How to understand men

We say that understanding a women is one of the most difficult jobs of the world, but isn’t it the same for men too? The mindset of men might not be so complicated like women but understanding them can be challenging as well. The problem is that, unless you understand the man in your life, there has to be issues and quarrels that will push your relationship down the border. So, if you are serious about your relationship and you love your man, it is best to try to understand him.  Here are some clues that will help you to understand him better,

Men value honesty and commitment

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When it comes to a serious relationship, for men honesty and commitment at the part of their female partner is extremely important. The same thing is important for women too but the reason behind the need of commitment is completely different for men and women. A cheating partner hurts the male ego in the worst way and it can actually affect their self-confidence. So, no matter how lightly he seems to take these things, your loyalty is always valued by your male partner.

Men hate being forced

If there is one thing that men absolutely hate then it is nothing but being forced to do something or accept something. The more you will force him, the more he will disagree and after a point he will rebound. So, forcing a man for anything is never a good idea. If you want him to do something or not to do something it is best to discuss the point with him and to provide him with suggestions. Forcing him to do it will not help in anyway.

Men prefer to take their decisions on their own

Men are more independent by nature and they always prefer to take their own decisions. Unless he comes to you for a suggestion or chose to discuss a problem with you, it is better to not to present him even with a suggestion. Even when they are asking for a suggestion or discussing the problem with you, never do the mistake of saying things like you should do this or you should not do that. Tell him what you think should be right and let him make his own decisions.

Men need space

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Every human being on this planet need some me time but more than women, men need their own space. No matter how much he loves you or how close he is to you, he will always need his own space. If you stop giving him that space, there has to be issues sooner or later. So, when your man seems to not to reply with same enthusiasm or prefers to spend time with himself, let him do that. He is not actually expecting you to come to him opening the door when he is busy with himself.

Men also crave for love

It might be difficult to imagine that a masculine human being with 6-pack abs craving for feelings but in fact in this matter men are not anyway different than women. Men also crave for love and feelings. If you genuinely love him he is sure to feel that sooner or later. Caring for your male partner in every possible way is the best thing you can do to keep your relationship balanced and happy.

Men too need appreciation

Do you think your man is too arrogant to be happy with appreciations? Then believe us, you are completely wrong. Just like women, men also love appreciations when done in the right way. Small words of appreciation can easily work as encouragement for them. They take appreciation as an acceptance of their hard work and hence they actually cherish them. So, if you do not appreciate your male partner frequently, make it a point from now on that you do not miss to appreciate on his plus points. Also keep in mind that males can take criticism but only to a certain point. If you continue repeating the same they will certainly not like your company.

He means what he says

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Women often do not mean the exact words they spell and this is the reason they try to understand their male partners in the same way. However, here lies a big difference between the two. Men say exactly what they mean to convey what they want and hence trying to read between the lines will not only make you get a wrong idea about his words but will also irritate him. So, when he says something, take it on a direct sense and follow it at least for the time.

Men do not think the way women do

This is the primary reason that makes it so difficult for men to understand women and vice versa. Women think much more on a single point and their thought process follow a completely different path than their male counterparts. When it comes to the thought process, men have a comparatively simpler approach to it and they do not usually get into the intricacies of an action or try to find out why someone did this or did that, which is often quite important for women.

They have different approach for work

When it comes to the workplace, proper coordination between the male and female group members often becomes a problem and that can be blamed completely on the different approaches of men and women towards a problem. Men look for the result and they just strive to complete the work at hand, while women are more concerned about the process and about doing it perfectly. So, if you find that your male colleagues do not seem to be happy with your way of doing things for the project, it is just normal. Ask their suggestions and implement them here and there with your plan to make the team work together.

Men are more visual

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The visual impact on men is higher than women and it is how they are built. You must have noticed that men prefer to read articles instead of listening to them. The same way, they always opt for checking a map to reach a destination instead of asking someone who might know it. As they have a more visual impact on their mind hence taking a glance at a beautiful girl passing by is only intrinsic to his nature and that does not mean that he is not trustworthy.

For him being quite does not mean being upset

When a woman becomes quite most of the time the reason is she is upset with something but it does not work the same way for men. Men often becomes quite to solve a problem on their own and not because they are upset with you or something else. In such situations it is best to leave him alone for the time, instead of insisting to know why he is quite. He will get back to you as soon as he has solved the problem on his own.