Intimate sex positions to get closer to your mate

Are you wondering which sex position can get you closer to your mate and involve true intimacy? Well, the best answer to this is the ones your partner likes the most.

If you haven’t figured those out already try these super intimate sex positions which will remind you the reasons of why you are together.

These sex positions will physically and emotionally connect you with your partner. Lit the candles, put on your playlist and set the mood for some intimate sex.


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This sex position creates an intense emotional connection. There is no eye contact still the level of intimacy that is felt is high. You lay down side by side, man behind the woman and he goes inside her.

The man cradles the woman carefully with his body. This is best for the days when you both come home tired and are in a mood to have some intimacy in a relax way.

It is perfect for touching, rubbing or squeezing. This is also a double-winner position for the woman as the man can penetrate, manually stimulate or do both!

Doggy Style

This is another position where there is no eye contact but gets you shared orgasm. This positions requires trust and closeness.

The woman is sitting in the position of a dog and the man sits on his knees and penetrates inside her from behind. He has the accessibility to touch her body all over. For woman, this position gives deep penetration because of which she gets extreme pleasure.


This is the most intimate, most comforting and the closest sex position that’s why it hits the top of the list. In this position woman lies on her back with legs resting flat and the man is on top of her and enters her.

It is intimate as you can see in each other’s eyes and full body contact which makes you feel emotionally connected. You can also add some spice to this position by putting a small pillow under her buttocks which results in deeper penetration and maximum G-spot stroking.

This gives her more pleasure. Woman can enhance this position by wrapping her legs around her partner’s back to let them go in deeper.


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In this position both you lie side by side facing each other. Woman puts her leg over his hip. As you both look into each other’s eyes it makes you emotionally intimate and you can whisper things in his ears to increase the intimacy.

You can have it at a fast pace or go slow – it’s your call. This position could be perfect for your weekend mornings. It gives a longer intimacy experience which will give more pleasure to both of you.

Woman on Top

One more that lets you see your partner’s face which makes you feel more intimate. After the eye gazing, she can fall on top of him and have maximum skin contact.

In this position he has to give up control and the woman is in charge. She is completely on displaying making him feel completely aroused.


This position can give some hot sex when done with the right person in a right way. In this position the woman lies on her back and spreads her legs and arms like a starfish.

Your partner will be on top with his legs on top of yours, touching every bit of the body. To spice things up, interlace your fingers and keep the hands warm.

The Yab Yum

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This is a kind of tantric sex position where both the partners seat face to face. It is very intimate but not a very comfortable position. It is a mixture of sex and cuddling. Your partner sits with his legs crossed or stretched in front.

You will sit on his lap facing him and wrapping your legs around his waist. Kissing and touch all over is very convenient in this position.

The woman gets immense pleasure because of great G-Spot stimulation and she has complete control over the pace whereas man can last longer in this position. The slow and sensual movements heats up the sex.