How to Understand Sagittarius Man

Have you seen the symbol of Sagittarius? It looks like Chiron, the centaur who tutored Achilles in archery. Your Sagittarius man too, aims at what exactly he wants for his life and once he sets the target, it is hard to deter him. He represents his ruling element, fire. It is the fieriness in him that drives your man to exhibit his adventurous spirit. It is, in fact, his single mindedness that makes him stand apart the crowd; it is his strong will that makes it tough for him to settle down in one place. Also, fiery signs are also a lot about righteousness. They tend to know the best between the right and wrong and a sticker for everything right. His strong will propel him to fight his opponent until the latter either gives up or give in.

So what qualities should you possess to attract that very athletic, handsome Sag guy? If you want to have him forever, then you should understand that the archer has a multi-layered personality that hides under his happy-go-lucky, optimistic appearance. They crave love from a mature woman and not an empty-headed bimbo! Again, having someone with little or no sense of humor can be the biggest turn-off factor for him. Again, he won’t abide by someone who cheats on him or the one who bitches too much. Also, he might consider the prospects of a passionate relationship are as important to him as his positions and jobs.

Dating the sag guy

Do’s and don’ts in a teenage relationship

There are a lot to expect from a Sagittarius man when you are dating him, and there are a lot of things that should not be expected. For example, don’t expect to control him and NEVER try to hold him beck from his adventurous dreams. Again, given that his ruling planet is Jupiter, which is also the planet of good fortune, he might win a lottery. But never expect him to throw a bash for the amount received. He might be saving it to fulfill a dream that he has been nurturing secretly- perhaps a Mediterranean cruise? Also, your Mr. Sagittarius might bring a small pet along him while dating- he l-o-v-e-s having one. Expect him to bring this ‘other person’ with him even when you are out for long drives, a run in the beach or even when you are hiking! You have just learnt that a Sag man loves someone knowledgeable. But do not expect him to be a bookworm. He would rather love you telling tales from his own experience- up, close and personal.

Expect your sagittarius man love you when you give him the space

It’s no use giving your man a guilt trip or pinning him down. He is, by all means, a go getter and he WILL do exactly what he desires- whenever he wants. That does not mean that he is selfish- he is just restless and there is nothing that you can do about it. Being dynamic is his motto and he should go on to learn and experience life to his fullest. Will you be a part of his journey and allow him to do things in his way? He will love you with his heart and soul then. DO NOT get mad at his inquisitiveness- that is inherent in him. Try to share his interests. Give him the liberty to take a trip with or without companions, allow him enjoy beer or play golf when he feels. If you cannot put up with such things, then you would rather not go for a stable relationship with a Sagittarius.

Ways by which you can squelch your efforts of winning him

The idealist, optimist Sagittarius dreams of a better world, thereby always more inclined to finding solutions. Rather than spotting day to day problems. So while conversion with your man, try to take a helpful and solvable attitude. Otherwise, your potential beloved might push himself away from you. That being said makes sure that you are not too complaining or fretful about everyday life. Again, there should be variation in everything that you do together, even the choice of menus while you invite him to dinner. He will not complain having a home-cooked meal, but he will not be interested for long if you are a home-bound cook. Make sure that you dine out together frequently. Night-outs will work wonders, as well. While recurrent night outs might drain or your energy, your Sag guy will never have enough of it.

All sagittarians are not equal

Keep in mind that different factors in one’s birth chart might camouflage a Sagittarian. So make sure to get his birth chart done by a professional.