13 Signs to find he is in love with you

You may be wondering if he is still in love with you or not? Well there are many who would think so and would like to find out the ways to know if he is still in love. There are few things that will definitely tell you if the love still is there. You will find out if the relationship is still warm by some romantic gestures and loving words from your partner. You will feel it if he still wants to be with you or not.

You may feel tough to find whether he is loving you or not in the initial stage of your relation. Even some women sail with the confusion created by men, But digging deep to the men’s mind and by getting the appropriate signs you can easily quest is he loving you or not.

13 Signs to find he is in love with you

Their looks

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If your guy is looking at you more often and constantly retaining eye contact. Then, it is one of the significant sign that he is loving you.

Showing interest in your personal matters

One of the brightest sign to know that he is loving you is, he shows interest about your family, friends and your job. Might he don’t explain you everything about him but tries to quest more about you.

Smile provider

He is the master in deriving out your smile, he know the tactics to flow your smile and points to the things that you are special to him. He is the kind of person who can cheer you even in the momentarily sad phases.

Try to know

He is thoughtful and sensitive about how you feel. When you are both are sharing time, he try to know the things you like and he shows he’s caring.

May be he is missing you

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He calls you without delivering the questions of what you are doing and with whom you are. You can understand from his voice that he is missing you, but no add up of possessiveness.

Spending good amount of time

He really like to spend more amount of time with you, He want to dedicate all his free time to you and both of you feel great fun to be together.

Only you

In the discussions meanwhile, he wants to explain that he don’t want to talk with any one else other than you. He discusses his feelings about topics in his life and trusts you more.

He likes to join

He tries hard to attend the event which you are going for, he never complains that he missed other things because of you.

You are precious

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He tell you how important is your existence and how make him feel. He might also explained you that how precious you are to him.

Make’s list

He is always careful about your details of what are you interested with and disinterests with. On a way to express how much you mean to him he will do small and cute activities.

Get from gestures

His gestures play an important role in describing him and you may understand his feelings are true. He says i love you in some moments, Unintentionally.


Without asking he try to help you and accepts when are you are making any part of help. In such cases, you both feel like its good team.


In the special days like your birthdays and other particular days, he will pick a special gift and tries to show you some meaning in it.

Think about few other such things that can show you the signs of his love.

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  1. Eye contact and acceptance: There are times when the eyes tell you more than the lips actually. The eyes are the center of speech and can say a lot of things without opening the lips. Look at him and find out if he takes away his eyes or hold your gaze.
  2. Chivalrous and treats you with care: There are men who are real chivalrous about the woman that they love. You will find him opening doors for you and pulling out chairs in public without feeling bad.
  3. Pampering you with your choice of gifts: He pampers you with gifts and remembers all the things that you like. Small things call for a party for just you two can also show that he is very much in love with you.
  4. Interested in you: The boyfriend who is really interested in the real you should be in love with you forever. He will like to find out what thoughts are going on inside your head and what your favorite fragrance is.
  5. Delve deep into your heart: He will like to know more about the real you and delve deep inside. When he is really in love with you, he will like to know your secrets and desires.
  6. Cares about your needs: When your boyfriend is very much in love with you, he will take care of all your needs. He will try to know what your needs are and he will also keep an eye open to find the ones that you do not discuss with him. He will find small things to do so that your life becomes better.
  7. He will love to show you off: When your boyfriend loves you, you will find that he likes to talk about you to others. He will show you off and will highlight your bright side with loving tenderness. He will hold your hands in public and put his arms around you.
  8. Trustworthy friend at all times: He is trustworthy and you will know it in your heart. He may discuss with you about all his girlfriends and past relationships. He will not keep any skeletons in any closets and tries to be fair with you in integral part.
  9. Not a perfect person but a human: He may take wrong steps and bad decisions. He may cause some trouble for you but he will always discuss his problem with you and will share all yours. He may make mistakes but will bring them in front of you.
  10. Cuddling and small touches: He will reach out to cuddle you for no good reason. When he is in the mood or when no one is around, there are many such excuses. He will also take to small touches. A touch to the small of your back or to the back of the neck can say volumes about his love for you.
  11. Encourages you in every way: The guy who is in love with you will find you the best person in this world. He will encourage you so that you do whatever you want to do in life. You must work to fulfill your dream and your passion is important to him for it is important to you.
  12. Works to say those things that shows he loves you: You may have heard many saying “I love you” in different ways, but he will seldom indulge in showing off his feeling. He will behave so that his words are spoken out to you in the golden silence.
  13. He will make you laugh and enjoy life: He will not like to see your morose face. He will make you laugh so that your bright eyes are visible to him. He will like you to have fun in life and he will also make you feel special.