls like the men who are good at cooking but to make her impress if you waft a wrong smelling dish with what you are not good with, will be the stupid thing that you make for yourself.

Using umm slang

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Culture is has been changing and the way people use their slang and signs are also moving rapid fast. But using the slang that is not easy to accept by a girl will make her feel embarrassed, it don’t impress but adds the hate feel for the culture less behavior that you have done.

Drinking too much

Whenever some men try to impress girls, they drink like they have invented it. The added confidence that you get from drinking may help you by letting you get away with some whacky lines that your weaker Self may have never indulged in, but there is a balance. The counterweight to that balance is when you find yourself screaming at the mirror in the washroom. Okay. You have gone too far. Remember that the boost in confidence that drink gave you will be shattered, when you find yourself covered in vomit and being carried by a bouncer or a security guard.

Talking a big game

The only thing that could be worse than a guy, who is shy, is a shy guy that is trying to act like he is all cool. Nobody cares, if you are shy. So, run with it. You will look more interesting than when you are trying to act all cool. If you feel that a girl will fall for you, if you try to act like one of the overconfident guys, then you are clearly underestimating your own worth. Unfortunately, trying to act cool is an act you cannot put on. Some people are naturally more confident than the others. However, there is nothing worse than trying to act like a confident person, when you really are not that confident.

Wearing muscle tops

If it is California beach and you are trying to pump iron while trying to listen to Kill Army, then this is not for you. For everyone else, kindly do not make the mistake of thinking that if you have your guns out, the girl will fall for you. Great that you are full of muscles and well-built! If you are planning to take her to the beach to flex out, then this option is for you. Otherwise, make sure you wear a proper shirt.

Lying about your preferences

It is not the little white lies you would usually tell your partner about the number of people you have been in a relationship with, but it is the little details like if you are already dating someone, which will leave you red faced later on, if you leave them out now. If you have to do it then keep your lies manageable. Also make sure you trace back which of the paths might fail later on. Claiming to be a badminton umpire is going to be an extremely tricky one to backup, especially on those few days in a month every year.

Taking her to a nature park when you really want to watch a soccer game

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Interacting with nature is all fine. However, if her idea of a day out involves going to a nature park and yours’ is to go to a soccer game, then this is something you really need to think about. Faking an interest in something that is not really yours will land you in trouble. Chances are it will not get you into her pants. On the contrary, something else will try its best to get into your pants while you are out there in the wilderness and it will not be pleasant!

Signing up for adventure sports

Do not date outside your means. If your idea of a good date is a day out with your date in a local bar, then maybe you should not consider signing up for adventure sports. No date is worth fainting, spraining your back, or even vomiting on yourself. There is no point in trying to show a woman that you are an alpha male, when you are an omega at best. You will end up looking like a student in a class, who has lost his contact lenses.