Common lies women tell to men

Women are mysterious and more so for the men, who might actually find it really difficult to understand even the most important woman in their life. Women are not liars but yes they can opt for some white lies at times either to keep peace or to get what she wants. Her extent of lie to you will surely depend on the type of relationship you share with her. Let us also point it out that even men do that same, they also lie at times, but the need for picking a lie might not be the same for a man and a woman. White lies that hurt no one but make things go smoothly are often a good pick for anyone, but if you are really willing to know the exact common sweet little lies that women tell to men read out,

It does not matter

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If you are in a relationship you must have heard your women telling you these words a many times when you have forgotten to pick her up at the right time or missed her birthday. She tells you “it does not matter” just to pretend that she is strong enough and can make it comfortably without you but in reality she was actually expecting you to be there and your absence at the time does matter hell a lot to her. So, yes, if your woman is telling you “it does not matter”, be sure that it was important.

Tell me, I won’t be upset

These words particularly come out of your wife when you are about to tell her about someone from your family bad mouthing about her. She might tell you to tell her in details about what they were saying and she might actually even promise that it will not upset her, but in reality, as soon as you will be done telling her, be sure that she is going to be upset with it. The same thing happens if she asks you about your past relationships or another woman in your life. She might say that she will not be upset with it because it is your past, but she will surely not feel good about it once you tell her.

I will be ready in a minute

If you are married or if you have a steady girlfriend you must already know how much a big white lie this one is. It is not the fault of the girls that it takes so long to pick the right dress, proper hairstyle and the right jewelries for going out. Moreover, doing the makeup is also so much time taking. So, if she tells you she will be ready in a minute, you can easily count it as 20 minutes or a few more depending on your previous experiences with her.

I am fine

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If you felt there was some problems or she might not be actually okay but she replies with a big smile and the quote “I am fine”, know for sure that she is not fine. It is not actually a lie for a woman rather it is a way of saying that she needs you to take care of her at the moment. She might be going through a difficult time at office or with her family or may be with her health. She might be depressed or sad for something.  In such situations she needs you to be there for her, to pamper her and to provide a mental support, but she will never tell it directly to you.

Money does not matter

Financially independent women often select love over money, but if she says that “Money does not matter”, be sure that it is not true. Money does matter and not only to women but to men as well. Every woman wants her spouse to earn more than her and she might not actually plan to go into a relationship where money can prevent her from leading her life the way she wants. So, if she says that whatever you are earning has no effect on her, she is not fully honest in this case.

I like your family

When you are married or in a serious relationship your family has to come into the picture sooner or later and be sure she will never tell you her actual feelings about your family. She will always sugar coat her feelings with words like “they are very nice, I liked them a lot” but in reality that might not be her true idea about your family. She just knows that your family is dear to you and making a negative comment about your family will affect you, so she chooses to spell her words correctly.

Looks does not matter to me

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If a woman is saying that looks does not matter to her, it is nothing but a white lie. Looks does matter to every woman and man as well and it is only normal. However, in order to not to break the feelings of someone she might actually come up with these words.

I like doing the household chores

If your girlfriend says you that she will enjoy doing the household chores daily, be sure that this fancy will not last for more than a few months after your marriage. No women like spending their whole time cooking in the kitchen, doing the laundry or cleaning the home. Just like men they also love to relax and enjoy their life. Hence, if she says that doing the household chores is what she enjoys most, be sure that she is not being honest with you at least on this matter.

Sure, let’s catch up the zombie killing game

Shooting and fighting games are a common favorite of all the men on this planet and in order to show that she also has interest in whatever interests you, she might be ready to play the game with you, but in reality, there are hardly any women who like those fighting and zombie killing games.So, yes, if she is saying that she will play the game with you on the Play Station, she is just doing that to spend some time with you not because she will enjoy the game.

I am not mad at all

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When she is really angry on you, there is every chance that she will say that she is not mad at all. If there is a reason for her to be angry and her actions seem to give a hint, just don’t go by her words say sorry and try to amend with her, because if you believe on the face value of her words “I am not mad at all” you are going to get the effects pretty soon.