How to do make-up for thin lips?

Lips of each individual differ with respect to its size, shape and thickness. You may see some ladies have very broad lips whereas others have very thin lips. Both the categories of people are dissatisfied with the layout of their lips. Thus they want to make some modifications. There are some simple tips to bring your lips in moderate thickness. The popular makeup artists are very experienced to give any shape to your lips according to the desire of individuals. If you are having very broad and thick lips, we have several tricks to make it thin and attractive.

Do you have thin lips! and don’t know how to show them plumper and great. Then here is the solution to check. Having thin lips is not bad, Turn them to look bigger with the easy lip stick tips.

No human being is satisfied with what they have originally. Especially ladies with different facial shape, lips, eyes, nose etc tries to mend and change as per their liking. Similarly when a lady have broad lips, they applied makeup so that it looks little thin. Again if women have thin lips, the makeup should be applied in such an order that it looks typically broader than what she has presently. This article will speak about the makeup tips through which you can get an appropriate makeup for your thin lips.

Make-up tips for thin lips

Lip primer

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Most of the girls neglect to dab lip primer which plays a good role for long lasting lip gloss, lipstick or lip stain. Just apply a little amount of the primer to your lips and enjoy the flawless stay on. It is suggested to go with urban decay’s lip primer potion, it is a balm made out of several balms and helps to keep the lips amazing.

Concealing the lines

After the application of primer, the next step to proceed is concealing. Without depending on the age lines can come any time. If you find any lines around your lips, conceal them. Just simply apply a concealer to keep away the those lines without taking lengthy time.

Take the help of lip liner

To the next to concealer, go for lip liner. lip liner is having a big portion in enhancing the beauty of the lips. Always pick a lip liner that suits your skin texture and color of the lip stick. Apply a small amount of lip liner at the outside of the lips. This will turn your lips look bigger and fascinating.

Matte is the best

In addition to the lip liner, a matte base usage is major. Many girls run around the base which is shimmery and shiny but they don’t give a bright and natural look to the lips similar to the matte base. Though it doesn’t captivate the looks of the people but It increases the natural beauty and seems simple and cool.


So you have done with lip liner along with the matte! then dab the lip stick. Pick the color that really fits your skin color and type. Lip shades differ from the dusky skin to oily skin, fair complexion to dry skin. Bring a bright color that suits to you and pops up. While you are choosing the lip stick select the one which comes with the shimmer. If you got that, you don’t need to go for the matte with your lipstick.

Lip gloss

The very next after the lipstick application is to dab lip gloss. Lip gloss is having the key role to play in shining your lips and to turn pretty. Choose a clear lip gloss matches with the lip stick. For the non-sticky and long lasting lip gloss, you can opt the Maybelline.

Avoid the dark colors

There are many new and tempting lip shades are coming in the market but If you have the thin lips, then its better to avoid the dark colors. Instead of going for dark shades go with brightening and lightening which helps the lips to look bigger and plumper. Kick the dark one and choose the light ones.

So you got the steps to follow for the thinner lips make-up, try in an order and found yourself with amazing looks.

Steps to make the lips thin


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Before shaping your lips, foundation must be applied in order to cover the actual lip line as this time you will not use that particular line as the actual limit of your lips. Take the foundation drip over the cosmetic sponge and apply it over your lips.  Stay likes that for 2 minutes till the foundation dries. This foundation works in a wonderful way in blurring the edges of the lips. As a result, you can easily give a perception of the lips becoming thinner.

Lightening the edges

Just after application of the foundation, the next step will be lightening the edges of your lips. This is done by a concealer. But, it is equally important to choose a concealer that has a perfect match with your skin tone. You can ask the representatives at the cosmetic parlor to give you the makeup that suits your skin tone. You should also blend it after application so that there is no uneven part of the makeup. This blending part can be done either by using a sponge or finger.

Give a definition to lip

Now you have to use a neutral lip liner to draw the line over your lips from where you wish to create the artificial lip. This will be little under the actual lip line of the individual. The color of the lip liner which you will be choosing now will be very light which might not be visible if not viewed properly. Light color is used as this will be only an outline. If you feel the lip is becoming too thin or little broader than expected, light color can be mended not the dark colors.

Light lipstick

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Now you have to apply a light color lipstick over and under the line that has been formed newly by compromising the thick lip. Make sure that the lipstick does not come outside the lip liner as it is supposed to remain just inside the liner. Do not go for the dark colors like maroon or red initially, rather choose baby pink or light brown lipstick. It is also important to choose a normal color lipstick which is not too much glossy or pearly in appearance. The creamy textured and matte finish lipstick will be much more preferable. In this stage, it is important to apply only lipstick and not the lip gloss over the same.

If you are not sure whether in the process of applying lipstick the color would go outside the lips or not, then go for a very thin brush and apply the lipstick by dipping the lip color on it.

Technique of using bright color

After application of the light lipstick you can view your lip shape in the mirror. If the shape is perfect and you have been looking for the same thickness, you can apply the dark color according to your choice. But there is also a way of applying such color. You have to apply the rich and pigmented color juts at the middle of the lips, there after this dark shade should be blended to the outer surroundings which will remain under the lip line recently formed. This way of applying the dark color will create an illusion of people.

A white shadow

After applying the bright color lipstick, the next step is simply dabbing the white eye shadow over the middle portion of the lips. Now slowly blend this white shadow and spread to other areas of the lips. This step must be followed only if you feel the shade of lipstick shade that you have applied is brighter that you have expected. Rather, this is the procedure that will help you to tone down the unnecessary brightness of your lips and make your lips look natural. You may or may not apply this trick. It will be absolutely of no use if you like wearing absolute bright colors.

Foundation outside lips

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When you have thin lips, the only motive of yours will be making your lips look broader. This step is very important for the get up. You need to cover the lip line which you originally have and aim a line to draw from little back. Thus, foundation must be used in order to cover your line. First dap the foundation and around the line and use your fingertips to make it smooth and blended with your skin color.

Choose right liner

Now, it is a crucial step as you have to make an aim of where your lip line must stay over your lips. Once it is done, apply the light color liner over your skin area around lips where you want your lip to start. Once the frame is done and you are sure this is the perfect position, the next step will be application of the dark color liner.

Lip color

Now you can apply the lip color according to your wish. Some people wishes to go for light and matte color lipstick whereas other go for dark. You can easily go for the color of your choice. Apply it equally covering the middle portions and edges where you want to get your lips start.

Lip gloss/ balm

Now, you need to highlight or retain the lip color for a long time. The best way will be application of lip gloss. This is for all those who wish to get a glossy finish over their lips. But those willing to get a matte finish can simply apply lip balm.