Hair extensions pros and cons

People are adopting the mechanism of hair extension repeatedly today as the problem of hair fall has risen to make sequential effect. But, while adopting the hair extensions remedy, you need to have a look at some of its pros and cons. It is true that you can get a perfect style with hair filled head with hair extension but there are some negative effects of it as well. This article will help you know about the advantages as well as disadvantages of the hair extensions.

Hair extension is a vivid term commonly known as the procedure of artificial hair integration. These days most of the ladies are having problem of hair fall and sparse increase of hair length. Thus, the artificial method of hair extension with regards to its length and volume has become really effective. The appropriate artificial hairs are incorporated along with your natural hair to get your hair get a perfect length.  Though the artificial method will sort out your various hair problem and make you look beautiful, yet you can also get many disadvantages associated with the same.  Along with the advantages, you should also be aware of the drawbacks with regards to hair extensions.  When you are going for hair extension, getting an appropriate hair type in artificial form is an important consideration. Let us have a look at some of the types and quality of hair first.

Styling is something which every individuals wishes to go through especially when they are going to attend a social gathering or that of a long awaited party. These days most of us have an unattractive and less volume hair. The hair extension plays a wonderful role in such a situation. Some go ahead with the hair extension technique for styling whereas other need it actually to stay shame free from the mass. Since it has some benefits, you will definitely come across some disadvantage as well with the same. Let us check this out in this article.

Types of hair quality available

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Since the hair extensions are available for several types of hair, you need to choose the quality accordingly. Some of the popular ones include low quality remy, synthetic hair, high quality remy, non- remy as well as virgin remy hair.

Non remy hair for cheap human hair

If you don’t want to spend more and are comfortable with the cheap quality of hair, you can avail this particular variation of hair for your hair extensions.  This is the type of product which is mixed with animal’s hair. Just after one wash this becomes non shiny and does not last more than a week.

Low quality remy – for remy human hair

This quality of hair is better than the non remy hair which will also have an appearance of soft touch along with the shine. Since these artificial hair qualities are coated with silicon and can last for atleast 1-3 wash, it cost little more than non remy hair. But, this is not a good quality of product.

High quality remy – for high quality human hair

If you are wise enough and wish to retain good quality of hair with hair extensions for a long time, high quality remy will be an appropriate choice for you. Even after you have tied ponytail after 2 -3 washes, the hair will remain great. You can get thicker ends and good shine with this quality of hair. Since it is actually pure with cuticles intact, this will actually last for long.

Virgin remy hair – highest quality human hair

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Many individuals wish to get the product that is best. If you are among them and wish to avail the artificial hair which is no less than natural hair, virgin remy hair will be the appropriate one to be considered. Since the product is accumulated with hand selection and refined check of quality, it will definitely last for a year or more. After selecting one after another, the hairs are cut and also cleaned with natural and gentle wash. This will ideally give you the best selection of artificial hair.

Pros for availing artificial hair extension

Addition of length and volume

The main advantage of the hair extension is the fact that it will ideally add length to your hair and get your hair volume double in an artificial way. If you are getting constant hair fall, it’s quite natural that your hair will become thinner. The artificial hair extension will add volume to your hair and make it look thick. Even the length will be improved with artificial hair extension.

Use of color

Another advantage of availing the artificial hair extension is the use of color as per your need. You don’t have to worry about the chemicals as the artificial hair will never be affected with the chemical used like the natural hair. Even it is possible to use color without the use of chemicals. You can now go ahead with great styling with your artificial hair extension method.

Perfect for styling

You must be thinking about variety of hairstyles which you have seen on your favorite celebrities and actors. But, just due to inappropriate length and volume of hair, this has not been possible for so long. But after hair extension and volume of your hair is gained with the help of hair extension, hair styling can be done in an easy and effective way.

Your dream comes true

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Many people have got hair which is thin from very beginning. They normally have a thin quality of hair. But, they are always in the process of envying individuals who had volume hair. With the help of the hair extension methods it becomes quite easy for you to get volume over your hair. You must have dreamed about hair filled head which can be ideally gained with the help of hair extension process.

Hidden fact

After going ahead with the hair extension method you will definitely gain long and beautiful hair. But, people viewing your hair will not be able to make out whether you have natural hair or hair implanted in an artificial way. You can easily hide the fact that you had a hair extension process undergone. Though it is an artificial process, people will never know about this fact if you can keep it as a secret.

Enhancement of looks

Hair is an important factor in every human body which makes a different presentation with every different looks of hair. If you are really depressed about your looks, beautiful hair can give you a boost in your looks. If you have unattractive hair tone, you must avail the hair extension techniques which will easily make yourself and looks enhanced ideally.

No hair damage

Some people have an impression that artificially hair extension can damage their hair. But this is a wrong fact. There is a step by step instruction that needs to be followed when you are going ahead with the process of hair extension. But, it is really important to get the right process while you are going ahead with the hair extension as otherwise hair damage crop up. You must be quite aware of this fact and follow the procedure.

Feel natural

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Even if you have availed the artificial process of hair plantation, you can easily feel that you have natural hair over your head. As the process of incorporating the hair over your head is done with care and perfection. Also the quality of hair to be used for your hair must be a perfect match with your hair quality. This will ideally give you the best look with the feel of having natural hair all around your head.

Rescue from short hair

With very short hair, it becomes really difficult for you to go ahead with various hairstyles. But the hair extensions will keep your short hair at bay and give you perfect style which you can flaunt while hanging around with your friends. You can also make an exclusive bun with the help of the hair extensions.

Perfect braid

These days, braid hairstyle has become a perfect hit to people around, especially the ladies who always wishes to get a trendy look. If your hair has become quite thin to create braid, the extension will help you to adopt the braid hairstyle once again. Your bob hair will never become a hindrance in creating hairstyle that gives you spectacular look.

No pain while extension

Some people have a misconception that the hair extension can give rise to pain over your head. But, this is totally a wrong fact. No hair extension process will be painful; rather you get a scope of wonderful and attractive hair without a bit of pain. You can be relaxed and allow the hair stylist to go ahead with the extension mechanism and enjoy the effect.

Gratification instantly

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These days’ people want results instantly. Even if we use any of the beauty care products, it will take some time in showing result. But, the hair extension technique has an advantage over the same. Yes, here the result is shown instantly. The instant gratification feature will make your spell bound. Yes, the growing of your hair can be viewed instantly. The difference between the thin hair and thick ones will be able to get broadcasted.

Enjoy versatility

You will be actually staying versatile with the hair extension deal. Since this comes with different colors, texture as well as length, you can give different look at different time. Your friends and colleagues will be surprised after having a view at you. This is just because you have a different type of hair at different time.

Cons of hair extension

Need special care

When you have only natural hair on your head you might have roughly treated it and did not maintain adequately which might not have affected on your natural hair. But, once you have adopted the artificial hair for the hair extension, you must be more careful and maintain it continuously without fail or else your hair luster will not last for a long time.

Head feeling heavy

If you are availing hair extension for the first time in your life there are some cons which you can face. One of the distinguished disadvantages is heaviness over your hair. After implanting artificial hair over your head in an artificial way, you might have a feeling that your hair is heavy. This can make you feel uncomfortable for at least 2-3 days.

Expensive in nature

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The process of artificial hair implant or hair extension is expensive. There are ways to get the cheaper variation of the product. But, those are not at all of a good quality and won’t last for a long time. You can also have a feeling that you have wasted money in getting your hair extension as the low quality products will last for maximum of one week. Also the shine of hair will go away in 2-3 days.

Time to get used to

People adopting the procedure of hair extension for a long time might feel uncomfortable as it is having its place above your natural hair. In the starting, it might take lot of time in getting used to with the process. Some people also won’t feel it to be uncomfortable. It will really take a long time to get away from such uncomfortable situations.

Affect to hair follicles

If you are dealing with the hair extensions you must be aware that several times it can cause damage to your hair follicles. According to the consumer report several bald spots are viewed over the head as the hair extension was successful in pulling out the natural hair that was permanent and natural. Even the dermatologist says that, since the place where the hair extension is made needs to pull out natural hair which gives rise to the damage of hair follicles. Due to this you might never get your natural hair grow again.

Uncomfortable while sleeping

Since while hair extension is done some pins are attached to your hair, you will really feel uncomfortable while sleeping. You cannot expect to sleep in the way you do with your natural hair. Thus, if this is an issue for you, the hair extension won’t be for you.

Can’t be rough used

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If you have done a hair extension, you should be always aware of its maintenance. You may not have gone ahead with the maintenance part of your natural hair but if you have the hair extensions, the maintenance should be exclusively done. If you don’t handle your hair extensions with care , after someday you can see it falling down.

Clips getting visible

The extension hair will not give you a natural look especially when you have tied a ponytail up over the top of the head. The clips with which the artificial hair has been attached will be visible. It is really awkward when you are among the public gathering or at your office as people will be curious about the visible clips over the hair. It is also really embarrassing when people can see bobby clips visible over your hair. It is better to avoid tiding your hair up to a ponytail to make the clips invisible.

Takes hours in processing

Yes, this will definitely take hours in going ahead with the hair extension process. It is not like putting shampoo or the conditioner. You need to dedicate long time while the hair experts will carry on with the method of the hair extension. You need to have patience and time for the same.

Expert help

This hair extension process is not something which you can do easily at home. It would actually require an expert help. The experts having sound knowledge and experience about the same will be able to give you a fine finish. Don’t ever dare to do it yourself as this can spoil the whole process.

Hair extension procedure is having both advantages and disadvantages. You must be very careful and know about the pros and cons before availing.